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Ricotta Aug 2022
I'll be getting old and still
trying to make this body bearable
covering it in tattoos
painting its nails
sickening looking
for proof of its monstrousness
in candid photos
starving it and then
filling it

Or even worse,
not being able to do anything
to make it anything else
than what it is
Ricotta Oct 2020
I think I might be lost in you,
my love.
I hope you never ever leave my side
sweet angel
you've got my heart on your sleeve
Ricotta Nov 2018
You are a goddess
Even if you don't lose those 5 pounds

And while I'm looking at you
Through this mirror
I can firmly say
You're the most beautiful person
I've ever seen
And will ever see

Remember me
I'm back
Ricotta Jun 2018

the flowing of the river
takes me away
from you


I will never love again
but for now this water is enough
I can let go, but I will never move on. Love you always.
Ricotta May 2018
spiders crawling onto my back
constant earthquake
Ricotta May 2018
In Italy we say
that when you eat
a new kind of fruit
for the first time in the year
you can make a wish

so I spent two weeks
eating exotic and strange fruits

but you still haven't came back to me
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