Ricotta Jun 15

the flowing of the river
takes me away
from you


I will never love again
but for now this water is enough
I can let go, but I will never move on. Love you always.
  May 30 Ricotta
i am so dizzy desperate
sliding along the scale of feelings,
your pretty face & painted words
i can never tell if you notice
the beating of my heart
once we are apart;
you never said--
"you're dead to me"
but that's all i hear
in the absent space between us
the hours peeling off the walls
dried out fears and tears inside
the home, the nest we built
of love letters of sex & laughter,
fading light and smiles
replacing the vibrancy--
and promises unkept
of buying plane tickets
or ice cream on a saturday
long nights of conversation
seasoned by self doubt
and hesitancy that was delicious
but remains in bitter aftertaste

i thought my heart was overfull
but i think it truly was starving
and maybe yours was as well
soaking the sadness of our love like a sponge
and wringing out good memories,
cheap and easily discarded;
no matter how much we adored
the afterimage, kisses in
the stark light of camera flashes,
so quickly lost to dark corners
and dusty photo albums of friendliness
after weeks of shrinking love,
steal the joy of reminiscing.

all i wanted was a little fun
to brighten these windowsills
but i traded fun for fantasy
mistaking lust with love
my dreams in your every word,
like "i could love you"--
i loved you, i really did!
thank you for everything
but please, those rooms we built
the rooms you occupied in me;
they must be cleaned out now.
Ricotta May 30
spiders crawling onto my back
constant earthquake
Ricotta May 23
In Italy we say
that when you eat
a new kind of fruit
for the first time in the year
you can make a wish

so I spent two weeks
eating exotic and strange fruits

but you still haven't came back to me
  May 10 Ricotta
Mica Kluge
See her? With the impeccable taste in fashion?
She's top of her class in calculus. You probably didn't know that.
See him? With the fearless glint in his eye?
He's studying science, but he has the soul of a poet. Tests lie.
See her? Buried behind a stack of books nine tall and three deep?
She's terrified that she'll get a B, because, to her, that's failing.
See him? Museum-quality doodles and red ink decorate his papers.
He'll be president one day, if he can find something that he loves.
See me? No, actually you probably don't see me. Why would you?
I've managed to dangle from the rim of the outskirts of life so far.
Someone once told me that seeing gifts is a gift itself. Maybe it's true.
But, didn't they ever tell you that geniuses doubt themselves, too?
That we doubt ourselves most of all?
Your story is just as important as the ones all around you.
Jan 2017
Encountering Jesus at a Strip Club
After Work,
I decided to chill out
By visiting my favorite Strip Club,
"Rowdy Roger's"
To see this hot, Puerto Rican girl named "Luisa"
Strut her stuff.
I ordered a Club Soda,
'Cause I don't drink
And sat on a chair below the stage.
There in the crowd was none other than Jesus Christ!
I couldn't believe it!
Why the hell was Jesus attending a Striptease Show?
I went up to him,
"Hey, Jesus,"
"What the hell are you doing here?!"
"I thought you were pure and chaste and moral and all that jazz."
"I'm human!" he responded.
"Now, allow me to concentrate on Luisa's dancing.'
"She's got one fine bod!"
"But, Jesus," I pleaded.
"Aren't you supposed to be in a Church, preaching the Gospel,"
"You don't want God to catch you in a place like This!"
"God knows I'm here, Moskowitz."
"He gave me the money to buy a beer."
"I'm not a White Supremacist, you know?"
"I appreciate the skin tones of these women from the tropics."
"But how are people gonna' BELIEVE in you, Jesus"
"If they see you in a place like This?" I asked.
"Your Reputation will go downhill," I told Jesus.
"Oh, these people who call themselves 'Christians'"
"Have already destroyed my Reputation, Moskowitz."
"With the support of this guy, Donald Trump"
"By so many Evangelicals,"
"Most Americans think I'm nothin' but a Thug!"
"But don't you think you should be at the Sea of Galilee"
"Or in the Jordan River, Jesus?" I persisted.
"Come on."
"What the hell are you doing here at Rowdy Rogers,"
"Ogling at Puerto Rican gals?!"
Now, it was Jesus' turn to interrogate me.
"Come on now."
"Be honest!"
"Have you ever seen anything more awe-inspiring"
"Than the Female Form?"
"Do you think I really want to put up with that Palestinian/Israeli shit right now?"
"Just thinking about it gives me a headache!"
"So, why don't you just sit back with me,"
"And enjoy the Show?"
I didn't edit this poem at all. I'm just reposting it. It was well-done!
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