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Richard Duffy Apr 2019
Sun falls, reflecting a blinding light
Across rivers ripple
Where flashes of dying blue
Allude the impending gloom.

Above, the sky a benign passage
Of fading warmth
Sits cloudless and still,
Forming a backdrop to
Silhouettes of brutal

A scene, harmonious in juncture
Between days end
And the fleeing hoards.

© Richard Duffy. All rights reserved
Reflections from an autumnal evenings commute, leaving the city by push bike as the light faded.
Richard Duffy Apr 2019
At lanes end
where churches sit
black and white,
In rare afternoon
stillness, trees rigid
as statues shield
St. Peter’s yard.
Nations favoured bird,
the red-breasted aggressor,
gambols gracefully
across the gentle
arcs of ageing
gifting movements,
radiating elegance,
flitting from sight
in a burst of most
powerful flight.

© Richard Duffy. All rights reserved
Brief moments shared with a robin while visiting churches in Bywell, Northumberland, on an autumn afternoon cycle.

— The End —