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I am at the peak of success
I am feeling great
Not happy
Because I am lonely at this peak
I wanted to be well prepared to welcome you in my life
How well you ask ?
As well as earth prepares before it rain
As well as night prepares before sun shines
As well as sky prepares for rainbow

Now I think I wasn't well prepared
I guess I was looking for something far from my reach...
I look out of window
It's beautiful outside
Sunshine making love to green leaves
A bird singing song of her life
A street getting ready for people
Smell of the morning tea
I am other side of the view
I am appreciating work of the great
U are an age you will be lived
I am a moment i will pass
U are a beauty you will be appreciated
I am a color I will fade away
U are a soul you will remain pure
I am the nature I will get corrupt
#you #me #soul #beauty #moment
I said something else
You meant something else
What I share with you is not
friendship it is something else...
Let's keep aside our differences
Otherwise what we have will
become something else...
Share your love with someone else
Give me your hate
why? you ask...
it's simple my love
Love can be adulterated
but hate is always pure
she said:
go to ****
i wish you regret every second of your life
i wish you have sleepless nights
i wish every plan of yours fail
you end up hearing your own wail
i wish you lead a ****** life
with no children and no wife
i wish you suffer the loss of pride
i wish you have a miserable plight

then she left

i replied:
your wish is my command...
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