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Rishabh Anand Sep 2020
Deceleration of my sigh,
In church , A priest with a cassock,
Averred his massive lesson,
"Life , a maze or meander"

Thee in life chapter,
Caged in unexpected labyrinth,
A diversion in everyone's life,
Why? "Verged on obsession"

For beloved love ,
In strength of malice,
Bah ! Stabbing thou parent's heart,
For that lowly bubble relationship.

Thy spellbound to tyrannous friendship,
Swound , with a fissure in your brain,
For that loon, For that false friend,
You keep aside the whole world.

By thou Senator,
All fair in Almighty's home,
Incident always strand your life,
Which open your blind eyes.

Quoth the Priest,
" With o'er taking wings,
Chase your dreams and humanity,
Make your Parent elated "

Live with reminiscents for smile,
"Make a go of it "
"Rise to fame and Fortune"
To touch only the pious dust of Almighty's feet.

My Allah , heal these artless creatures,
Till the doom doomsday,
Keep them out of this cruel lifely labyrinth,
Keep blessing them with your holy benediction.

Rishabh Anand Sep 2020
If you are in VEXATION
you should try VENTILATION
to remove your FRUSTRATION
to come in state of RELAXATION
Improve your blood CIRCULATION

— The End —