rinnette Feb 27
A heart full of emotions
A body ready for war
Found a new awakening
A new vaccine

Demonic empowering
A spirit of strength
A story to tell

                                                                                 ...Once upon a time-
It's starting.
rinnette Oct 2017
pardon my words
pardon my actions
i am a wilful child
i choose to be that person

I chased you away
But i didnt think you would actually leave
I am not sorry for the things i said

Because if you wanted to stay
Nothing could keep you away
My demons unleashed upon the world by defense
And you decided it was okay to go

Its okay
I will survive
Ill be okay
All alone
But why does it feel like the end of the world?
rinnette Oct 2017
the nerves are stiffening
blood turning to stone
the mind gets duller day by day
hands frozen in ice

the nerves are stiffening*
heart turning to stone
the pain decreases day by day
tears all dried up

the nerves are stiffening
the body is becoming immuned
the mind flushes overthoughts
the heart won't want to feel
the person becomes...

rinnette Oct 2017
Love is magical**
For it's the closest thing we have to magic
For it could conquer anything
For it makes people do the craziest
The most unbelievable

It causes sacrificial doings
It drives us insane
We gave everything
And asks for nothing in return

It is unconditional

But now that's all in the past
Because I think I no longer believe
That love really exists.
rinnette Oct 2017
she wants float off
into the blue sky
and leave behind
all the familiar faces

she wants to disappear
into thin air
and avoid
all the complications

she wants to walk away
into the darkness
and shut out
the world
rinnette Oct 2017
I am a shadow
I am anonymous
I am discreet
I am a secret
rinnette Sep 2017
You ran in front of me
There were multiple lanes
But there was only you
And I

You were so far ahead
I could barely keep up
But you turned your head
And told me
"I'm here."

You guided me through every hurdle
And warned me of every unstable ground
I chased
And you stopped

You came into my lane
And held my hand
"Let's do this together"
And we did

But the finishing line was near
And you had to win the prize
So you let go of me
And left me behind

But I am okay with it
For you won...

*And I am happy for you
But I miss you.
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