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Read My Feelings Nov 2017
Today in class
we talked about the
intersection of sexuality
and violence,
and I want the world
to know that I shook.
That I remembered.
That I felt my inner thighs
pressing against each other
like handprints.
Look at how broken
I am.
I am.
I am.
13 Nov 2017
(edited last lines in tribute to Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar quote)
Read My Feelings May 2017
I fear I’ve been
far from my self
for too long now
to ever find a way back

I’m familiar only
with the facade
Fond only of fragments
Features all forgotten
save for a few fatal flaws

You can feel nothing
if you fill yourself with it

Fall flat and finally be free
7 May 2017
Read My Feelings Mar 2017
I used to think my mom
was stupid for not remembering
how old she was
in stories of her childhood.

But now it’s happened to me.

Any semblance of chronology
in the stores of my memories
is gone.
My childhood is no longer
an annotated timeline,
but a mushy homogenous heap,
one discrete event in
the life of a past self.
25 Feb. 2017
Read My Feelings Jan 2017
A narrow river
Winding through the sunset backdrop
Black pinprick wings
For water
Set against purple clouds
In a pink sea-sky
Eyes trace the flow back
Squinting into a fiery sun
No source in sight
No end in sight
January 27, 2017
Read My Feelings Jan 2017
I am liquid
without walls
loose chaos
soaking passersby
songbird crying
into gray skies
to feel alive
asking why do I
have to fly
while other
seedlings die
Read My Feelings Jan 2017
I’m sorry for getting
black-out drunk
on your last night
I wish I had
your courage.
Read My Feelings Nov 2016
A broken human,
I love him imperfectly.
It has been worth it.
18 Nov 2016
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