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 Nov 2015 Rob Cochran
Spike every leader's cup of tea,
With mescaline and LSD, add
Just a pinch of ecstasy, and
Soon the world will be more free.
 Nov 2015 Rob Cochran
Guide us into our perdition,
Let your mighty will be wrought,  
Purge our souls of their sedition,
Free us from the bane of thought, and
Quell us with your superstition,
We'll act out your splendid plot, so
Empty us of our volition,
Bury dreams that we forgot,
Fill our hearts to make us brave, and
Give us strength, to persevere,
Help us live as gleeful slaves,
Until we fade and disappear,
Never laughter, ever after,
Wither still, and turn to dust,
The final chapter's violent rapture,
What was iron, now is rust
It's kind of a sonnet, I guess.
 Aug 2015 Rob Cochran
When a spider is scared,
Too scared to run,
To bite,
It draws together.

Knees press inward,
Meeting at a point,
They cover their vulnerability
In an impenetrable wall
Of legs and cuticle.

Tonight, when I close my eyes-
When all I want is the silent,
Empty screen of sleep-
I see the octopedal child

I think; "this is me."
I have eight pet spiders and I know them well. So well I'm beginning to use their behaviors as representations of my own feelings in my head.
A long time ago, when we were young
My brother used to be a funny guy.
He could sometimes break me up a bit
Without really ever seeming to try.
So, one day, when he asked a favor;
I could tell because he wasn’t snarling
He batted his eyes like some movie star
And ended saying “Hunchy, lumpy, darling.”

Now all my brothers had Missouri drawls
And, it turns out, they never lost them.
No matter what I or teachers would say
They drawled no matter what it cost them.
They didn’t really have very much regard
Or use for the propriety of the King’s speech.
It’s almost like good grammar and prose
We just a bit too far out of their reach.

So, I wasn’t surprised I failed to understand
This strange request from my young brother.
After all he talked just like relatives, neighbors,
And most of all, sounded “Jess lack his mother”.
But this one time I had to stop and ask him
Would he please repeat what he asked me,
Because for all I was worth, at that moment
His meaning was blithely slipping past me.

His answer, you see, started me right off
On a hunger for rhyming, slang and puns.
My lifelong romance with games and wordplay
Had accidentally, but quite solidly begun.
Because Hunchy, lumpy, darlin’ it seemed
Was saying his way to me, “Honey Child,
Lambie Pie, Darling.” I got it and I screamed.

I laughed and rolled around on the couch
And took it instantly into my grabby brain.
That one little misheard bit of movie-talk fun
Hit me as hilarious and worth saying again.
I’m sure he picked it up from the TV;
Something from a forties comedy movie.
Thinking it was a bit glib, he purloined it
And he was right, I thought it was groovy.
 Aug 2015 Rob Cochran
I took my glasses off, because crying always clouds them

And I'd rather see you blurry and raw
than blurry with glass between us.

I thought I would look much
more collected
more mature
more together

If I stood, arms crossed, glasses
planted firmly
Don't cry
Don't cry

But I still ran after
your car, when you turned
out of my sight

And made you stop for one last

When you were behind the wheel
In my sights for the last time
as someone I was allowed
to touch
to feel
to be

I turned my back,
lit my cigarette,
Like in the movies;
Don't cry
Don't cry
Don't cry

And I started walking
to the sound of your car
walking the other way.
When you finally have to stop being intimate with your ex, and it feels like you're breaking up all over again. I experienced this tonight, for the second time in my life. I'm going to be okay.
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