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The thing that hurts the most, to realise, is that no matter how much I love you, and how much I tell you that, it won't change the fact that you want to end yourself. I am powerless, and that's pretty awful, because not a lot of people want you to be okay more than I do, and I can't do anything about it. I'm sorry for that
A poem every day.

I'm sorry, I didn't know what to write. I thought of this last night, and my inspiration is gone, so here we are.
~ Amaryllis
A poem every day.
Even if I did live in my head,
You'd still be there.
Whenever I'm scared, I remind myself that you wouldn't want me to be scared, so then I remember;
I know that I'll be okay anywhere.
A poem every day.
I'm sorry for the poems that were delayed,
I was on a journey far away.
A poem every day.

(The rest will be posted soon)
I didn't know if I was safe,
But you had a way with words.
They didn't even need to rhyme,
Because they were yours,
And that's what mattered.
A poem every day.
I used to think you were just beautiful,
I didn't know you at all.
And I stil don't know you now.
But for your mind, I did fall.
A poem every day.

You were just pretty, until I fell in love with a mind.
Yes, I can write forever about you.
But pens run out of ink sometimes.
A poem every day.
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