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c Jan 2016
dont talk about it
because when you talk
you make my emotions go high
but you're the subject that has me down
now please
dont talk about it
c Nov 2015
have you ever got so scared
over losing someone
to anything
maybe death or circumstances
that you cried  
even through
the person is still there for you
alive breathing and well?

but i am so scared
i’ll never see the face again
cause time goes by so fast but it seems like eternity
and then i get scared
that something will happen
today or tomorrow by night or by day
at any moment
'cause life is so fragile
like cup made of glass
and the only thing i’m certain of right now
is death

and i get scared ‘cause
no one knows when is it that we are going to leave
and i have this feeling
i am alive
now today at the moment
but i am stuck
and it makes me wanna die
but i don’t wanna die

so what’s the point of being alive
but not living
not caring
what’s the point of trying to redeem
when there ain’t a mistake?

i wanna fly
at least just for a second
but why do i want impossible things
over and over again?
c Jun 2015
our love is this eternal summer-winter temperature
when it isn't a 100% low, it's a 100% high,
when we don't sink each other
we float together,
but more than that
the rush keeps the feeling alive and burning,
if you drown i won't save you
i'll drown with you,
and that's why we can't be together
we crave for each other so hard we fall each other apart,
it's a sad type of love but still
it's the only one we know,
we are both so broken
we can't mend each other,
in that way
we keep it going
in our own flow
c Jan 2015
she passes into your life
promessing anwers
you let her in
suddenly you see
everything she gives you are question marks
as she walks in doubt
where when why would she go
step by step carefully hiting the ground
as the loud sound goes through the house
breath by breath
and i beg her not to leave
c Jan 2015
thats what she was
the exact opposite of anything you could ever want
she standed 4 feets away from everyone
she thinks as deep as she feels
and yet she doesnt remember how it felt before it all happened
she still could wonder
and as she wondered
she created a new reality
suddenly all the lies became truths as she says it
but she is still falling
will she ever hit the ground?
c Dec 2014
zeus woud be proud to have him
not even his self-sufficiency would win
sweet eyes and a glass of gin
baby you made me scream

shall we love
the ones that destroy
our hearts like a toy
and celebrate full of joy

or shall we hate
the ones that smile
at our broken and fragile
soul as a sparkle

but it's complicated
when they have both sides
thats why he colides
with me in my toughts
c Aug 2014
i miss you ironizing my princess side
you've capched me by your bad side
and that way you had me at my best and my worst
oh honey, i've seen your worst and i loved it
you are lonely as the night and brighter as the day
i could never leave you alone in any way
nothing capts me as you do
and you've shown me my heavenly side
you say i'm a sweet girl
yet you know i'm heavier than heavenly
you met me in a nomadic and complicated time and darling you loved me like that
i still remember everything about you
your passion for teather and your mad side
yet you were an iconic soul begging for love even when you didn't show that
you were bad, the badder boy i've ever met
you didn't fall in love -if you did fall in love- with my pretty face but my broke personality

now you don't give a **** about me  
and you have me even in a sad mood
still yours
forever yours
and i dont wanna leave
never leave
because i have such a big affection for you
but even knowing this
you left

so fast as the speed of sound
and so tought like a stone
and even like that
i am still into you
forever and ever
for you
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