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R Nov 2019
what is the blurry
between the joy and the blues,
we are daffodils flying in the wind
one moment
butterflies falling in the rain
R Nov 2019
i think every night
tomorrow i'll be real
and stop acting like a fool.
i'll be my serious self,
leave the sugar at the door.

yet with the sun comes
the amnesia
"who am i?"
those three precious seconds,
"oh no"
i remember.

i dread the day.
the brushing of teeth
drinking of water
checking of phone
eating of pasta i will never finish
  Jul 2019 R
i crave you
above all else
you pulse through me
bringing me to life
with your touch,
you kiss me
and i know
my lips have tasted yours
in every past life.
- i can still taste you.
R Jul 2019
i miss him so much.

his soul, his presence,
the way he smiles.

his hands, his eyes,
the way he holds me.
R Jun 2019
i look around and have seen this all before,
we tell ourselves we discovered something new,
but we have lived this all before.
- that feeling when everything modern feels ancient, and i feel like i'm looking into the past
R Jun 2018
i may have the world at my fingertips
but you hold me in the palm of your hand
R Jun 2018
we all have faith in stop signs,
with their red skin
glaring out of the monotony.

willing the car to stop
at the command of the silent
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