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There she is across the room,
Here I am just sitting waiting for the boom.
I see her looking so happy,
I'm just here feeling a little sappy.
When I met her first,
I longed for someone to quench my thirst.
The thirst of someone to hold,
The thirst for someone so bold.
Bold enough to date me,
Someone as ugly as can be.
Even though I'm the ugliest person on the earth,
I don't even know what I'm worth.
To tell you the truth I'm worth nothing,
But I want to feel like I'm something.
She is worth my heart,
But I'm just taking a part.
A part in the play of my life,
Where my heart is cut like a knife.
The play is very dark,
I only feel a single spark.
She is that spark that was shining in my eye,
Even after we say goodbye.
But this isn't goodbye yet,
There is still more to get.
What that more is I'll never know.
For even I don't think I can show,
Where I'm hurting for her to see.
I really wish that we could be,
The love that was there at first,
The love that still wants to burst.
I feel like sinking into nothing,
Even that would be something.
So at the end I can say
I love you in every way.
Brings me up.
Lifts you higher.
Underestimated character.
Empties my sadness.

Employs passion.
Yearns for attention.
Endures everything.
Simply a beauty of nature.
All around me is Red
The color of Love
No one can truly comprehend
This marvel we call Love

But what is Love?
Is it merely a state of mind?
Or does it come from the heart
For everyone to be kind?

How do we Love each other?
Can we Love together?
Will we Love one another?
Even if they're not a brother?
The intoxication of your love
Don't you see what it does to me?
Don't you see what it causes me to do...
It's like the venom of a cobra
The feeling of your warm hands
Those big hands of yours...
The tone of your voice draws me in
Like a rabbit to a wolf
It's killing me
But yet...
It makes me fall into a deep spiral
Between bliss and agony
It sets me on edge
Just waiting for more
You see...
I can't get enough of you
Oh Lucifer...
Please don't leave...
You see...
I'm addicted
Like a addict
I can't help myself
I can't stop...
Even just a trail of your scent burns my lungs
I wish for you every night
To take me with you
Never abandon me again...
Please don't...
If you do
I don't know if I'll collapse into a depression
Or rip your enemies apart...
It's all because I'm obsessed
My desire for you...
Ah the blissful pain of it.....
I can't control it
It's taking me over...
Yes it's true obsession
So just let me breathe in your scent one more time....
Or maybe forever?
This is a poem I made for my best friend Rayne I told her to write down what she wanted it to be about and we collaborated what it should be about this is dedicated to her I love my sister from another mister <3

— The End —