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Dec 2018 · 239
two tired hearts
pluto Dec 2018
two tired hearts
lay together in silence with each one long gone,
dying as they waited for someone
who would fill the void within themㅡ who would restore their hollow parts.
"You can't fix me" she pointed out. "You're broken too"
Dec 2018 · 661
broken stars
pluto Dec 2018
We were dying stars, 
broken with all our scars,
seeking serenity in the past
with light that could no longer last. 

We were fading stars,
lost and dead ***** with cores of carbon
then nitrogen to silicon to iron, 
perishing as we conquered what we thought was ours.
"You lied" he pointed out.  

"I never did" she replied slowly. "You were too blind to see"
Dec 2018 · 802
pluto Dec 2018
Imagine giving life
to what consumes yours,
reviving the pain
that caused devastating wars.

Imagine fixing
what tears you to pieces,
remembering the broken
and lying kisses.

Imagine destroying
what completes youㅡ
what makes you whole
yet poisons you from the inside.

Imagine killing
what makes you alive.
burn old memories, tear old letters,
forget people and, maybe, survive.

Bury it all.
Erase it all.  
Leave what you treasure the most.
Destroy what holds your shattered soul together.

Can you break away
from what binds you to home?
Can you let go
of what you hold on to?

No, you can't.
Because it is in this pain
that you found home.
"Imagine" he began, "and do not forget that it is only a figment of your imagination"
Dec 2018 · 2.4k
lost stars
pluto Dec 2018
and they never knew
they were lost stars,
building their empires
after many lost wars.
Dec 2018 · 1.9k
pluto Dec 2018
Secluded behind the walls of glass structures,
Bleeds time within its ruptures,
For diamonds vanish as its sands continuously fall,
As trapped souls rapidly add dents to it's fractured wall.
"They ran out of time"
Dec 2018 · 270
paper planes
pluto Dec 2018
Bonds of paper pressed and folded
Bringing with it such paper planes accurate
Dipped quills, ink splattered across the white ream
Lanterns lighting, defeaning silence of the whispers of the wind's realm.

Entrusting aflame candles, flewn for enlightenment,
Trembling with the breeze's whistling accompaniment,
White as newborn clouds, creased lines across it's edges,
Books pilled up with history and insights, torn pages.

Storms swirling ever so swiftly,
Drifting folding paper dancing to the wind gracefully,
Following the rhythm of the hurricane,
Remaining resilientㅡ free from stabbing pain.

Tint overflowing each ream precisely,
Tainted with dreams crafted so idly,
A little push, realising grip,
A wish fleeting away, once one to keep.
Dec 2018 · 146
a dream's wish
pluto Dec 2018
she was his dream.
he was her wish.
"What did you wish for?" he asked her, noticing how she closed her eyes upon noticing a falling star.

"You" she replied. "I wished for you"

He chuckled and leaned on her as he whispered. "Do you want to know my dream?"

She nodded. "You" he softly said, burying his face in her shoulder as he hugged her. "You are my dream"
Dec 2018 · 146
happy pill
pluto Dec 2018
he was my happy pill,
my sad, happy pill
who found both bliss
and sorrow
in someone who
broke him in ways
I couldn't mend.
"It's yours" she admitted, sighing, as she tried to cover the object she held in her hands. "You shouldn't see it"

"Why not?" he asked.

She looked away, a tear falling from her eye. "I can't fix it. It's too broken"

"You don't have to fix me" he reminded her, a sad smile on his lips.

She shook her head. "She broke you deeper than I thought"
Dec 2018 · 406
pluto Dec 2018
In a folded sheet of paper, thoughts dwell,
Staining it's blankness with bits of farewell,
Trapping it's composer's soul within it's edges,
A candle lit, once set aflameㅡ a lost soul, forgotten pledges.
Nov 2018 · 504
pluto Nov 2018
he said he loved you,
he needed you,
but not anymore.
"I love you" he said.

She smiled and shook her head slowly. "You loved me" she corrected.
Nov 2018 · 261
pluto Nov 2018
it must have been hard for her-- letting go because she was afraid to hold on.

it must have been hard for him-- holding on because he was afraid to let go.
Nov 2018 · 145
stars who lost their fire
pluto Nov 2018
and in the end,
they faded, too broken to mend
after years of darkness,
in the dying silence,
for that was all they wereㅡ
stars who lost their fire.
"Make a wish upon a falling star," she said, pointing to the streaks in the night sky as the wind kissed her cheek. She did not wait for his answer. "A dead, falling star"
Nov 2018 · 228
the end
pluto Nov 2018
she waited for him
he waited for her
but neither knew
until they fell apart.

and I think it's tragic
both waiting
without knowing
until the end has come.
- a farewell letter
Nov 2018 · 237
bitter sanctuary
pluto Nov 2018
why won't you
close your eyes
when you know
you'll get hurt to see?

why do you choose
to return to
where the pain resides?
"Because I fixed my broken self" she replied. "And lost it again"

He sighed. "Aren't you tired?" he asked.

She shrugged, glancing at the night sky. "Maybe. Who knows?"

"Why stay?"

She smiled. "It is in this pain that I found home"
Nov 2018 · 159
a forlorn lullaby
pluto Nov 2018
sing me a lullaby
a gentle melody that lures me to an endless sleep
captivating and poisonous with a silent weep.

sing me a lullaby
as I close my eyes, a final good bye
a song of melancholy written, a tale long forgotten.
Nov 2018 · 175
a dandelion's rose
pluto Nov 2018
and as I stare into
your tired eyes, I wonder,
was I the rose you kept
or the dandelion you hid?

— The End —