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Rowan Wolff May 27
Watching you suffer
Is like a knife to the soul
When well-meaning words
Rend you deeper, I
Mourn for you
To suffer unchecked
A writhing self hate
Will tear you apart
And I do not know
How to help
Rowan Wolff May 26
Oh, you who weep
Mourn no more
The dark has fallen
Smothering the land
And yet
We stand
Stubborn bastions to a proud race
We will not bow to the deceiving night
Instead we watch for the dawn
And while we wait
We will burn those
Who brought us here
For at least, they can be useful
As light
Rowan Wolff May 23
Fire in my veins
Fuels the embers of my mind
Spirals around my heart
Engulfs me, like a crown fire
When I call, it settles
Over my shoulders, a
Cloak and a shield
I will spit sparks in defense of
Anyone who needs it
For not everyone is driven by
Passion in the blood
Blazing through my bones
Rowan Wolff May 5
A tiny dragon sits on my desk
His roar makes me smile
His flames illuminate my pen
His wings
Guard my heart
Rowan Wolff May 4
I feel
As if my word have been
Choked at the root
Of sunlight to grow
This is the curse of depression
Your mind has no more light
To grow
Rowan Wolff May 1
Here at the end off all things
We stand, united
And watch
The world burn
It is fitting
That those who sought to conquer the stars
Shall fall before them
A solemn witness
To the death knell
Of our chaotic species
At the end of all things
Rowan Wolff May 1
Hand me a paintbrush
And I’ll splash color across the sky
Wide strokes, vibrant
The sun shines through
Casting the earth in multicolored brilliance
A riot of colors
So that I might show others
The vividness of my mind
Paint my imagination
To be understood
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