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rjr Sep 6
Today we noticed a dripping in the library.

We covered up the shelves with a plastic covering but drops from the ceiling hit the tile, splashing over the ground level books.
We did our best to carry those ones away.
But there we were: 2 college students, hopeless in the face of a plumbing disaster;
As the art history books soaked on the shelves
rjr Apr 29
you caught me mid-sip
with a smile and a wave.
As the corners of my mouths rose,
a dribble of coffee escaped.

I brought my sleeve to my lips
thinking no one had seen
but looked over and there was
another, smirking at me
rjr Apr 5
You said it felt like someone stabbed your throat with a knife.
Your tongue was the knife that stabbed mine.
  Mar 11 rjr
This one’s for the grass eaters:
the ones who teeter on the edge of
reality. For the ones who are hyper-
aware of their consciousness. It’s for
the ones who jump on the creaky wooden
floor to witness the annoyance of those
around them. It’s for the smile you let go after
someone catches you trying to ignore
them. It’s for the Ibuprofen that tears the lining of my
esophagus. It’s for rushing to get to church
so God knows you aren’t late. It’s for the baby
cactus that you are in denial of over-watering---
It’s for that handful of grass I just want to
throw in my mouth.
rjr Feb 18
Spiders spin in my sleep
webs wrapping wishes
into secure spheres.
I'll throw them across time.
Maybe mayhem
can carry cravings
far from fantasy.
  Feb 11 rjr
I had a friend tell me that when you get chills
it is the universe affirming the truth and authenticity
of the reverent moment that gave you
a million little kisses of affirmation.

I believe her.
or I at least prefer to believe it rather than believe
some scientific explanation that chills are a release
of endorphins or some chemical or however they want to explain it

The timing of chills is too perfect anyway to be explained by science.
I smile imagining the universe gently sneaking up
and blessing me with hundreds of little sparks all over my body
and whispering
yes, yes, yes! this is true

So thanks, universe
thanks for agreeing with my feelings on that singer's voice.
thanks for agreeing with the words of that delicate poem
and thanks for not blowing up yet and letting us live in you
just a little bit longer.
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