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Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Heaven’s River flows
stardrops rain down through the night
***** out the candle
This marks the next phase of a journey to understand Haiku better.
Hopefully, I can improve on this eventually.
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Spring leaves on the ground
Autumn calls the winds of change
Dreams turn into dust
Context is everything so I'm not going to give you any ;)
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Delving into night
Fingers waltz the page of days
Hours slip away
Yes, the last line has 4 syllables. Not intentional but "hours" is, apparently, a single syllable even if it sounds like two when I say it.
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Blossoms in the wind
Meadows rich with fragrant gifts
Gentle lamplight flows
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
twisted in your vines
tasting your sweet grapes of wrath
starlight fades to gray
Richard Grahn Nov 2017
listening to that song
earbuds falling out again
pass the Super Glue
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
To bend in the wind
Is to stand in the storm
It all makes sense if you look at it right
The tempest subsides
And leaves us alone
To puzzle the moment
When we got to the fair
The fire burns bright
And it lights up the sky
Just a little flicker
Is all that we need
To sit at the table
And dance with the muse
We take our best chance
In our last pair of shoes
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
The mirror reflects a quiet face
But beneath the surface
A tempest rages
Caught in a moment
Of unwitting design
A casual glance
Reveals the question
Can’t really tell how the story goes
Don’t truly see where the magic flows
Wrapped in a mystery
And fraught with desire
The tempest is tossed
And I burn in the fire
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
When I put you on my page
You'll never get yourself away
These words are stamped with indelible ink
I write them all down just to make you think

You thought you could get away with it dear
But I tell you right now that your story's is clear
Your actions made you the topic of this write
And you'll never get back all the words that I type

You're caught in a trap of a verbial spin
This rhetoric dances all over the page
You can't stop the flow, I will never give in
I'll leave you right here because you left me right there

Your treachery gave you away again
These lines are the recourse I'm looking to find
I type out the words and let then ring true
I'll tell them your story and all that you do

What you did do or what you did not
It no longer matters, I've set it aside
Between the margins is where you will live
And I'll leave you right there
til the end of our days.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Comparing the past with the future at last
Sitting on the fence in between the sides
Caught in a moment of grand reflection
We weigh out a measure of our place in this time

Loosing the arrow of change, it flies
Into the deep heart of space it climbs
Correcting the manner we chose to stand
We ladle our sauce from the grand design

Born of contention we pass it along
Setting our feet on a different path
We can sell our souls for a scrap of stale bread but
Aren't we just dreaming our time in the sun?

Passing the day with a turbulent fact
Losing our way on the pathway back
We are telling our tale for a chance at success
Reliving the moment a it rolls off the press

Saving our tick for another day
Tomorrow is fiction or so they say
The day past the moment always comes and it goes
We’re drifting and gleaning the time that we’ve sown

Measuring the thought that we’re glad to know
Surrendering nothing, we take some time
Never regretting the breadth of our soul
Believing in a future that will make us whole
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Cherry trees bow down with fruit.
The cardinal whispers a joyous tune.
Time has come to seize the day
and whisk away the cares we have.

To reach my soul, I won’t contend.
There is no thought I need defend.
Summer days can fly away.
Just like the ones we had before.

We’ll always take a little more time.
The road is mine and yours to find.
Just come on in, I’ll hold the door.
We’ve much to do and to adore.
Richard Grahn Aug 2017
Morning rain drifts by
Sun charts its way through the sky
A dream in the light
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
There is nothing compared to life that we live
Riding the moment is all that there is
Believing in memories we look to the past
To strive for the future to get there at last
The river flows by in a tumultuous state
We look for the answers before it’s too late
We drift on a rainbow as we wander on by
Caught in the ripples, we’re swept far away
Traveling back over the path that we’ve laid
We measure the distance by the strides that we take
It’s our only opportunity to pass this way
The world waits and watches our steps in the sand
There is no map of the road up ahead
We have but one chance to make the bend
We can’t give in when we need to fight
It takes all we’ve got just to get it right
Richard Grahn May 2017
Living with magic
Is a lasting condition
Can you imagine?
For those who believe in the magic of imagination.== imagicnation
Richard Grahn May 2017
Snuggled together
In a nest full of feathers
Four wings and a nap

Little hearts they are beating
As these lovebirds lie sleeping
Richard Grahn Jun 2017
Lightning strikes again
Thunder rolls over my head
While raindrops descend
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Dear God,
What is your will today?
I want to hear what you have to say.
Each treasured view
of your grand design
leaves me entranced
and willing to climb.
A little bit higher
I’d like to fly.
Into your *****
I can take my rest.
There is no reason I can’t accept.
Your will is mighty
and I’ll take the test.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
The very first line of every good rhyme
Is such a fine chance to step out and sing
While the following lines eke out on the page
It sits right there at the front of the stage

In from the eather it comes out to play
Holding its own on this hallowed ground
The words swirl beneath it and tumble on down
They’re caught in a the grip of its blazing reflection

Line after line, the story grows
In the split of and instant it falls into place
Caught in the measure of a casual endeavor
The words seek a song that can last forever

Flowing on down to the very last line
There might be an answer if you look at it right
We’re lost in the thick of the poets firm grip while
The magic upends us and slips off the page
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
I asked you a question but
did you really hear?
I said…
did you get my meaning
or was I not too clear?

It wasn’t really serious.
No more than just a lark.
You know I’m not that curious.
Just looking for a spark.

So if you’ve read what’s in my head,
then let me know your side.
For all your little whimsical thoughts
I’m sure I can abide.

It’s just a conversation dear
and not a clash of nations.
Just let me know if it gets too tense.
I’ll ask it again if it makes no sense.

Don’t let this peaceful feeling go.
Just take it all in stride.
We might not find the meaning though
at least we know we tried.

Richard Grahn Oct 2017
A kid can flee so easily
Running out the open door.
They’ll climb a tree and find a world
So different than before.

Some dig a hole and pile up snow
To make themselves a fort
Or take their leave across the fields;
A different kind of sport.

Crawling through the hayfields,
Picking berries in the grass.
Celebrating little streams;
Watching them flow past.

Cats and dogs and little frogs
Birds and squirrels and ponies
Draped in mirth and soiled with dirt
The earth is not so lonely

Stepping through the stony fields
Hoping that first kiss will last
Playing past the summer glow
The days flow by, it starts to snow

Suddenly a memory grows
It grows into a dream
Moving on into the haze
Entranced we fail to count the days

It’s just a game we have to play
The rhythm of the years descend
Pretending all the dreams are real
We pass our time inside the wheel

Then at last, in the light of day
We look around and feel the sound
Of the trumpets blaring in our ears
Gently teasing all our fears

We deny the facts but that won’t last
Stemming tears we’ve gathered here
Passing time inside our minds
Believing things we cannot find

So clouds drift by, time ticks away
The games we played are getting older
From little kids just playing soldier
The world now sits upon our shoulders
This is an excerpt from the book I'm working on from the part delving into my childhood and the act of growing up.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Won’t you please read the following lines
They’re short as intended
But packed with meat
Something said, so much to read
The time is right for what you seek
Nothing more is able than
A wandering muse
To cast with your shadow
Time beats the pattern and
Space pipes a tune
The room is filled with a passing song
Nothing is lost and all is gained
Trapped in the music
We’re caught on the stage
We’re lost in the pattern but
You can make it from here if
You need to step back and
Ring the bell
The chimes will tell
A story for you
Richard Grahn May 2017
I can’t really tell you
Just how it feels
It’s quite an adventure
To live in my shoes
It’s not all that easy
This much is true
I just know that I love you
In the way that I do

I cannot explain it
This song in my heart
But I’ll sing it for you dear
While ringing this bell
I’m chiming for you love
Don’t know how to tell you
That I’m lost in your magic
And caught in your spell

Come glide with me here now
We can take to the sky
To get lost in this moment
Is well worth the try
The measure of our treasure
Is so hard to define
Let’s love at our leisure
And ride on this tide

Like I said before
It’s hard to explain
These feelings I have for you
I haven’t the words
The memories I’ve made with you
Are stealing the night
These dreams I’ve shared with you
Are such a delight

The story’s not over
There’s plenty to say
Your heart is a magnet
That attracts me each day
I waltz in your laughter
And dream in your arms
I’m caught in your rapture
And your many sweet charms
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
one petal falling
the river is calling it
into the threshold*

Richard Grahn Nov 2017
Angels gather in chilly skies,
Floating down to kiss the ground.
Their silent songs are gathered there,
Upon a landscape cold and bare.

Gentle wings on an icy prayer,
Paint the world with frosty dreams.
Cherubs dancing through the air,
Time stands still or so it seems.

Seraphim descend,
Messengers from heaven above.
Blanketing a quiet earth
With peaceful, tender, healing love.

The winds have changed,
Sweet songs remain
But night grows long
As the moonlight wanes

Spirits waltz across the field
As clouds are gently swept away.
Wielding starlight, night remains
An angel’s keep through autumn’s deep.
Richard Grahn Dec 2017
curtains wide open...
branches still asleep
Richard Grahn Nov 2017
Spectral dreams.
Tiny seams in time.
Moonlight, rainbows, starry skies.

Wildebeests and cats and frogs.
Rivers flowing, flowers growing.

Raindrops fall through weathered sky.
Daylight breaks, I wonder why.

All I touch and all I see,
The trees believe so why not me?

All I ask to ever be
Is freely growing with the leaves.

Believing in the things I need.
Leaving air for you to breath.
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
This is the place where
The bear went through the berries
Grandma always said

Grandpa caught a fish this long
So he hung it by the bed
A  memory of my grandparents who were avid outdoors people. It  is with them that my love for nature found its roots.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Twisted around again
Not sure which way to turn this time
I found my way here and that much is true
But there is no sure way back that I know
It’s a dizzying scene, I can’t pretend
Something I see every now and then
There’s a course wind blowing in my face today
If I can just turn around, I’ll chart a new way
Confusion reigns in the maelstrom I see but
I see it so clearly there’s a harmony brewing
The world doesn’t stop as I walk on by
It leaves me right here for another try
Richard Grahn Sep 2017
I’m sick and tired of
Being very sick and tired
But things could be worse
Had one of the best days of my life today. Just happens that I'm sicker than usual. Old age seems to be settling in.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
“Forgive, O Lord, my little jokes on Thee and I'll forgive Thy great big one on me.” Robert Frost

Scraps of bread for his feathered friends
Music for all his other friends
Poncho-clad in his favorite chair
Not a worry, not a care
We all flock around the sound that he brings
His box etches tunes that set the mood
We take it all in while
Our conversation wanders
These words they compel our love of life
It's easy to be with Bird Man and
It's easy to believe in birds

Bird Man (Antonio) is constrained by a wheel chair but he doesn’t let that keep him down. He’s truly a lover of both birds and music and he’s a great friend. One could only wish for a friend like him. Yes, I’m lucky.
Richard Grahn May 2017
Once upon a time
In the land of merry lines
A sad song was born
Oh, the woes of procreation.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Let the brainstorm begin anew
Pick it back up then put it back down
Move it all around again
Get a new perspective now
Chart the future and play it straight
Assemble the pieces into what they are
Let it all make better sense
Allow your goals to guide your style
Watch the connections click into place
Lasting impressions they’re sure to make
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Branches of a tree
Reach into the deep blue sky
Birds alight then fly
Richard Grahn Oct 2017
Treasured friend, reach out your arms
And lift me up into your boughs
Share with me a memory
Here beneath the wispy clouds

Cradle me with tender sprigs and
Rock me gently in the breeze
Caress my soul with autumn dreams
And let me rest here in your peace
Richard Grahn May 2017
My yolks are runny
But it's not very funny
Can't seem to catch them
What can I say? I miss my runny yolks. Going for a little levity here.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Let’s keep this short and to the point. This is my first ever shot at writing a haiku. Would love some feedback on this please. Thank you kindly.

*Brevity’s lessons
They are scarcely not something
To elaborate.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Settling the rhyme for a stitch makes nine
Cost me the chance for a celestial dance
Don’t know where it will all end up
Your guess is as good as a guess can be

Lost in the forest I bend in the wind
Subtracting a notion, I can finally begin
Caught in a vortex of a proverbial spin
A biblical trance defines my stance

Praying for a change at the final tone
Blessed are you for carrying the load
Seldom has ever a tale been so told
Often the passing is a whale of a song

Delivering a passage we’re bound to forget
Captured by another we once were told
Hanging in traction we bought the whole farm
Twisting the melody into processed cheese

Burning the bridge, we challenge the knight
Telling his story with a bucket of time
Rendering fat in a once chilled vat
Spam on the plate leaves me asking for more

Born in the cusp of a half-baked moon
I can’t fake a grin ‘til it’s all settled in
Tantric memories collapse in my mind
Got to write down the thoughts I divine
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Take a look inside my mind
There is no telling what there is to find
A shiny tale you may want to see
Or maybe it’s something that cannot be

Bide your time, it’s all entwined
Set yourself down and look for a rhyme
You can let it hang out for another day
But it’s seldom I have this much to say

There’s nothing to lose, no place to be
Never will we have this day again
You can tie your shoes or read the news
I’m not going to stand in your way

Let’s settle our debt and take our leave
I’ll see you again if you pass this way
Thought I had something more to say
If I figure it out I’ll let you know

So have yourself a very great day
And don’t get lost in the words I write
Watch for the brilliance if you feel you must
But it’s best to reflect on your own shining star
Oops, just realized I posted an older version of this. Error corrected.
Richard Grahn May 2017
The fire in your eyes
Has burned a hole through my soul
My heart is in flames
Just burned myself grammatically ;-)
Richard Grahn Sep 2017
It’s a terrible book. So hard to read.
Is it really such trash? Then make it ash.
No need to act like you like it so.
I know you’re burning just to let it go.

There’s no real sage between these pages.
Mental gyrations never tend to engage you.
I caught you smiling but was that so real?
I can’t really say but I know how you feel.

So now that the ink has stained your brain.
The paper cuts, they made you insane.
Now that the words are a big fat mush.
You can hush right up and light it up.

It takes a spark just to end this lark,
A little swish from the candle stick.
A puff of smoke and this joke is toast.
There’ll be nothing left of these words I wrote.

Reason will fade in the swirling flame.
Thoughts will get lost in the blurry haze.
If your mind’s made up then what’s to say?
I named it that way, so just do it OK.

Don’t let these words tend to lead you astray.
Settle on down and have it your way.
The bridges you burn are made of straw.
Burning a book’s not against the law.

Unless you do it in a public place.
Then, of course, you’ll have an egg on your face.
You can burn the words if you think it’s alright and
Flicker away in its glowing light.

Here’s the secret to your growing angst.
A simple solution to your mental trance.
Your mind’s made up so don’t get sick.
Just flick your Bic and get done with it.
This is a nod to Abbey Hoffman and his book titled "Steal this Book." I haven't read it (or stolen it) but the title is intriguing by itself.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Pitch the tent and strike a fire
Get the marsh mellows out
Gather around and sing some songs
Laugh and cry and scream and shout
Unroll the bags and zip them up
Did you bring a pillow?
Then get it out and flash the light
Have some s'mores and tend the fire
Enjoy the company and
Be at peace
Camp yourself right off to sleep
Getting a bit whimsical here. I do love camping though.
Richard Grahn Sep 2017
Burning in the night
A candle waves about.
Puffs of smoke rise up.
The space glows—flickering.

A soothing warmth cuts the darkened space.
She sets to pen and paper then dreams.
Recording her thoughts and soulful musings,
Light flows out across the page.

Here, where time has lost its meaning,
The wick is burning and the wax is melting.
The glow is soothing and her words are moving.
A story grows in the throes of her feelings.
I've been doing some significant editing and re-writing preceding the publication of a book. This poem took on quite a few new turns so I decided to re-post it.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Don’t let me forget the song that I sing
There is a catastrophe almost happening it seems
It won’t end soon and I have no clue
Why I bought that bridge and set it on fire

Lost my shoe in the resulting news
Can’t let the rain get me down again
Won’t let it break me into kindling and when
I set to the task with a vigor renewed,
I will leave the rest for the sheriff to chew

Blast me again, let me see your shorts
Never again will I spend the rent
Broken but steady I slipped through the past

Nothing happened!

Got my line while waiting in line
Took a shortcut to the front of the pack
It doesn’t happen often but it happens enough

Little tracks in the snow
A kind face that you know
Steaming mad or maybe just mad
Can’t say which it is this time

You can beat the witch but you’ll never win
She’s far too smart for the likes of us
Didn’t you say that we have to move on?
Don’t you know that we’ll never get out
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
Spitting out the words again
Spelling a sense of thoughts unheard
Casual chances dance in the night
Muttering phrases lock into step

The siren wails out a resounding tune
Reporting the cause of time unfurled
Carrying the sound to the edges of time
Granting the passages that fill my mind

Sometimes the story dissolves in the wind
Noticed in passing, the fire burns within
Mine is the true but gentle concern
Of course, a new notion makes the world turn

Surely a poet can let it all in
Pruning the measure of a lifetime in years
The drums and the fife sound a haunting refrain
I could hear it so clear in the pouring rain

The moon shines bright on the desert sand
Nothing can stop me, the one who I am
Random stiches compound the suspense
It’s already a complex tale to defend

Lost in the book where the story unfolds
The end is to come but it’s not been told
Like you, I’ve been sold a half-finished page
I’ll finish it now and not waste a day
Richard Grahn Sep 2017
Believing in you
Captured deep in your magic
I’m lost in your song
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
We were careless with our love
and it dwindled.
We got all caught up
in the daily routine.
What once was pristine
has now been swindled.
We cheated the muse and she flew away.
One and one makes two for today.
This much is what we know is true.
The hearts we’ve broken may never mend.
It does no good for us to pretend
that we can take it all back and fix it when
it takes two hearts to beat as one.

Richard Grahn May 2017
I just lost my train of thought...

I hope it didn't contain any valuable cargo.
Richard Grahn Apr 2017
the tempest rises
and then subsides into night:
a beautiful fight*

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