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I hope we will stay in touch
Last word she ever said to me
First time I realised, words hurt
You realise that you are alone
You realise that you are free
You realise that you can grow
You realise that you can fly
You realise that life is not that bad
Wait wait wait
One day you gone meet her
Wait wait wait
No one gone steal her
Wait wait wait
Eventually you gonna forget her
Wait wait wait
Your pain is gonna heal
Wait wait wait
Soon you will be asleep

This lullaby destiny sings to me every...
I didn't have a conversation in years
I want to have a conversation
No not that which require words
Words are limited
Words are stupid

Ohh I guess I realise now for me
Why it's so hard to have a conversation?
He put on radio to fill silence in his car
But no songs can fill silence inside his heart
I guess voice of silence is louder than songs
Rishabh Sharma Dec 2019
If it would happened the way I planned..
Then my life would be too perfect for this imperfect world
Rishabh Sharma Dec 2019
I value my emptiness
I do,
My emptiness fills my dreams
My emptiness cover's gap in my poetry
My emptiness spend time with me
My emptiness helps me to realise what I have??
I cannot replace my emptiness
I just can't...
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