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Inside this Cocoon of night
nu jazz plays competing
with Lana del Rey tracks
amidst the dim shadows
outside, the broken light
of stars & you ask
how foxes became urban
I do not know
maybe their wild soul
recognizes that like them, a city can't be tamed
entirely or maybe they're just lost
I do not know
 Feb 2016 Rob Kingston
jess p
so this is how we love
all goodbyes and apologies
and lips mapping freckle to freckle
like a cartographer pinpointing
places that deserve to be named
and remembered

so this is how we hurt
carving scars onto scars and
diving headfirst into every space
in the universe that would take us,
that would welcome our pain with
open arms and say, there is more of that
here, come get your fill

so this is how we heal
in the strangest of places, like unfamiliar
suns and mattresses made of feathery
limbs, we find rest and each other
and we learn to say *no, that is enough,
this is where our hurt ends
 Feb 2016 Rob Kingston
Jack Huang
I once knew a girl with a giant heart
Beautiful, sweet and awful smart
But far too kind and too naive
To give so much, and not receive

She would smile and satisfy
but at night, she would cry
She would sacrifice in secrecy
and weep in secret frequently

But in our eyes, she was blessed
So we didn't see her one request
Her scream of help wasn't heard
And gone, she was like a manakin bird.
I am back again after a week vacation. Where I was reminded of an old friend I lost because of ignorance. A fake smile can hide an ocean of sorrow.
 Nov 2015 Rob Kingston
I dread the sound of its passing
and the call of its merry chime
on the hour every day
the price that I pay
for life is a fear of time...
 Nov 2015 Rob Kingston
I once
met a man
with a thousand
yard stare

and a club
in his hand
in Trafalgar Square

and the blood
on his club
matched the blood
in my hair

one fine and fair
morning in spring;
then he blinked
and continued to swing....
When I was younger
Life was sheer brilliance
When I was wiser
I was in another body
When I was totally absorbed
I was diving deep depths
When I was beautiful to myself
I was a complete child free mind
When I was amazing
You thought I
Was inspired by beatniks
When in fact I
Was drunk on Moonbeams,
Candlelight pleasure streams
When I was yours
I was charmed by The Divine
Luxuries~from sweet sweat aglow~our
Lyrical Muses were asleep whispering Lyrics
Murmuring,  palms kneading,  loving. . .
If something needs to be said
Don't let it stagnate in your head
Don't chew your lips or bite your tongue
Just sing it out 'till your song is sung
It may end in love or even a fight
But at least you'll know the truth in the light

                                   By Phil Roberts
no one is
your happiness.
Inspired by the quote: "You are responsible for your own Happiness" by Judith D'souza.
Don't let your happiness hang onto someone or something,let it thrive from within you.
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