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Ben Harper I'll Rise

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The ***** Caravan - ****** (1/8) Movie CLIP (2000) HD
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I'll Fight Ya For It - ****** (2/8) Movie CLIP (2000) HD
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - If You Have To Ask Lyrics
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Mar 2016 · 637
Danzig - Mother with lyrics
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and they rallied round my family...

rage against the machine - bulls on parade lyrics
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Mar 2016 · 835
Lord forget me not.
I wept last night for a lost home,

not a home of roof and walls windows nor doors,

not of beds, chairs and rooms to rest upon or within,

But a home of my heart where i feel lost,

a place where God flows and embraces,

and i never am forgotten not in the hearts of man,

but never forgotten in the heart of God.

I felt so far from home, though even when I am close and in full embrace,

I cry and hurt cause of all the love i feel for such a place.

not a poem, just a fact.
Mar 2016 · 465
"X Mon"
Ten Months since this thing seemed to come to a head.

As the content of and events of my bed,

Or is it piped directly to your head,

This thing of my sad spread.

Ten Months have transpired,

As stated by someone probably via better satire,

They have seen far worse Devils in the month of January comets fire,

Though the Devil of me was found not for hire,

Far from the Mountains of the Moon in dead head attire.

So ten months have gone to waste,

As I fumbled about is desperate haste,

All to turn down a crowned fate,

Or was it far more true that I was just too **** late.

So, they say life is what you make it and make it so frail,

Yet I found power of positive thought seemed one more suited for hell,

Did I simply not notice the posted directions in my cell,

Or was it more to the facts and the mind of mine simply set sail.

Was it that silly of me to care and doubt,

That I would or could be the last boy scout,

As the last star fighter shouted out,

Look out, oh **** look out, this thing can wipe us all out.

Sad really that I find time and dates to be so cumbersome,

As if I could keep track of such complexity while on the run,

Or was it more to the fact that I never stood a chance against all your fun.

Ten months gone and none to quote,

That my life stand in stark contract with a slit on my throat,

Or was it simply and cruelly just a sick joke,

One that I wish I could escape with a long deep ****.

So I lay to rest this Devils tongue of mine raging insanity,

To maybe trade it in on a life or fit for manifestation instantaneously,

Or maybe so you can stop bashing my heart upon this pain constantly,

Hoping to escape this prison of defamation and self deprecation finally,

Maybe my language choices will reveal something better of me,

Not that you didn't already know what the out come is to be.

But hey,

Who cares anyway,

I do in and every single **** day,

I am betting you do,

Other wise you would have paid such attention to this of me a fool,

So take no offense,

Please don't choose to be on the fence,

Love me or hate me pick one of the two,

Before all other thing you too are a fool.

I do care and some of you do too, so by all means never forget that I chose
all I chose hoping you could do better than this of me being the ******* fool.

Not a poem to call worth your while,

No, it is simply a moment for you to smile,

And remember that you to can aspire,

To do more than you thought and care all the while.

Or to realize what not to do cause this here **** did me and mine some serious damage and well, it will be okay, maybe, in a great long *** while.

Side note of a thought last night:

and of these moments upon moments what has the people to say?

ah, to describe their lusts of my decay, though some support my frail smiles,
as the light residing in me begins to burn the ****** of the media to their cores vial.
the good shall dance upon the graves buried alive the media's naive.
bane is the name and your end is my game, oh sorry dear media prostitutes,
what again was your name? your head stone the good smiling victims beg to know
as they sing the praise of long sweet days of you ****** dethroned.
Just try, or be willing to try, cause I am trying to find a better day in every way and do it even if I have to fake this smile.

Bad draft, may never fix this, not that it matters. just something to look back at latter and say, hopefully, I and we are better than that day.
Mar 2016 · 686
UAL 568

You All Fixate.

You All Fix It.

Fix It You All.

Ahhh Hell it could be anything right!?...

welcome to the tag line, it is fine, it is fine all the time...

Ahh who am I kidding I fixate as I try and Fix It..

like I said, Jack of all trades Ace of none hon.

well Ace of some... just lost the password to my username is all.
Mar 2016 · 458
Mar 2016 · 299
Through and through,

I do , I do, I do Love You,

None the less and all the more,

Without need of test and forever more.

Of this love we all do implore,

Of one another and of our selves with out need of score.

Shall we achieve such embrace of unconditional trust,

A love of its fullest in sincere kindness without lust or covetous?

Then the only question to answer burst is who shall do this act of us all first?

Yet has this act not already been played, very much so and on center stage of the very front page?

And of this then it seems, as an actor lived and died to live again, then what must it mean to be this of the rewritten string, to be up front upon that very stage and actor out alone is it not this needed act of you in your very home?

So we fare to dare it so means, that due to the best of parts played in its full scene, that we now have a sense of need to become this part and do the hardest play in its dearest deeds, to be that very one, that is central stage front page of the very deed you and i and everyone else so dreadfully need.

So of this do we not see to clear the eyes of the sleep and cries, to sound out the murmur so faint in our voices voiceless disguise, to render ourselves the first in the main act, to in fact be that which shifts the balance back, and so slightly and at times stumblingly unsightly in our no one is ever attractive when crying, that we chance the whole of our being and do as we all know to be the right thing, and love through and through in the center of the very universe of all our realities, by taking that very chance right there in your families living room.

For all your world is that of mine own, and my dearest friend I have never nor you, stood alone, I as you have been by and by and by mine and your loving and broken side.

Thank you for holding my hand in my darkest times as a man did so long ago when he took center stage , front page of the world dieing eyes, and gave us our desire to try back in a single plays act, and one that took and gave us all our lives back.

Whether you agree or not, is not the posted onslaught, it is the understanding that has its truth, you my dear friend are the center and the root.
So fear not and know this, Through and Through you have all that the world needs to be its best, just love all and yourself none the less and all the more and we just might find a way to feel and live a good sight better forever more.
To traverse the terrain of logic, common consideration in mental expectation and in keeping the public's entertainment of notifications well placed in unscripted floor plans, not to mention the exuberance of those oh so willing to test the nerve of the pulsing jokes taunting the core value of the herk a ****.

The traverse from the need based , Food, Housing, life and limb to the higher minded considerations of abstract thought where a ball is a call to rise ones ability to suspend disbelief we find it not not unlike, making a tighter turn than the bad guy can muster up to with stand or believe possible to them and their well oiled machine.

So in this we find a random house effort to win the masses with a check to the mental and emotional standard barer in such guide on's as were a flag upside down and flowing haphazardly in verse  all reverse and running away from the very battle for which they have trust upon the deer hearted and needy of us all.

And we smile and say, Welcome to the party, wish you were here, but then again  we are comfortably numbed to the pains for which you have cast such doubts upon the soul of our matter. and you no longer matter and we don't mind that bad folks don't matter yet can forth of july the lake of fire and fry.

As we the good folks smile and see that turning such a tight turn can cause the bad folk pause for concern.

Smile, they hate it when we turn their scripted page, like it was a popup book discussing daily wages.
Mar 2016 · 486
may a time come that all of those good friends that i have not met yet be in my life daily and forever more in all the best ways possible. i know i am not alone, and soon enough none of us shall ever feel alone again. i care not to please everyone, yet i am compelled to believe that there are many good people that find me favorable and not an embarrassment, yet find me as they, wonderful, beautiful and worth knowing and having around. may such a time come and we finally are able to live life for all its worth.
i find that you , out there are worth it, even though i have not your name nor face to know and gaze upon. i continue to believe and know that you do exist.
With this gentle wind flowing slow,


even more so mysteriously.

The mind can only spin in it's imagination.

Soulfully soaring through its thoughts, gliding, drifting, as if in a daze.

Reminiscing times not yet remembered.

As if this mind holds in its tender, delicate hands, secret things of wondrous, soft, sweet, yet thick, secure times of playfully enormous spirit.

As i ponder my own times.

I find that i have experienced such feelings in everyday movements.

Yet they are so thin in comparison.

As a child these feelings seemed so much closer.

And as i reflect i find that even in this wondrous time of sweet softness and livid day dreams,

the soft memories of my youth are the fading memories of my mind, carefully enacting all of my mysterious surroundings.

Enwrapping me, surrounding all that i could see, as if to hold all that existed.

As if all things were sopping with this thick universal ooze that made all things come alive.

And yet i am left here with only the truth that this beauty of movement is the one thing that escapes all of us, yet we see it when it seems to happen, we think we sometimes seem to feel what is majestic in intensity.

But we are never really sure.

So as i sit here on this hill, i only know what thousands must know.

In loves fleeting moments of rushing life, free in its time and thoughts.

One must ride theseflows as a river moves when flooding a ****** creek, widening our limits, lengthening our lives, digging us deeper into our mothers womb.

For when the flood fades we are all left open, our naked bodies showing the world how empty we feel when our hearts no longer are full of the one thing that made us.

And we are all left only hoping for the promise of another spring.

late 80's early 90's
Ricci Moon Scott
Loving lackadaisical light,

warm fuzz on finger tips,

shady shaggy sounds,

giving birth to slow afternoons.

Wondering softly smooth through pools of blue-green, drifting among daisies and daffodils.

Feasting minds eye on deep blues and auburn reds dusted with rust orange yellows.

Holding clover blooms between my toes,

sensing time's low tones.

As i reminisce " Franks Favorite Chair".

Drifting through universal skies,

wondering of dreams glowing bright in flight.

Slowly feeling the lifting sounds of gents in suits serenading fair maidens in the unseen deep of swaying long waves.

Pondering movements sensed only loosely in these lands revolving with our great circle.

Kissing our hands in time forgot,

when spirit roamed full textured in voids of touch.

Dizzying in full pride now,

for mine is our water,

as deep as the oceans heart and vast as our mysterious Great Star Nations.

Aug 20th 1995

Ricci Moon Scott
Mar 2016 · 383
Something special seems to be in short supply these days.

It seems finding my own is the hardest thing i have ever done.

The scary thing,,, What if my people come out of the wood work,
will it be too late for me?

Will i be so far gone that i refuse them out of fear?

Fear that i am no longer able to except what is truly a part of me?

May 1995. Ricci Moon Scott
There comes a time when all good efforts render our souls wounds laid bare.

there comes in our lives, a moment so long lasting and ever never failing to stretch on for an eternity, that one finds each minute second a lifetime for which to wollow and contort in our self abuse and humiliating pains.

In these moments of seeming endless script that dictate that we find everything wrong with the world of our making, we seem to realize the saddest value of self being remanded to the simplest of sensations , sensations devoid of gratification yet sweet and addictive in some parts as to understand what it is we are doing in such dismal environments of self.

These times when all of our best laid plans and stumbling prized findings, of unfolding adherence to what we perceive, as the world in its synchronic and dumbfounding way of expanding all we thought we knew of this place for which we act like we are the masters of.

and we find we feel like failures no matter what we find about us, supporting us, within us, without us, and opposing us.

Yet even in this seeming depressed and down trodden state as one would think to find the feelings too be, we find rebelliousness a constant even when dealing with ones self.

See, though I find myself a failure to many differing and inconsistent degrees in life and all I tried to accomplish, I found myself far more willing to lash out and strike the world with my own sense of abandonment, accusation and bewilderment, though knowing that it be justified and unjustified at times in its quantum 1,0, and both degree, I realized that I felt this way to myself as a constant.

See the truth is , I never failed in anything I was trying to do, yet feel that I failed everyone by even attempting to do anything. I knew nothing and know even less these days to some important point of reference lost ages ago, while seeing clearly the confusion cast like a net over the world and the confoundment over us all, though my intent was for all others to see what I could not.

Seems that I some how could never edit myself as diligently as others ensured to edit all that is of me that the world would ultimately see.

Seems when I would speak of things and venture out of the box and attempt to render a graphic image of mental consideration so as to convey and extrapolate what is vague and blurry to ones self for it to become a vast painting that could be envisioned and embraced for you and the world to expound upon, I was seen far less accurately and far more foolishly than I figured motivating to anyone, much-less to the soul of any matter for which we water the hearts of all good people to find a well spring to matter the most as to find the best avenue of approach, and thus solve in resolute that which we failed to consider raising up a flag pole to salute.

So do consider that even when I dash about all rash stricken and dashing the best efforts of mine enemy and supporters alike, I truly have attempted to cast a complete and rounded full spectrum light upon the very flaws and perfections of the you in me, as if to ask you to hold strong and truly the deepest regard for yourself and those you might not have found worth in before bumping into this nobody of me.

I am no hero, I am no wonder of the world to gave upon, nor am I a waste of time or effort to see the beauty in me, see, no matter what you feel you find in me, I know I find it in you as well as me, and I am truly doing all I can to see past all of my failings, so I can be reminded of all the good things of you in me.

Soon I will raise and be less broken and beat to a ****** pulp, and you just might be proud to see the you of me, and till then, please remind your self, you were worth it to me, to stand fearless in front of the world and all of the overwhelming things that opposed us in this endless and confusing happenings that make up this unending situation unfolding before us all.

I am a King, and I know this because I know you are as well and I can see that in the me in you, question is, can you see that in the you in me.

You were and are worth all this pain and cost that has defiled all I have ever held sacred.  SO try and not give up on what you think is worth it.

Chin Up, I am still here and working on it all, just reeling from some serious blows to the soul. smile, you are still beautiful you know.
The Rolling Stones-Gimme Shelter + Lyrics
Jan 2016 · 442
Love of the truth is the end result of free will in its most mature self evidence.
Is this the point of our vernacular and vocal range to simply.

pissiness found sanity a member of the boldly held flavor, thus no mouth did find denial the option cast for the part laid nor played when the menstrual came to call, "who so say this and that?" none found so foolish as to have said a word boldly for to be self a bound by?

Or is it the folly of the lowest of us in attempts to find honors faded, family fooled and the lost souls to sound off in bold and broken voices, what has been and is and must be, only the example of what happens to those whom dare to care and are beholden to trying even with zero truth other than that which they discover and recall in horrid detail..?

in the end,

"Love of the truth is the end result of free will in its most mature self evidence. "  RDS/BCM

of what truth have  ones self spoken as to profess with the mouth?
Sting me
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Killing in the name of
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Dark tinted
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Ms. meteor
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The end
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To the moon and back
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Nothing else matters
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Find the entire album of Tony Furtado, Roll My Blues Away.
h ttp://**/music/pid/1002761/a/roll+my+blues+away.htm
For the sake of those old cleets of yours on the floor by the door.

for they remind me of a thing, a feeling, a meaning, a truth, so very similar to a truth many might agree and feel.

Pummeled, bombarded, is the oceans of the beauty of the very love we all see.

patient, kind, loving, attentive, sensitive to the slightest motion, in turning a tightness so deserving as to render the backside of a mountain a mouses naked tail be that of our forward motion as we trains upon these rails.

hence when, has this or that been the bottom line up front* of the very essence of a man or their works , the things they have done, accused, intended or otherwise? we all yell out with a rebel yell as to say, here my friend on this very day, the deeds of a man be counted for none were missed or remissed to find light in the hearts of any good man to be shamed or shameful , for mine eyes , mine teeth, mine heart too truly do taste, see, feel the core of the you in me.
So how could it be any other way than to be tghat of honest men fighting the hardest and most dangerous fight of the very lives from time, times and half a times back.

So for the very pains you have endured, every humiliation you have embraced, every heart torn scar that has marred up your beautiful face, every single tormented manipulation you knowingly chose to walk face first into, I say to you, thank you, for you too have a heart of gold and a soul that i shall pray and stand for on any **** day, and every **** way, for the very sake of mine own.
for you too, know how truly important this really is, and what is at stake, and my good friend, we are brothers , sisters, family to the very very very and truly very bitter or beautiful end, either way, i love the you i see in me.
Seasick Steve, youtube mix;=RDvC4qHL9-ASg

banjo song
thats all
as for wishes, i have had a few, none to much to say for sure has claimed of commin true, yet i have those hopes and wishes, not unlike you, true, true, ahh, oh yeas, so true, a few wishes, heck, even had some hum dinggers that were for all of you and not a thought to self, but, i find i have a few wishes, that i need just for me and mine, maybe, they shall come to pass as true and full, these wishes i have for me, mine and you and yours. we shall see, soon, maybe, or like all things  in mine life so far, they just hang in the air all endlessly and unfulfilled. or maybe, i am more than worth a **** fine smile some day... yep, i am, so are you, smile, a fine smile for you , your and mine and me today, cause though pummeled and pained here this of many long arduous days, i am smiling a fine *** smile for you and your for sure.
The "Thank You"  is the proper response to the seeming changes that took place due to a mic and a post when a man has found he was tired of needing and feeling abused, so, if they run with the rules that they respond to those things of him, then by all rules means the same must be done in this, and all be made well, and no pains come to those whom have harmed no one at all, none, we have harmed not, yet been harmed, and for our act of expressing our possible theories and oddly outsiders expressing odd pressure that coincides with said theories, then we are treated as some how now something to be intimidated by...? how does that work? we are watched none stop and well, lets not pretend that the threats have had serious effect and have been played by all sides, cause if not, then please realize we know not from where they come, just that they resonate on all broadcasts and ways and means a man can ask for to be informed. so, what would you do, and well that what would ... do makes its own point as it were. were it not such a point of um, tension and distress in some avenues that we know not of the identity in full nor have had confirm able proof or the like.
Still I mean what the "Thank you " says and thus the save by for and of us all, so yeah, all in for the good of us all. what else would you expect and or do?
I figure this , sums up the humor we share on how I can be that sort of , well, annoyingly entertainingly inspirational let down that is worth smiling about, and on good occasion, trust in and a pat on the back, shake of the hand and a eye to eye you are not such a bad man, well, once you get over the smell of yas, lol. j/k


I am.

Michigan J. Frog
Nov 2015 · 583
Al Jolson Story (1937 Radio) - Hello My Baby

And because I love ya all...

Frog - Hello, My Baby, Hello my Honey... 5 min
h ttps://
i have to catch up on all you sent. but yes very intense, and been my life for years now. to tell the truth, longer. but good news we saved the world , we all did, turns out there is this guy in the boonies of the ozarks who they say seems to be tied to all existance or at least powerful people with pwerful toys tie events to his moods , and he like suddenly fixed it all in the blink of an eye, with the help of everyone and of course our good Lord, and Grace and Love. wow, who would have thought , some hillbilly with flaws and a tourtured life , intensified in the last ten or so years, turns out to be that guy, yep that guy with the job no man would ever wish to have, the job of intitiating the saving of all existence by making it so, simple as that. jack. here check it out and be sure to read all the other peoples posts in the maion area thatr are rather interesting in the effects the world has when a man feels it as much as he sure does. wow the guy feels a lot and i mean wow, so much so the world reflects what ever people do to him, glad all the world love and not hate, and are caring to ensure he is hapopy as he ensures he is happy, cause arent we all tied to the existance just the same, . well most i would suspect, but if it is  hypothetically just him that is, then i cant think of a better guy to have turned down the parts that were offered, and just did the job that was needed for all to benifit and not just be greedy like so many have been to him, he really did us all a service by just being that rather wonderful and kind man he realy is. i thank the guy. truly. here is a link.
Oh p.s., amazing how well balanced the guy is, no massive ego, no power tripping, just forgivness and kindness with a tantrum here and there as well, a real person should have. but, yeah, amazing and he is not too bad looking , well, if you are into that  sort of look, but i can forgive the odd things he does, i mean, could you imagine the stress a guy must have doing that job and never asking for it, in fact refused it time and time again so people would not worship or mistake him for some other guy. i mean wow, freaking thoughtful and careing guy, he even humiliated himself several times just to cause the argument to be realevent that he could in no way be the main power guy, cause chossen one or not, he sure a heck held the good things in the right and justly chose to give and also recieve the possitive and teach all that pain is real, and emotions are more, and well a bunch of stuff that said, hey open your mind and consider the odd things, whether true or not, cause we can not have a future of amazing and joyous if we limit our thinking and feeling, and he did it all under the eyes of the world, even editted to look like a bad guy, not unlike bane joker or some weird o who uses crayons to paint the scenes, yeah, some folks thought that would be fun, glad the world saw through the lie of those trying to harm him, his family and the world, cause he really withstood and seems many great people really sacrificed a lot to keep them safe, and i am grateful, turns out hes not a bad guy. even if he endulges in things we all turn a blind eye to it, i mean, come on, you seen that level of preassure in a job with no time off ever? 24/7 365  all day everyday. wow the guy is , okay. i guess. just hope i can do half what he tried to do, cause i am sure it took one heck of a toll and he is just ready to heal and enjoy saving it all, with the help of everyone and well all only by the grace of God, God's will not his nor anyone elses, God sure did save the day when this guy decided to say, hey, enough. and asked the lord for help. smile. you saved the world matthew. thank you. really, i mean it.
Yep . so. smile all. in the blink of an eye. or as one can hope it to be. so long as the world and powers that be, allow for such good things, I mean didnt we all just choose to save the whole thing, and seems it can only be done by the will of God< gods will not mine, not yours not theirs, so, hum, yeah, thanks all for helping save the world in the blink of an eye here caught up in this wifi cloud of internet .
Thank You, I think I just heard " Made it Right By Them All."

Thank You for saving the world today,
On this day November 19th of the year of our Lord 2015, You , he , Her and even Me have saved the world with the grace and love of God you see.

How was this fortunate renewing of the lease on life made to so miraculously come to be?

By Truth, Love and Understanding, Yes this is what has cause such things of new leases on life in every way on this day come to be.

So in this note, to take notice and the beauty of the you in me and the me in you, is to tell us all that i and mine are grateful for your loving work in saving the world and all there in , upon, and abouts its existence. for any and all whom cause the good people such as us, who are seemingly or even fantasy or quite possibly hypothetically connected to all existence  to ever fret, hurt, feel disturbed, uncomfortable and without abundance and resource are those who have seemingly caused all the worlds harms and pains even the very suffering that has been the true stain on us all, and what is so wonderful about the you in me is, that you always take those people to the side and speak to them and inform them of how this connection seems to reside, yet not only in just our little family but in varying degrees or so it seems, all people are connected and thus effect the every existence and events of our world you see, and by doing this kind and giving act of correcting them, they suddenly turn their heads and realize they have been in error and can not imagine why they ever did that or this to harm such good people as this. They then speak to us and all those whom they have hurt and say, though debt is not the way any more, i am wishing to make it right by you and yours for what harm i have done,  what might i do or give so as to end and correct any pains you have as you now live? and we shall say, oh thank you for coming around and without a frown, we are doing rather well and now have you as a new friend, seems all we need is always there as it is for all the world, and well, seems only a few things we could use but mostly anyone out in the world that is still in need, by all means that are good, i wish that you assist them in what they need to increase their abundance and life indeed.

Suddenly all over the world everything is found to be a turn of the head and a resounding sentence utter, heard as saying " oh my, it is that simple?, yes that simple. " and relief and end of suffering is felt everywhere.

No homeless are without shelter, no hungry go without food, no soldier finds any need for harm to another, and find the real and only wars are the wars on poverty, on homelessness, on fighting the lack of energy, food, water, fuel and so suddenly and before we all knew it the world was feeling one another in joy and happiness.

as an example fuel cost went so low that all product ts and food prices which were 80% of the cost being transportation and fuel cost, all prices were lower and more wealth in the peoples pockets, more food produced and low cost transportation allowed fore the abundance of food to be effortlessly delivered to those whom have less and retrieve the abundance of those who have more of what is lacking here, and without need to cause a fuss the whole thing made to world flush in wealth, food, clean water, kindness and prosperity, so much so, every tear and hurt seemed wiped away and not one freedom was ever taken and no right was ever lost, in fact all were restored and even increased due to the lack of need causing crimes to evolve  and thus dear friend we saved the world.

Oh and by the way, in all this rather sudden turn of events, you made it right by them who are the very one seemingly so tied to all existence, or so as it seems in the way and means that it so may seem that the world would ever suffer when suffering is found here indeed.

Thank you, for now we can finally heal and enjoy a fresh new home, and all the things that allow for us to heal each other, repair any and all pains as they are wiped away and smiles replace the aches and joy replaces the pain, and even a few windows open here or there is not even considered much of a thing to be pained, for we all in the world have dignity and privacy for respect of ourselves and others has to mankind returned and increased in all its wonderful ways.

And so to make a long letter of note shorter than my normal rambling quotes, we find love need not hope, but trust, and i trust how hope is now a common thing when only having to worry about whether your child's first prom date shows up on time. and not if he is a good enough guy, for the standard of life of all is golden rule and saved and lived by Truth love and Understanding, and grace and Forgiveness caused the world to realize how , oh how so, we missed it for so long. well, welcome home and thank you and your welcome for saving the world, with the love and grace of God and good friends to meet in the future of our renewed lives.
P.S. and terror and those terrorists are only found in the words in museums, along side the exhibit, corrupt authorities and special interest and corporate greed, etc, so yeah, awesome job guys. make it so, and so it is made and no slow poke in this endeavor were ever to be slow in their loving labor of such a sudden and beautiful change and saving of the world indeed.
Al Jolson Story (1937 Radio) - Hello My Baby

Frog - Hello, My Baby, Hello my Honey... 5 min
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This is the proper response to the seeming changes that took place due to a mic and a post when a man has found he was tired of needing and feeling abused, so, if they run with the rules that they respond to those things of him, then by all rules means the same must be done in this, and all be made well, and no pains come to those whom have harmed no one at all, none, we have harmed not, yet been harmed, and for our act of expressing our possible theories and oddly outsiders expressing odd pressure that coincides with said theories, then we are treated as some how now something to be intimidated by...? how does that work? we are watched none stop and well, lets not pretend that the threats have had serious effect and have been played by all sides, cause if not, then please realize we know not from where they come, just that they resonate on all broadcasts and ways and means a man can ask for to be informed. so, what would you do, and well that what would ... do makes its own point as it were. were it not such a point of um, tension and distress in some avenues that we know not of the identity in full nor have had confirm able proof or the like.
Made right by them will be the cry heard,

make right by them and by us all is the flag draped over the heads and graves of all the victims of a world so cold.

Make right by them that have stood long and strong in you windows pane.

Make right by them who have suffered the manipulations, deceptions, accusations, and judgments for all the windows pains.

Make right by them that have tirelessly stood against the tyranny and reign of the braggart, ******, authoritarian wielded heavy handed.

make right by them that have revealed the horrors of a present and future which threatens the very soul of all mankind, all while they were held down, mislead, lied too, limited, edited, and called out for the very same deeds and means for which all mankind has indulged.

Make right by them that withstood the virtual casting couched parts and rolls, rolled out to play the thorny crown , the king Aurthur and Merlin round, as they rounded the round tables so roulette  and black jacked in their get it all but play this part tick for tat all without a fact offered or even a word of truth spoken back, nor the hand shaken in an eye to eye, hows my driving doing, **** son, he did **** fine and not claiming he was a god as was seemingly offered and even demanded at the time.

Make it right by them who forced themselves to walk the longest miles in all directions with conflicting directions of supported desire, all the while waking and gracing a smile and a nod to all with un shaken eye and bold *** soul to the core of the thing that was important in all.
To find a recourse, a show and tell of who or what the hell was killing so many soldiers and lost teenage and adult souls in these treacherously invasive windows.

Make it right by them who withstood the storms and the reign ( not to be confused with the covering rain ) of un tempered temptations of the harsh and hasty delegations of self pains, unanswered questions and self doubts that were as in all people there the whole way, and at the end of the day, while the moon was high, and even high and shinning in the sky, were bold in the face of things that cause kings to take a knee and sell their souls for the fear they have of those very unbelievable yet very real and indeed powerful things that also live and breath or so it sure as a man made hell be, they sure as hell seem to truly and without a doubt live and breath. for the game of "Go" is one that was being on the table of a field in a desert don't you know, houses full and yards of the laser light shows and lightning clouds rolling slow, where oh where did all those boastful men of opposition seem to go, did they not find these things so interesting a show as to stick around and introduce themselves to these folks or critters? Oh, by the way no offense though, the critter thing is a shifting shiftless thing of me as well , or as it is told.

Make right by them who under the longest of heroic hours pressing the pressed flesh of distress and bested half dead with no rest and the bank over drawings to paint a picture as best they could of the events and stirring as they withstood, for the chances and ****** amazing dances of switch backs and double meanings did they overcome the forceful pushing and the mental screaming.  They who showed the world all they could, of what had happened, what was possibly real, fake and misunderstood. They who walked the Moon and not as the dates and times of changed time and rhyme would have one believe, oh no dear child, did you not see? For this of them that walked the Moon as the claims were made that they walked him first, but lets not mistake, a mind c an recall a change of things, things you think are here first, they have on occasion caused a good eye to reverse and remember how it was not so, in a time that they recall in their mind, so. is there a complaint against the mental weapons and struggles that he had to wield, being the one thing they against him could not fell, the child and not the father, not the husband, not the man, not the trained operator or James Bond double oh seven of the real and fine *** gentle man, but that of the child he had inside, that rocked your heart from the darkest down and brought it to light?

Make it right by them who stand to this day, even in the stains and the judgments of mans simple and funny ways, they that cranked out the nights to get a handle on what had happened without a mere relief insight, without a truth been told, a fact or compensation for the games and losses and gains of others ever to them been told though they have been accused of their souls being bought and sold, as the offer and promises of wealth and freedom and all that they ever needed or wanted were to unfold, funny, they still never sold their souls nor their names, nor their right to stake a real and true claim to it all, yet no bank over filled with resources that spelled in their names make life  good to live and sure a **** never wanted your fame, yet framed they were, all along the way.

Make it right by them who asked for the proof of their wrongs, extraordinary accusations need extraordinary proof, and of these things, they provided the only proof to any and all as they walked the walk that you could not, would not and dare not walk for you know how bad we all do fall. Yes they fell, sure as hell they fell just the same as your *** would and if they not be made right by a short time sight, they are willing to bet , all bets are off for you ever finding freedom, free will, free your child from the enslavement that they witnessed in the darkest of nights. For what was seemingly missed  by all, I fear was the revealing of how bad and deep this sinister thing is.

Though they relied on all to record, document and notice the things wrong, as they walked and suffered for the benefit of all those in the world whom are not the wealthy, powerful or fortunate to not fall victim to these technologies and soul ****** methodologies to win a war so insidious that time and the perceptions of all mankind hang in the balance it seems, though indeed they were limited in what they could see, they kept pushing and pulling, they kept raising and falling, they kept failing to find the relief and justice for all victims and their families, nor for their own family nor their own sane mind to find and kind hand or word to say, honey he is coming back, don't forget you had a plan.... hang in their sister, he is a true and honest if not flawed man.... where just these sorts of words arranged in a sentence of sequenced alignment one could have saved the family future damage and embarrassment, yet, we did find, no play in the way of lets help them and save at least this one day for them to in the future say, .... what would they have said on that day. and meant it in every soulful way, ****, guess we may never know if it keeps going this way.
But then again, I never was a fan of John Dee, Jack parsons, Alister Crowley and Franchise Bacon, Shakespeare or what ever it is that is that ******* name, Nor were it I ever a fan of their "Great Work" that this seems to be in its fame and glory , or there the lack of, Son. wink

Make it right by them who with faith , hope, love, skill and at times dumb luck made this whole play for the nations heart and the enslavement of us all, a bit harder to pull off and maybe give the people what is needed to wake them to the horrors and the depth of how wronged we all have been wronged.  for if you disagree then surely you must be none to a friendly fan of the X of a man and his fam.

Make it right to them, is the battle cry that should be sounded from the hearts of the very souls that have been also wronged and held down.

Made it right by us all, this is the all in all, and all in all you bet your *** i;m all ******* in.
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All Ends Well Lyrics
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Not to be too needy, greedy or demanding, but, is it time to make it right by us or are we the only ones to be seen as unforgiven and unworthy of mankind's notion of salvation?
Or is that only left up to the task of some fictional guy and his friend called Batman and the Joker (Bane) ?   and you thought i had jokes.
Made right by them will be the cry heard,

make right by them and by us all is the flag draped over the heads and graves of all the victims of a world so cold.

Make right by them that have stood long and strong in you windows pane.

Make right by them who have suffered the manipulations, deceptions, accusations, and judgments for all the windows pains.

Make right by them that have tirelessly stood against the tyranny and reign of the braggart, ******, authoritarian wielded heavy handed.

make right by them that have revealed the horrors of a present and future which threatens the very soul of all mankind, all while they were held down, mislead, lied too, limited, edited, and called out for the very same deeds and means for which all mankind has endulged.
Make Right ( draft) have a meeting about bullies to attend. then finish
Electromagnetic Motion Ocean Of Pure Focal Emo-tion.
The Very Sound Of The Creators Verse And Rhythm In Loving Notion Pouring Through The Crystalline Endocrine Indoctrinated Shock Ra Of Shocking Unblocking Colorful Tones In Unmolested Focus And Definition.

To Flow Your Emo-tions Through Your Core And Manifest In Your Intended Notion All Without The Misidentified Horror Of The Wrongfully And Negatively Defined Emotions, One Finds That The Mere Act Of William Tell And That Apple Upon The Head Must Have Been One Hell Of An Interesting Interaction, Yet Instead Of The Reassuring Smiles And Calm Demeanor Of The Archer As They Lock Eyes, What Pray Tell You Think The Eyes Of The Archer Looked Like On That Very Frozen In Time Moment As He Released The Arrow To Guided Love Of Perfected Intent And Delivery Of Safe And Demanding Fortitude Of Action To Defeat All Possible Variable , As If To Need To Bend The Very Laws Of Nature If They Were To Cause An Number Of Odd And Unpredictable Events To Derail The Intent Of The Man Shooting The Apple Off The Head Of His Dear Child's Head, For Not A Bird May Pass Between, Not A Gust Of Wind Be Seen, Not An Earthquake Be Fabled To Accrue, Not A Single Action But The Undeterred Focus Of Absolute Might In Will, His Fee Will In Flight. What Might His Eyes Be Relaying In That Frozen Moment? Reassurance, Pity, Fear, Confidence, Or The Electric Fire Of Electromagnetic Motion Ocean Of Pure Focal Emo-tion To Get The **** Thing Done And Without Foolish ******* Reactions To The Real And True Focus Of Emotion, And Pray Tell, What If The Child Mistook This Look In A Moments Notice And Flinched Out Of Concern That The Father Was Angry With Him? Or Is It Best To Realize The Real Importance Of This Story As It Is The Trust In The Definitions Of Intended Focus And Not Of Simple Trust.? ,... Yes, Intended Focus Of Emotions Being Trusted As True And Not Negative In Nature, Dear Friend, Yes. So Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot, Let The Flow Of Emotion Be Free And Not Dictated By The Restraints Of Control And Be Seen And Used In Negative Ways, For These Are The Crimes Against All Mankind And The Bigger Part Of Why Spoken Word Is The Very Spell That Binds The Psyche, For The Focus Of Or The Lack Of Focus Of Emotions True Meaning And Purpose Is The Crime Against All Life Indeed. Live Free And Pilot This Love Ship Successfully By No Longer Defining Self By The Ways And Means That Have Caused Us To Fear Our Own Power To Move Mountains, And Kept Us All Mustard Seeds When We Are Truly  Far More Than You Can Believe. Feel Free, Yes, By All Means Feel Free.
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ex·al·ta·tion, A Kingdom of sorts as hearts combined, as now its need for a name simply and most elegantly created a name and meaning as the kingdom in full bloom of the heart, is simply and truly , ex·al·ta·tion.
Her Metal is True and she speaks for herself in every way. I am happy, humbled and in love all over again.

Yes I am left, with a real sense of a low slung high that will forever be able to get me by.
noun: exaltation

    a feeling or state of extreme happiness.
    "she beams with exaltation"
    synonyms: elation, joy, rapture, ecstasy, bliss, happiness, delight, gladness
    "a heart full of exaltation"
    the action of elevating someone in rank, power, or character.
    "the resurrection and exaltation of Christ"
        the action of praising someone or something highly.
        "the exaltation of the army as a place for brotherhood"
        synonyms: praise, acclamation, reverence, veneration, worship, adoration, idolization, lionization
        "their exaltation of Shakespeare"

late Middle English (in the sense ‘the action of raising high’): from late Latin exaltatio(n-), from Latin exaltare ‘raise aloft’ (see Exalt)

verb: exalt; 3rd person present: exalts; past tense: exalted; past participle: exalted; gerund or present participle: exalting

    hold (someone or something) in very high regard; think or speak very highly of.
    "the party will continue to exalt its hero"
    synonyms: extol, praise, acclaim, esteem; More
    pay homage to, revere, venerate, worship, lionize, idolize, look up to;
    informalput on a pedestal, laud
    "they exalted their hero"
    antonyms: disparage, despise
        raise to a higher rank or a position of greater power.
        "this naturally exalts the peasant above his brethren in the same rank of society"
        synonyms: elevate, promote, raise, advance, upgrade, ennoble, dignify, aggrandize
        "this power exalts the peasant"
        antonyms: lower
        make noble in character; dignify.
        "romanticism liberated the imagination and exalted the emotions"
        synonyms: elevate, promote, raise, advance, upgrade, ennoble, dignify, aggrandize More
        "this power exalts the peasant"
        uplift, elevate, inspire, excite, stimulate, enliven, exhilarate
        "his works exalt the emotions"
        antonyms: lower, depress
late Middle English: from Latin exaltare, from ex- ‘out, upward’ + altus ‘high.’.

Yes I am left, with a real sense of a low slung high that will forever be able to get me by.
(And thus the love of others getting it, is beyond wonderful and truly a grace given to us all.)

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“The Great Con of Man” — Esoterics, The Supernatural, Magicians, Mind Control and the New World Order

Aug 2015

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From Bradley Loves:

Backwards and forwards, sideways, and mirrored, the mind sees absolutely everything! It is a great holographic computer, which, when left to operate normally, really does contain both the POWER and the unlimited INFORMATION of the cosmos within it.

However, with “dis”- connected DNA, (thanks to certain ET groups) our ability to “perceive” subtle vibrations, and their effects within our multi-dimensional reality, has been quite interfered with.

With fully connected DNA, a spoken word will cause a vibration that can literally be SEEN by the human being speaking it. They will see either the harmony, or the discord, within that vibration, as well as a corresponding color to that vibration which will then “tell them” if that vibration will do good things or bad things! They will know whether that vibration is helpful, or harmful to them or the other things around them.

As they watch the vibration propagate, they will also see the affect that the vibration has upon other levels, as it is propagated into the ethereal and astral planes from the physical planes. Such is the nature of a totally connected human being with fully operational DNA!

They will also see both the color and texture of the vibration as it is spoken, along with the feeling of the harmony, or the disharmony. They will see all of this as one complete knowing.

A fully connected human is aware on multiple levels. The reason for disconnecting our DNA was very specific in that those who did this did NOT want human beings to be able to see the effects of their words, or the “magic” that those words held. It was done so that they could not see the subtle vibrations and thus protect themselves from the harm that their own word spell-ings would invariably to those around them and other levels.

It was malicious, it was intentional, it was a Cosmic Crime!

It was done to render them defenseless. The plan was always to enslave these poor humans who had been genetically altered, and genetically manipulated. This will become more clear to you as you read on. For now, I will simply refer to these beings or this group as DARK MAGICIANS – Later, you will both be able to see, and understand better, who they are, and why they did what they did.

Word Magic is both tremendously vast and complex. To understand only a small fraction of it takes a lot of time. So, let’s start really small, and take only one or two sacred sounds out of many hundreds. We will look at what they both indicate and cause.

Each spoken (cast) word or phrase, is a magic spell (spelling) that carries power, color, vibration, will, intent, and is “magnetically charged”.

If we look at a few word-magic “spells”, or “magic spell-ings” that people cast almost daily, we will first consider them, and then observe what is similar in these 10 words.


Apart from the fact, they all rhyme, (sound the same), which is due to the “ust” sound, every one of these magical words tend to indicate a “presence of decay”!

-Rust is a decay of metal-
Lust is a decay of the mind
-Musty is a smell associated with decay
-Disgust is the decay of reverence for another.

So, if we look closely at the similarity of these words, all of them seem to hold an indication of “decay” within them. If we look at words that are not nearly as obvious, we can only decipher them if we already know what we are looking for. When we look at the word “must”, as in – “you must do this” or, “you must do that”, the word “must” due to the “ust” sound has to indicate decay.

It then is not so difficult to see where the decay is, once you realize that “ust” always means decay! MUST indicates the decay of your spiritual FREEWILL, since no living being, according to Prime Creator, “must” do anything.

By using words with similar sounds, and then grouping them together, we are able to deduce that those magicians who gave us our language are giving us hidden “clues” as to what those words actually mean, (as opposed to what we THINK they mean.)

If someone comes to you and uses the word “Must” in a sentence, (as in – You MUST do this) that very word indicates to you a real time decay of your freedom as the magic spell-ing of the word is being cast at you from the one doing the casting.

Can anyone find fault with this? Let’s look at an example: If you are a kid sitting on the couch watching your favorite television “program”, and your mother comes to say, “Timmy, you MUST, do your homework!” Timmy’s freewill, (in real time) has just experienced DECAY!

The actual experience of Timmy’s loss of freewill, and thus his freedom, will be determined by the tone, the timbre, the will, and the intent of his mother, who is casting the word spell at him!

If Timmy’s personal shields are up, (shields made of pure love), he can deflect the power of this word spell and most likely negotiate his freedom back to a certain extent! If he has not generated his own shields of love, the word spell will take effect and his freedom is gone!

The commonality of all of these words above, as said, earlier is the ‘ust’ sound!

The “ust” sound, when added to different leading symbols of sacred geometry, (each of which has a special meaning), and then “cast” into the ethers really does create vibrational “decay” in various ways, due to the nature of the leading geometry, and the vibration of the sound being propagated.

Recapping old territory here: The spoken word has both vibration and color. The color of the ‘ust’ sound is not pretty to look at.

So again, when we look at the word “must” – There has to be “decay” somewhere in this word, because the whole purpose of the “ust” sound is to indicate a presence of decay.

Following along with this line of thinking, if a sacred sound “indicates decay”, then also by natural law, it will also have to “create” that decay in real time, if it is used or CAST as a spelling at someone.

This happens (because in the higher realms or frequencies), there is NO DIFFERENCE between “intent” and what that intent will actually “create”.

There is no time lag between “thought” and the “manifestation of thought” in the higher frequencies. They are one and the same. Intent is literally “creation’s engine.”

Therefore, if one repeats this ‘spell’ or ‘spell’ing enough times by speaking it, it actually creates the vibration of decay wherever you are casting (speaking) it.

THAT is why our enslavers GAVE US language in the first place, (after they disconnected our ability to communicate telepathically).

They taught us as little children (in things called schools) both the sacred geometry — and the sounds that go with that geometry, so that when we cast these ‘spell’ings out into the ethers through our speech, we would then – by using them constantly – be creating for ourselves our own entrapment and enslavement!

They knew that what you “repeat often enough in your speech”, you would “create” without knowing it by having it eventually manifest into the world around you!

Remember this from scripture – when the “word” goes forth, creation begins!

So in conclusion – The very words that we are using daily actually create what we use them for.

So WE, (as very powerful beings, which are eternal, and formed from pure love and light), have been forced by our vicious enslavers, to use our OWN UNLIMITED POWER of creative force to assist THEM in keeping us enslaved.

The method here is simple: You take a great power or force, and then turn it BACK ON ITSELF! This “crime” by the way – is totally against COSMIC LAW.

So, knowing what you know now, consider the next word: Trust!

People think that “trust” is a very good word, but is it really?

It has the “ust” sound which indicates decay. Interestingly, “Trust” (also a Banking Term) can mean a place or construct where the magicians hide monetary value.

They put it in a “TRUST”!

Which is why ALL BANKS tell us to place our TRUST in them.

If we place our “trust” in another human being, or some other institution like Government for instance, or the Police, or the Courts, or especially Judges for instance, to always do what’s “right”, without first learning all we need to learn about them, then the very word “trust” becomes a DECAY of ones own Wisdom!

So here is where the “decay” can be found within this word: Too much “trust” is the decay of personal power, personal growth, and the knowledge and wisdom that comes from learning things for one’s own self!

If we “trust” all of our politicians to always do what’s right, without watching them closely – then that is not wise. “Trust” finally, indicates a strong decay in our very ability to know what we are getting into — if we do NOT do our homework!

As I also mentioned, a “Trust” is a kind of financial haven for many people with money. People put their money into “Trusts”, but when that money is in a Trust, it is not doing anything useful for the planet, so then its creative possibility for POSITIVE USE is “decaying” in real time while it sits there doing nothing.

Now that you are getting the hang of it —

Consider the words “just” and “justice”, realizing these very words were given to us to use by our enslavers.

These words indicate decay, because of the “ust” sound being cast.

Justice (in our world) is the continuous decay of our freedom, simply because “to bring someone to Justice”, usually ends in incarceration. We now have MORE PEOPLE in jail in the United States of Corporate America than every other country of the world put together! We don’t need Justice/Incarceration; we need BALANCE.

So we can see that we certainly have lots of “Justice” going on in America; however, we also have less and less people who are free. If the truth were really faced and dealt with – we would be appalled to know that millions of millions of young adults have been incarcerated for holding a “plant” in their hands. Maybe we should be casting a different “spelling” into the ether to achieve a better result.

Remember, that our language was given to literally entrap us by those who think they OWN us.

Isn’t it interesting that the head of the Supreme Court in Corporate America, is called the “Chief Justice”, or more correctly, the chief reason for all the vicious decay happening in America.

So to repeat then — what we really want to do is not bring people into Justice, but instead bring them into oneness, or into unity, or into love. If we cast these “spellings” all the time, then we as a group will create far better results for both ourselves and our world. But we would need to know which words to use and how to use them properly.

Now consider these words:


These words indicate something missing or lacking

Frost is the lack of warmth
-Lost is the lack of direction
-Cost is the lack of knowledge (as in: not knowing the truth really cost him dearly)

So the “ost” sound indicates lack. (With me so far?)

For comparison, We have these two words which look similar but sound different than cost and lost.


But notice that these words, even though “spelled” the same, don’t sound the same as frost and lost, why not? Who decided that “host” and “lost” should not rhyme, or have the same sacred sound? This is not accidental. There are no accidents.

Here you have two magic “spellings” that have similar geometry, “ost”, but they sound differently. So it stands to reason that in certain magic spell-ings, it was determined by the enslavers that you need to place a slightly different sound onto the very same geometry, to get a “slightly” different desired effect in the creative vibration that it would then manifest by the person using that spelling.

The most important thing you can know from all of this however, is that BOTH sound and vibration, projected into the ethers, are creative in different ways. So please be careful of the words that you use, because each word “spell” casts a very different vibration! What you need to know is that sound and vibration are all part of the magical creation of our planetary “reality” which I am going to say is A MAGNETIC HOLOGRAM! This will be explained in deeper detail as we move along.

The work of the now very Famous Japanese Scientist who recently passed away – Masaru Emoto, was invaluable in showing us the deep truth that word vibration actually affecting living things and living tissue on a microscopic level. He took pictures of frozen water crystals “after talking to them” and found that those tiny molecules of water that were spoken to lovingly were exceedingly beautiful, and those water molecules which were hated and verbally abused, were totally ugly and dis formed!

Here is a link to his website, complete with pictures!

h ttp://

Finally, this should truly help you to understand that reality IS ALWAYS CHANGEABLE! Right in front of us, the words that we are casting, as proved beyond any doubt by Emoto’s scientific research, are actually CREATING CHANGES IN REALITY!

By the very words we speak daily, we cast vibrational changes into the fabric of the magnetic hologram, which will then reflect changes in the REALITY that we are seeing.

Casting “spellings” are actually using magic powers! Which is why the spoken word is always used in occult magic spells in the first place.

Now let’s go back to “ust”. What about “bust”?

If you “bust” something, it’s broken. Then it can decay. But lately, a women’s ******* have also come to be labeled “her bust.” Do you think this was accidental?

If the NWO intends to get rid of the divine feminine as a part of their over-all take over the world agenda, then her ******* (as a sacred symbol) would need to get “busted”, in order to “supernaturally” get rid of the symbol of femininity within the construct, so these days, ******* have suddenly became known as busts in common or slang vernacular.

In this way, magically, the symbol of her femininity gets broken, by casting a serious “spell” of DECAY at them.

Behind all of these machinations of “world control” are dark magicians who really do understand the OCCULT and HIDDEN knowledge of both frequency and vibration! It is they who cast a dark “spelling” on all females by putting a new slang word into our vocabulary, so that we are then using that word for her *******. “Bust” both indicates and creates “decay” due to the “ust” sound.

How many women especially in the US (where this word is very prevalent) are now experiencing breast cancer?

And, most probably, many of them refer to their ******* as busts.

(They should simply say breast instead.)

Now, before I get ANY PROTESTS about how this could happen, (inserting a new slang word into our vocabulary) just know that these master magicians have huge amounts of the population of our world ALREADY under mind control. Doing something like this is far easier than you think. Adding a new slang term into the mass consciousness for them is actually quite easy. It’s as easy as a corny TV show in prime time. Or, a popular radio show on the long drive home, or a large road side advertising sign in just the right place to change how we as a group think.

Also notice that those who call themselves the elites – always use different words than the ones “the commoners” are TAUGHT to use.

They pride themselves on their far more expanded vocabulary. But is it just pride, OR, are they avoiding using certain words that they know are only for “the commoners” to use?

Finally, let’s stay with “ust” and look at one more word – dust.

Here again, “ust” is used to indicate decay. Dust is “decayed matter” in micro-particles.

In the Catholic Church, during their long holiday called “lent”, which in and of itself is an intere
Source from link above as given.
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Is It Insulting To Find A Tear Of The Torn Sided Fine, I'm Fine, **** Son, He Said He Is Fine... Is It? Is It Really Fine To Be So Kind As To Look Endlessly For The Truer Shine Of Ones Kine?

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Before The Cart As It Was Said On A Wednesday Clay Shaped Self As The Potter Fell Over From A Heart Attack Just By The Mention Of My **** Name.

Was It This Simple Setting To Round In The Tails Tucked And ******, So Sad The Signs Were Of Mine Own Hand In The Mixed Bag Of Tricks All To Call The Summons A Court So Full Of Our Truths And Burdens And Labors Of Love And Hate, So Late This Judgement Of Set Aside The Ritual Tribes Dance To Call In The Rain, Only , As If, To Walk In The Birth Of A Giants Framed Hunch Back To Back And Caned By Cains Marked Hand.

To You This Might Seem A Tale So Riddled In Riddles A Rippling Crass Shaven ***, A Holler In Yonder Holler Or That Of A Dieing Mans Need To Cast Blame In The Way To Say, How Were We Ever Insane To Think On A Moments Notice Again That Shove To The Edge Of Wonder And Fulfillment Did He Dare To Craft A Sinking Ships Last Gasp, Or Were It A Was Not Of Lifted Simpleton And Worries Nots, To Blur The Feelings We All Seem To Hang Close To Our Hearts As To Say In A Screaming Tones Silent As Dogs Whimpers Oh , For Gods Sake , Forget Me Not...

The Cast Of Unwitting Jerry Cans Half Empty From The Storm Troopers Gaze, They The False And Amazed Wonders Of The Free World To Tempt Your Massive Thought And Considerations And Brain Power Looking Eye To Eye Through These Cell Phone Towers Of Joyous Tizzy And Spinning A Dice Of Little Means To A Giving.
What Does One Find? A Mere Chance To Work This Entire Poem And Line Into A Trout Of Creek Feed Leisure Time?

Or Is It Ones Worth To Graft The Strangest Brew In The Me And You, For All Time, Due To The Constraints Of The Time, Time And Half A Time Notion For Us To Hang This Heart Of Mine On.

I Do Declare, That In A Star Upon My Wishing Fest'iva And Nova In The Go No And No Doze Moments In Clear And Unfettered Satiation In Full Regalia A Black Mass So Fryer Tuck That You Can Not Star Too Long For The Sake Of The Pornographic Nature Of Thier Thrusting Fuckery In The Tupperware Tasted Cakes And Lemonaded Hast To Widen The Soul Of A Young Generations Boats They Care To Float , Yet To Prison My Dear Captain For The Sense Of Revenge Is Upon The Shoulders Of Those So Bewildered And Lost As To Find Sovereign Thought One Un-steal Able And Last We Could Count, One Above And Beyond The Coat You Brought To Warm Your Bones In Cigar Shaped Houses Floating Not Thine Boat With Stolen Blood Soaked And Still Depending On The Boys Heart Well To Wish Your Sudden Captivity In Audience And Nature To Stroke A Hearts Choke, For I The Warden And The Boastful  **** To Say, Oh Dear Friend They Think This Turn About Fair In Play Is Nothing But A Hopeful And Sick Joke...
Wisen This And That Cat Of Their Lost Abundance In Hate Filled Crafting Law And Law Out Has Your Trust Of Ever Kept Wasteful Play Dates Upon The Bare Backs Of Us And Our Children , Oh No , No, They Will Surly Not Take Your Announcement Of True Give A **** And Care In Such A Wondrously Deep Falling Hazy Gaze, No, They Are The Turds They Are About To **** Upon The Very Day They Proclaimed For Pigs To Never Fly.
Has This Been Lost In The Translation Of Brilliant Minds Eye To The Worded Version Of The By And By The Way, This Is Our **** House And We Are Now Here To Play The Hail Mary Of The **** Day, Or Was It That We Were To Gateraid The Bench Warmers And Arm Chair The Play By Play, All **** And Hands Out Of Reach, To Breach The Wealth Of Those So Ready To Cast Us A Lot Of Heart Ache And Diverse Diversions Of Race Hate And War Upon Every Shore?
I Say, Stand And Be Brilliant Whether They Can Understand A ******* Word You Say, For Truly It Is Only The Call To The Right And The Left, For They Left Us In Harms Way Day After Day, That Is Till Today, For You Are My Brother And My Sister, And On This What Do You Have To Say?
I Say, Take The Power Back My ***, We Are The Power And Its Planted State Of Non Affair In Foreign Affairs To The Truth Be This Our Back Yard Is Our Forward Guard And Today Is The Day We Defend The Whistles And Blowers Of The Stated Truth Among The Liars And Thieves, For If We Dare Not To Defend These True Human Beings, Then Whom Will Find The Basket To Round The Ends Of The Pews Of The Needed Death Total In The Burial Of Not Their Own Corpse But The Nature Of A Word And Its Meaning, For Freedom Will Then Be A Marketable Stock Traded And Made You A Trader On The Gold And Bar None, Son, We Will Have Lost In Every Single Sum.

So ? What Shall We Say On The Day, After Today, Is It Called To My Marrow, A Bone To Pick Or It Be Said, My Love And My Grace Held High And Loud In This Place, For Tomorrow Is Ours In Every Way And Let The Truth Ring Of Loves Grace And Abundance Was Set Free In The Hearts Of All Mankind, For Ours Is The Ever After And None Shall Steal What Resides In Our Hearts,

None Apart From The Part As A Whole, And None A Hole For The Whole To Find Reason Nor Scored Cause To Abhor The Truth Of Ones Core Who Longs At All Cost To Be Free. If I Must Choose Freedom Or Peace, I Choose Freedom At The Very Cost Of Peace, For If Peace Is Without Freedom, Then Whose Peace Is It You Speak And Whose Freedom Did That Peace Cost Them?  As The Obvious Price For The Few To Enjoy A Peace Where The Masses Are Far From At Peace Nor Are That In Any Way Free.
Seems this is relevant to us all, is it not..?..

meli Sandé - Read All About It (pt III) [Lyrics On Screen]
As it were,

Were we ever as?

As happy,

In all things we were?

Were we ever to recall,

a time for us to play in the feilds of memories grand in scope and adventure?

Were we ever too engulfed,

Enwrapped in ourselves that we lost the venture  to bend,

and not break?

Can we as people truly grant ourselves a place to play,

a place to behave,

a place to render the us into a oneness of nothing ,

a nothing without one another?

Were it a way,

a mother may i?

a red rover to send a better half right over?

were we in ourselves ever,

that lucky clover?

To be found and wished upon in a moments notice,

of embraced grace,

as to for a mere chance,

a thought in flight so foolish in its romance,

were we ever to dare to be or capable in a slight of hand,

someones lucky, lucky place to be?

I dont know about you, but for me,

that place i have graced all but the simplest of fools as me.

one of a kind, yes, i am indeed,

that one  of a kind that i failed to grace such a safe and wonderful place to be.

Interesting, how we seem to do this to ourselves.

yet i find that in this moment of sad and comforting of pains, a truth,

that you and so many others have been held higher and precious more often than the me of myself.

I can only guess that this is a finding that many of us find of ourselves.

And this, i find a far better thing than a sadness could ever bring.

For if you know what it is that i mean,

then dear friend you too, are truly important to me, and the best part of being human it seems.

here is to not being at the top of those wonderful things, as safe play grounds of our souls highest branch, and a place of beauty truly indeed be such a silly little tree.

For to me, is such a place i find the you in me.
Defeating a long deep sadness is never all that easy, but when we truly care to look, we do find, something worth remembering and recalling in that place indeed.
Delivered home from the hospital at birth in my mothers Galaxie 500. and from there my life was set to be a strange trip indeed.
Blind Melon - Soup ~Full Album~
Scarlett Johansson - Falling Down (Official Music Video)
h ttps://
lllMine Toothless Craftlll

Hope it helps, for it did help me.
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Revenge [ with lyrics ]


How is it,

That such a thing,


Is so self preserving?


Time will tell ,

If at all possible,

Time will tell a lurid story of the truest war against absolute ends and the means of iGNORANCE to stay alive while it all dies.


Time will tell,

If at all possible,

That we win this struggle against the means of iGNORANCE and life return to the very core of us all and we,

Return to what we know as true,

as a child's heart is and of,

Health and wealth of life its self.

May we be fruitful in our endeavors to live and the world thrive ,


In love,

With our lives and the lives of us all.
So On And So Forth In To Add Nos I Am.
Oct 2015 · 222
How is it,

That such a thing,


Is so self preserving?


Time will tell ,

If at all possible,

Time will tell a lurid story of the truest war against absolute ends and the means of iGNORANCE to stay alive while it all dies.


Time will tell,

If at all possible,

That we win this struggle against the means of iGNORANCE and life return to the very core of us all and we,

Return to what we know as true,

as a child's heart is and of,

Health and wealth of life its self.

May we be fruitful in our endeavors to live and the world thrive ,


In love,

With our lives and the lives of us all.
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Revenge [ with lyrics ]
wifi is literally the radio wave r.a.d.a.r. like sonar or ultrasound but super computer crunching the data to visual rendered interpretations of digital information like laser 3d imaging real time full spectrum 3d environment video rendered in some cases, and others tiny tiny pin head mic and cams, but wifi via modems, devices tablets and cell with land line and cell tower , then you see the full saturation of the principalities of the air. and yes. it is that all seeing. and then infuse the social media, digital records of criminal, medical, military, scholastic, employment, financial, political emails, all forms of communications even snail mail, news agencies, all world wide data transfers, all audio systems even car stereos, home entertainment and appliances have secretly been incorporating the circuits that can be used via wire less signal to act as data points even microphones like a speaker is a mic just huge, and a temp sensor and many sensor actually function in many other useful ways, this is not uncommon, sort of like how an butter knife becomes a Flathead ***** driver when in need. your tv, refrigerator, sound system, even light bulbs of the cfl pigtail sort have been claimed to act as data gathering point, but the scary stuff in not just that you can be seen in full move around with the target 360 and 3d is that many devices transit data or harmonic frequencies into your home even when you have zero internet or c able even electricity, just take note of your wifi lists of neighbors, then realize many do not transmit their identity to be seen, and all these sensors and outright cameras and mics do not alert or announce that they can be accessed by internet of many, many common devices and these frequencies can do a hell of a lot of scary things to living conscious biological tissue, like make you sick, or even change emotions and states of comfort or discomfort, like cause you to feel pain in the back and gut, ( most common side effect and a sign of its use) simply search elf wifi cell towers and mind control, sound manipulation, sound that you can not hear you still interpret and even sound can cause you to see different colors and never hear it. so go figure and let the mind wonder and you have still not hit the horrors of this techs use, try the assault and made to forget, or the hypnotic induced trance via wave length in wifi and not recall events of bad things and even loose time some small like 5 10 minutes others loose days or hours. we have, a lot and well, this might help folks realize the power that these things have and just think if bad people in groups decide to use it.
cool, just call me , we are juggling our sanity and the days like paper lanterns on rivers being used as paper weights for a days wages never paid,

and the walking dogs have all their leashes in a knot, but do not fret, I got this thing on a bet and a prayer,

with some help from good friends and one heck of a pinch hitter,
who brings the cows home on the bases loaded and the football bat is all out of whack and did it with a whiffle balled mad  hatter.  

as we are all a tasted disquieted and alarmed silently outloud of the load of horse **** and bravado  of the slightly deranged considerations to any being ******* the dead for their secrets ,

so yeah. But with our werewoof feet , Mohawk eyebrows in the alias mode of method of obfuscation uni-brows and mustaches, cause lets face it, with such stage as to fain the rain of a stain,

we need to rewind the kine and uncage the page of line after line of sweet *** whine, wine and more time blaze all the rage when beards don't do the trick in landing the babe with the need for a tree of good root and a wild spine eyed fool all hillbilly and too schooled in the dark arts of **** knuckling bad ways and stays into a gifted consorted construct while she sigh the not so **** shy, yes dizzy and high, and say, oh ****, who whoulda thought,

,, still I thought you would have been bigger,, like road house in the dancing days of rolling thunder and pouring blames mane all to educate mine eyes and teeth as to what is real to eat and all that is plastic fruit looking all to bitter sweet,  

including all the critters of varied skill, poise and swinging lawn mower blades like, biscuits and mustard, pathfinder style, calculator not needed but ****** is optional, and never forget the nuts that bolt all us fools into a clustered fuckery all betty crocker and country **** legs spread , I can't believe it's not butter said in the voice of Otis Redding ,

Signs of that sweet smile and of **** some body going to get a ******* tonight look in them eyes as they tool away and hint to my silly day and keep me on point like the six tossing a bloodhound a big round steak of shhhh, we are hunting rabbits here,

never mine us six foot white rabbit all werewoofed and donnie darkoed in our get the show on gear, lol, but ****, all that in such awesome packages as the friends and things in my head, all keeping me fueled in the art of war on the undead.

now this my friend is a day in the life of the It Squad, and we hit the **** like you cant quit the **** sqaud, so have a coke and a smile, laugh a while, we got this ****. ;-)  

What, I'm just shakin a spear at a bad bacon boy all francis nancy like... so funk yo skunk up son.

oh, da boy got the lo hold on the roll Soul, ****, son, swing lo sweet chariot, commin for to carry me no mo alone and in a **** good tone with a nice private home to give the good dog a bone.

So, yeah, weak like a good weeks hard glazy nights, all sir and silly, but you cant call me a lil *** ***** with my good hillbilly goofy eyed and swilly, Mooooon Shine on me .

Say love son, Yah to the Jah , Alma. cause you got tha soul sols, and if ya don't get this, then you don't have it. but we workin on that, right?
The Black Keys- Howlin' for you (Lyrics);=87&list;=PL1X51wyhBF79WF5k6CXQ86Rocxv3E9UCP

from playlist,,  
***yeah, weak and okay with my weak.
h ttps://
The Trust is the Work, the Safe Thought Form a stable Construct,
a Safe Land of leading untamed horses innocent Brave and her will to ,
A maze so kind and effortless in its unfolding trap ridding,
rat catching, soul nursing.
What a Place for one to find a mind to construct in loving labor and toiling to offer the glass reflective, two and more can exist and all be real, right and true in their self none an insult to each, yet redefined the definition of what we place and taste of and into the world through the things we except and effect for and for others through the self and our responsible creations. and no snake river canyon  today, but a huff and a puff a dark horse did bluff and ***** to cluster a holds barred and loves scars so beautiful and ever changing in its radiance and blazing brilliance of smarts , so pains to comfort the tang of the moon landing so true and without *******, lets love the creations we make and show our loves that we indeed do hear them truly, just not so much the pained ego, but the breath of spirit caressing the soul in need and loving sight so honest and right. never shall I judge your tasks so diligence, for mine are a dangerous sort to build yet a place and ease of pace for her true swings of wild,
for the work that makes it all worth working for.

Say Love  YHVH  Alma
Work To Make It Work Lyrics

from Pressure Drop
"Work To Make It Work" is track #1 on the album Pressure Drop. It was written by Palmer, Robert.

Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve it
Push it along

It's all there for you to feel it
Help your self to one that you can't deal with
Ain't no way that you could steal it
You misunderstand if you get greedy, ah push

Work, work, work to make it work push it along
Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

Don't confine your dreams to bed
You'll get scared if you get lazy
If you can't take enough to satisfy yourself
Then you'll go crazy

Won't do no good thinking, you got to do it
So it don't come easy the first time
Practice makes perfect, you know that I'll try hard
Use it or lose it, you got to put your heart and soul into it, yeah

Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

It's all there for you to feel it
Help your self to one that you can't deal with
Ain't no way that you could steal it
You misunderstand if you get greedy forget wishful thinking

You can do it, you just need a push to make a start
If you don't succeed the first time
Try and try again, use it or lose it
You got to put your back into it

Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve

Work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to move it
Push it along, work, work, work to make it work
Push it along, work, work, work if you want to improve
Is there that much of a edit , drop out, dead zone that the most important things expressed in as much in as several weeks and done so in thoughtful conclusion, seems to have gone unheard while seated or standing , moving in the same places of my home that I am heard when I rant to gather the parts and pieces and turn the churn to rid the plotted roles cast for sorrows and fill them with the rounded wheel and the circle to end back on myself where I find mine own lashings as sharp yet the truth far more palatable than the build up to the shift, change, the turn on myself and explanation of my learned lessons so as to walk one through a creepy Halloween type thing that , oh, lets admit it, I work hard at what. explaining my foolish thoughts?, or at saying what you already know, and probably find rather rehashed over and over.
Truth is, I wish I could dive into the colors of my mind and yours but, seems I am some how, allowing others wishes to dictate the outcome as I wait for them and watch the anger build , threats meander, and think I actually had a moving way of looking at it that might help someone other than my own silly ***.
Sorry. I suppose, it was a drop out time, funny, how editing seems to be a heavy instrument in this, unless I am wrong, well, not like I have ever heard or seen my own foolish self anywhere , which causes its own interesting concerns to self. ugh, lol, at least I am in a good mood and btw I may be weird, but if you are a good person, never take anything I say as directed at you, please, , for it is not, I need your stable and steady self to help me get through this whole thing, cause truth is I am alone even while being surrounded by people, and soon it will all make sense, I hope, . I truly hope so, and if not, then, well, then we are all susceptible to the events that have cast us into a relationship , one That I have come to except and even miss and despise, and even dislike letting you down, and that may seem strange, but only seems natural considering. And yes I have no issue nor need to make you happy, I just have a need to help some thing in this even if its a, do not do this, cause I am a fool, sort of help. and , well. this is sad and pathetic, and yes there are times I wish I could read or hear what I have said, cause I truly need to go over it cause I am trying to learn and remember as well as the fact, I do listen to myself and that is 90% of how I have problem solved my entire life, so, yeah, I am that pathetic, but it has really done me good. and that is all I need to worry about in that regard. but, I do give  a serious ****. and hope, that I am not so edited, because, I do cover and preface more than most might think, and well, it would be a shame if all that were cut out, cause I need it most. and it is truly very sad, sick and messed up, what has happened to myself and my wife and family even separately, and this is really not fun, and I wait politely for her to make a few more head way moments and try to keep my head on straight, while thinking I have ran out of ever being able to discern friend foe, good bad, other than the Lord helping my alone and foolish ***. if not for God it would be far worse than we could ever imagine.

But who am I kidding? it all wont matter in a thousand years, but to me it matters in a million as it does now.

Guns N' Roses - Patience lyrics

tired causes us to find comfort in our failures and our alone, sometimes so muh we secretly hope ,,, well, it is a far more true hope I have that those whom say love, and share the air i breath find as much effort as i feel,,, feel that i have put forth, however, i as all people find myself in grandiose proportions and fail to realize, that though a pat on the back is not needed, just the thought that it isnt so one sided in all of life, is that little lie i find myself leaning toward, more and more each day, why? because i am as weak as you and truthfully, far weaker than you may have ever thought, and if it wernt for my disproportionate out of balance sense of right and wrong, duty and being a good person, i would probably, ,,, i will always see failure where ever i find my name or efforts, this is just a fact, and none to be freaking out about, just a deep, pulling sad that we all have inside when we actually consider the real cost and efforts we muster up, and , well, i realize, i am not the best at anything, and apparently that was the point so others with less self worth can see that even this fool some how made it to this point by the grace of a higher power in its love, but, yeah, ridicule and well, embarrassment as well, as mockery for withstanding my own fake *** , even if my fake is due to the real horrors one runs from, well, i tell myself that, so i dont have to face the fact that i forgot yet again and feel asleep and failed to help the last people i tried to help, in fact ****** myself even worse it seems. even though it is so ******* insidious you will be hard pressed, finding a outcome that even the pin ultimate uber hero, becomes the fool and tossed in the trash as i seemed to have though myself far too offten, only to ego up and walk all about like i was fine and free, totally oblivious. and the stain of realizing my girls have been harmed and i could not ,,,, yeah. like i said. hard pressed to find a hero, that could withstand the fracturing and games. but i tried, more than once, more than this time, and at least this time, people seem to actually acknowledge that there is something strange and it is not only my crazy ***. but then again. i have done this more than i care to say, hell, you may have an idea beyond what i allow myself to except, for the pain and um, can be far too much to digest a millennia all at once. lol, no i am not sad, facts and truth do not make me sad, they liberate, but not dancing a jig, for many reasons, though **** it. I want to soon, and care not, i just hope tangible effort is also found in measure on both sides of this thing for mine, and my wife can say i measured well in effort, but i just feel like my efforts dont match my ,, her,,, any of,, well, maybe i have too high expectations of others and a low self image while tired is just seeping in. but We all have eyes that see and ears that hear, and i hope in the end that i and she can say, late start but not of the heart of the matter and the labors efforts hold measure. ,, i am a hopeless one aren't i? well, that is part of the point. you would hope and pray i do it for you if you were in her shoes and long gone and written off and used by so many , right, and if i failed to give such, it would devastate you, as it would me. cause I was long gone and far worse, but you reached out to me, to help. so, well, um, thank you, for your patience and understanding my confusions and blind voids as i tried to make sense of all that is not ever going to make sense.
Not that my opinion matters, nor does it have any bearing on the world, I am just a man trapped and far too misunderstood as to why I am attempting to do this and walk to the finish with Lo, maybe one day it will make sense, and You will see it is far harder than I imagined, but, not that things are not subject to change, I am simply doing what I can when I can, and listening , and this blind faith thing sure is blind and btw, not religious, sorry, love has no, denomination nor tax haven. right.
Oct 2015 · 294
Fooling Yourself
Ain't Done By a **** Sight 彡!!!


Fooling Yourself by Styx with lyrics;=PL1D42E84A8481F4AF&index;=6

Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man) Lyrics

from The Grand Illusion
"Fooling Yourself (the Angry Young Man)" is track #8 on the album The Grand Illusion. It was written by Shaw, Tommy.

You see the world through your cynical eyes
You're a troubled young man I can tell
You've got it all in the palm of your hand
But your hand's wet with sweat and your head needs a rest
And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it
You're killing yourself if you don't believe it

Why must you be such an angry young man
When your future looks quite bright to me
And how can there be such a sinister plan
That could hide such a lamb, such a caring young man
And you're fooling yourself if you don't believe it
You're killing yourself if you don't believe it

Get up, get back on your feet
You're the one they can't beat and you know it
Come on, let's see what you've got
Just take your best shot and don't blow it

All in the audio of our room and what was said.

but for those who could hear, here is a parting gift.
Love you all.

Carolyn Wonderland performs "Victory of Flying" on The Texas Music Scene

(thank you Carolyn Wonderland for the "keeping my head Low." and keeping Lo in the heart where she belongs.)
Carolyn Wonderland - Victory of Flying Lyrics

When I was younger I had a great hunger
Desire that yet had no name
Then I grew wings, left the branch and felt the sting
I found the nest and the ground aren't the same
I kept my head low, tried to walk with the crows
While they cut my head and took all my scratch
It no longer burdened me, thieves they had set me free
I needed lightness to stay on my path
I need lightness to stay on my path

An open wing always gathers more wind and rain
But can you live without fear of dying?
The price I've paid, and all the beds I've made
Were worth it all for the victory of flying

There was mud all around, covering all that I've found,
Mostly trash that was once someone's treasure
I built a home. When it rained it was gone
So I stretched my wings for good measure.
The pull of the sky had me dream I could fly
I would watch and learn, but I couldn't wait
So I did my part, took a running start
And dove head first into my fate
I dove head first into my fate.
Lord, help a girl who can't wait

An open wing always gathers more wind and rain
But can you live without fear of dying?
The price I've paid, and all the beds I've made
Were worth it all for the victory of flying
How much Editing ?
goes into the Audio, Video of a mans life,
Before the world would notice an oddity of human nature?

Would it be that of a tiny tadpole of an amount?

A jolly giant of a fudging that would cause for a rubbing of the eyes and a gaping of their mouth?

Would it, could it, oh dear me, should it be a thought considered before a judgement rendered or cast on a poor fellow to be a job or a lot?

Humm, me thinks it might be , no, was?, no it was not a lot of job that they sent to the door step of men they knew not...

Ahh, a relief, yes , such a relief that these things have never been the case, nor the glory to fit a portion nor word in this slot, to make his meaning more to the appetite of the plot, who's plot you ask?
Oh dear shake-spears Macbeth and some final rest in the  those leaves of grass and our silly *** as Whitman was so insistent, who or what else plot might be thought for such a play to be sought?
Aesop Rock - None Shall Pass (Official Lyrics)
h ttps://

Verse 1 (Aesop Rock)
Flash that buttery gold, jittery zeitgeist
Wither by the watering hole, water patrol
What are we, a heart huckabee, art fuckery suddenly?
Not enough young in his lung for the water wings?
Colorfully ****** poacher at a mulch like
'I'ma pull the pulse out a soldier and bolt.' (Fine)
Sign of the time we elapsed
When a primate climb up the spine and attach
Eye for an eye, by the bog's life swamps and vines
They get a rise out of frogs and flies
So when a dog fights hog-tied prize sorta costs a life
The mouths water on a fork and knife
And the allure isn't right
It's gore on a war-torn beach
Where the cash cows actually beef
Blood turns wine when I leak for police
Like 'That's not a riot, it's a feast, let's eat.'

Chorus (El-P and Aesop Rock)
And I will remember your name and face
On the day you were judged by the funhouse cast
And I will rejoice in your fall from grace
With a cane to the sky like 'None shall pass.'
None shall pass, none shall pass

Verse 2 (Aesop Rock)
Now if he never had a day a snow cone couldn't fix
he wouldn't relate to the rouge vocoder bliss
How he spoke through a no-doz, motor on the fritz
'Cause he wouldn't play roll over, fetch, like a *****
And express no regrets though he isn't worth the homeowners ****
To the jokers who pose by the glitz (Fine)
Sign of the swine and the swarm
When a king is a ***** who comply and conform
Miles outside of the eye of the storm
With a siphon to lure and a prize and award
While avoiding the vile and bizarre that is violence and war
True blue triumph is more
Like wait, let it snake up outta the centerfold
Let it break the walls of Jericho. ready? go.
Sat where the old cardboard city folks
Swap tails with heads like every other penny throw


Verse 3 (Aesop Rock)
Okay, woke to a grocery list
Goes like this: duty and death
Anyone object, come stand in the way
You can be my little Snake River Canyon today
And I ran with a chain of commands
And a jetpack strap where the backstab lands if it can. (Fine)
Sign of the vibe in the crowd
When I cut a belly open to find what climb out
What a bit of gusto he muster up
Make a dark horse rush like enough's enough
It must'a struck a nerve so they huff and puff
Till all the king's men fluster and clusterfuck
And it's a beautiful thing
To my people who keep an impressive wing span
Even when the cubicle shrink
You gotta pull up the intruder by the root of the ****
NY chew through the machine


Aesop Rock - Zero Dark Thirty
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Zero Dark Thirty Lyrics
Aesop Rock

They did not know how long they had been there (x7)

[Verse 1]
Unsigned hype
Front line aeronauts flurry
Zero dark thirty
Zero Friends minotaur-fugly stepchild
Evoke lunch jumped over plunging necklines
Up, beside tongue-tied hungry enzymes
Devolved into mothmen munching textiles
Out past go-time
Back 10 fried worms chubbier
Brown grass both sides
Canned food
Manmade tools
Lanacane, band aids, mandrake root
Bindle on a broomstick, pancaked shoes
And a handshake-proof campaign, can’t lose
Can’t gain
Smoke out moles like a force of nature
Pray fortune return to his favor
Maybe in the form of a nest egg
Maybe in the form of a tesla death ray
Or a solid gold scene with something better to celebrate
Than powder on a face like a flatfoot on jelly day
M-m-moral compass all batshit
Spinning in the shadows of immoral magnets
Are we supporting the artist or enabling the addict
I mean, I guess it matters to me
I wish it mattered to you
How a thousand virtues
Kick the same bucket like chinatown turtles

Roving packs of elusive young become
Choke-lore writers over boosted drums
In the terrifying face of a future tongue
Down down from a huntable surplus to one x5

[Verse 2]
(Check his own) Breakneck pulse
Over colors in a drain
That emote sugar skulls in the rain
Flower-eyes melting
Guided by a levee made of bath tiles, tilting
Quarter up and headed for the **** screen
No corner cut, no build team
Only a particularly menacing
Angle perpendicular to everything
Boys room cherry bomb
Boy/goon very much runnin' with the devil in the mellotron
Here’s where a tale of caution
Pounds coffin nails
To bootlegs of Hawkwind, saw tooth
Nevermind straw to gold
Spin hearts on sleeves into heads on poles
Arm in the maw
Fish out pith like a business card from a jar at the mall
A-alike androids dreaming of carbon applause
Get stuffed with cartoon cigars
Cold pack, neti-***, home to roost
Around folk backed into what they most lampoon
Shook to the fevered brow and broke ankles
Daisy, declawed pound, no thank you
Fade me
Failed all basic training
But I spent a couple groundhog days with a changeling
Silhouette, the god’s last cigarette
Anything less would be ri-god-****-diculous

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Rhinestone Cowboy
Hard to be a badass and roll the Rhinestone Cowboy tunes, but I try , I try so hard. ****.
Rick!!!   AGHHHHHH!
Oct 2015 · 689
Doors of perception
Doors of perception

Down so long;=PL1X51wyhBF793pfQijysOZqTwK2U-zrJr

Beautiful poem by Jim Morrison
h ttps://;=PL1X51wyhBF793pfQijysOZqTwK2U-zrJr&index;=31
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Effortless Electric Calm...
As a days long setting rest raises full at mid day.

Crosses of cross sections lay so effortlessly bare and without nakedness.

The trust of introspection and outward expression in the electric calm.

We begin to see the ease of the whole as one, few as it began,
to grow, to many, many more and so it has now its motion of true flow.

We, the fallen and found, the trusted frail and broken souls.

We my dear friends are the bested and tested, the wondrously curious and strengthened.

As the reed is week and the stalk does bend and break, so are we in this endeavor a bunched thatch as a fist full of stalks, flexible and strong, to bend and bow, as the arrow of truth and love is thus flung into the nights eyes.

Our intent now full of the ease and unblemished heart, we effortlessly await the wake of waves to crash as they bash the rigid stones that were cast against our tides of past pained and strained.

For the we i speak is far more than itts outset had counted, measured and touted, For the we I speak is now the multitudes of bashed and bruised, the Truest of loves and wanting of love in the Alma of our cores.

And in this I find, the simplest of things the hope all of our mothers ever had for us to be those simple people, beautiful and grand in our truest of intended designs.

Beautiful to the core with the world soon to explorer and kindness the virtue that shall never be ignored.

As the Wake of waves to begin to break, many strife may come to rest at our shores, yet for us, all , whom have stood along this edge, these pains that might come will not be ours to own, No, these will be the death throws of all the swine that have bitterly wallowed and twisted our lives and did all they could to destroy our hearts wedded beds.

The gentleness of the multitudes on this day, grace a glimpse of the Deerhearted friends I do speak, for my dear beloved people, of the purest and loving waters your souls do drink.

and in mine heart you will always have a home, here on the loveing and honorable golden shores of the very core of me, the you in me and the in between everything.
Say Love, ,, Alma...          

(P.S. Thank you Detroit for the saying "Say Love" you know who you are.)

Jill Scott "A Long Walk";=PL1X51wyhBF7-q3cJh8zRJm5aMyI5WK0be&index;=1

Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd -
h ttps://
Just a thought as I woke this late in the day, and seeing all the expressions here so gentle and effortlessly electric calm. as it should be at this very moment, amazing how you all do that. truly, I am grateful, I forever learn from you and lean on you as I do Our True Soul One, Our Creator. Thank You.
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Meesh Washta Lokka Neesh
For all my Friends, Much Love Meesh Washta Lokka Neesh ( I Love You , in Lakota Sioux, spelling a mistake ummm, yeah well thats a given for me lol,
wink emoticon
"Say Love,,, Alma..."
Paul Simon - You Can Call Me Al
A man walks down the street
He says why am I soft in the middle now
Why am I soft in the middle
The rest of my life is so hard
I need a photo-opportunity
I want a shot at redemption
Don't want to end up a cartoon
In a cartoon graveyard
Bonedigger Bonedigger
Dogs in the moonlight
Far away my well-lit door
Mr. Beerbelly Beerbelly
Get these mutts away from me
You know I don't find this stuff amusing anymore

If you'll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al

A man walks down the street
He says why am I short of attention
Got a short little span of attention
And way are my nights are so long
Where's my wife and family
What if I die here
Who'll be my role-model
Now that my role-model is
Gone Gone
He ducked back down the alley
With some roly-poly little bat-faced girl
All along along
There were incidents and accidents
There were hints and allegations

If you'll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al
Call me Al

A man walks down the street
It's a street in a strange world
Maybe it's the Third World
Maybe it's his first time around
He doesn't speak the language
He holds no currency
He is a foreign man
He is surrounded by the sound
The sound
Cattle in the marketplace
Scatterlings and orphanages
He looks around, around
He sees angels in the architecture
Spinning in infinity
He says Amen! and Hallelujah!

If you'll be my bodyguard
I can be your long lost pal
I can call you Betty
And Betty when you call me
You can call me Al
Call me Al
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The Difference.
The Difference in those who are charged and graced the authority of the people and the city and states to defend the weak, protect the innocent , serve and protect and even enforce the Just laws that are n the books, with descretion  are this, Any officer that harms and abuses the power vested into them is truly a PIG yet, let this not be confused with the True Blue, The officers that truly protect and follow the very same laws that they enforce, these my Friends are L.E.O.'s and yes very much Lions of the Good and True heart.
So let us not find fault in the Good hearted men and women that are fighting the PIG's whom have not only abused and harmed the very innocent and perceived guilty and have caused grave crimes that are in measure of hell its self but they have caused the same harm on the very men and women that serve faithfully whom are LEOs and dare not think that these good LEOs and their families have not had the same crimes done unto them or their families, for surly they have some where at some time and probably worse. So remember I support the True Blue LEO's and their Families, and back them as they take down the PIG's that have ***** and pillaged the very people that bestowed the authority they abuse.

PIGs in Zen  Lyrics Below.
For all of us whom have been victims and for all the LEO's whom have had to battle the pigs  here is:

"Pig's In Zen" is track #5 on the album Nothing's Shocking. It was written by Avery, Eric Adam / Perkins, Stephen / Navarro, David / Farrell, Perry.

Get up yeah, yeah, yeah

Pig is in the mud, when he tires
Pig's in Zen, pig's in Zen
Pig in ****, unashamed
Pig's in Zen, a pig's in Zen

I'm talkin' bout the pig, the pig
The pig, uh, pa-pa-pa-pa-pig, oh, yeah
The ******* pig, let's go

Pig mounts sow when he's wound
Pig's in Zen, pig's in Zen
Pig eats **** only when he hungers
Pig's in Zen, I know the pig's in Zen

I'm talkin' bout the pig, the pig
The pig, uh, pa-pa-pa-pa-pig, oh, yeah
The ******* pig, let's go

I say
Blow away
Take off

Yes, so roses are red I made up the rest
If you got some big ******* secret
Then why don't you sing me somethin'

I'm in the midst of a trauma
Leave a message, I'll call you back
Leave it by the bed

Some people should die
That's just unconscious knowledge
Because, because the bigger you get
The wider you spread

You gotta depend on me
Now your vision is dead
The more your dream is dead

Vision's, take yourself from my eyes
Like an eagle's claw me, me, me, ma-ma-ma-ma-me

I and mine are far from the only victims.
of h ttps://

"Fire Down Below" is track #10 on the album Greatest Hits, Vol. 2.
Here comes old Rosie she's looking mighty fine
Here comes hot Nancy she's steppin' right on time
There go the street lights bringin on the night
Here come the men faces hidden from the light
All through the shadows they come and they go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below

Here comes the rich man in his big long limousine
Here comes the poor man all you got to have is green
Here comes the banker and the lawyer and the cop
One thing for certain it ain't never gonna stop
When it all gets too heavy
That's when they come and go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below

It happens out in vegas happens in moline
On the blue blood streets of boston
Up in berkeley and out in queens
And it went on yesterday and it's going on tonight
Somewhere there's somebody ain't treatin' somebody right

And he's looking out for rosie and she's looking mighty fine
And he's walking the streets for nancy
And he'll find her everytime
When the street light flicker bringing on the night
Well they'll be slipping into darkness slipping out of sight
All through the midnight
Watch 'em come and watch 'em go
With only one thing in common
They got the fire down below
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Addendum too the DOA Games,
Well it is like this, NOT ALL LEOS are evolved. just things that seem to be acting like it, or are rogue? seems prison is a threat left for all us who suffer.
We just had a very scary and not very safe event. we went to a location with no cell service, no electricity and way out in the sticks, spent all our money to do this last effort to get away from harassment and prying eyes and far far more, ( extreme ) and we arrive to have two planes grid searching and them both doing a low slow over our vehicale and 30 minutes later atv's are heard closing in from all directions, and then dismounted personnel so close all around us it was obvious it was to surround us. we then exited the location to find a message on the road where we arrived that was fresh and not there on arrival, that read "DOA" dead on Arrival!. Listen, we do not feel safe period. we can only imagine whom or which group is to have all these assets and tell the truth, surveillance equipment to be watching us for ten years, as well as commit serious offenses that are beyond moral and ethical as well as legal. i am sure you can imagine whom it might be. so we are truly at a loss for what to do, i have attempted to alert via the people whom watch the video and audio feed that comment on the net, so we have zero options and calling the law is ummmmmmm yeah, sure great idea, even though it was lead to be believed that the law enforcement were the good guys, but we have come to realize this is far from the confirm able truth for the assets and well, lack of  security and the number of online idle and none specific threats..
When it is paramount to notice the drifting difference in the rolling motions of inter waving play, sway, reflection, aggression, submission, stated and grated and even for some hated notions that rise and fall in elegant natural processions and utter earth shattering confessions to the silent parts of our deepest souls.

All to save a settled seas difference to be in the core of those who care to stand on those dangerously wild and mine riddled shores just to hold out ones hand and make the final stand while whistling to the blinded battle scared of souls found of no true home.

A home to be sounded and declared and decorated in the hearts of few, and the depths of the souls saved by ways and means , far meaner than the average clutching to slipping discontents, yet these, few, wild, born to scold the desperate hatefill hollows shadowed in lies of fear and the deep pitch, we, we few, we will walk out of the horrors of your nights and days so riddled with the words and deeds the waving beguilements and entitlements, to raise and be counted as true ink stains in the book of whales hearts that sing the lifes names listed and to be know far after the assundered thunder of the timidly frail fail to send the lightening to their created timeless hell.

Fairly and well sprung I say, you have broken what you know not of and few will attain the right and grace of the fortitude and true pride of the lions roaming stone so diamond in the rough , so to be called out , uttered from the mouths of men who stood when they say, "This Soul Is Enough, So shall I Believe it to be in my heart they remain forever and always in my heart and a true, true part of the living God. " few, few, few shall ever hear their names called out, without a doubt.

To fail to see the depth of the walking dance and truth of the agitations advanced line to see the right and the way free, free of the bonds placed by error and mistakes of others horrors and fears they be, then you my deerhearted have little time, yet timeless is my love and prayer for you to find the importance of the gift so many seem to fail to see.

But isn't that just as a parable be?

But isn't that how strange and twisted the vine and the way out seemed only to be as straight line shot to the heart, your to blame you gave love a bad name, and thus, may you finally see, what you have done to me, that i can only pray that your heart be true enough for you to not loose your way.

and so I say, fairly, deerhearted and not, good day, indeed good day, hope we all, or few can find our way, and not be so quick to break the beautiful things along the way.

for I may never show what is fleeting in motion and moment again.

Much Love to those whom know who they are, as for the rest, I pray we have not all failed and doomed it from the start, for hell is a creation not of the heart, but of all that eatith of it and tears it apart.

May your heart be that of a feather. laugh now alligator.

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Scar Tissue Lyrics
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The Offspring - The Kids Aren't Alright (Lyrics)
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Red Hot Chili Peppers- Soul to Squeeze with lyrics
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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Tell Me Baby (Lyrics)
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Niravna-All Apologies (lyrics)
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Bob Seager Understanding
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"Higher Ground" - Red Hot Chili Peppers Lyrics
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kid rock only god knows why lyrics
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Ride On AC/DC Lyrics
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How to save a life, lost to so many on one faithful night.

Few will understand the utter beauty and truth of such elegant and truly epic efforts and relief that is close at hand for those brave souls willing to stand by those dangerous shores. I say, stand, good souls, stand by that shore and be moved to depart by no man.

For no matter the outcome, we all can help remove the stains and take some of the dirt from another and offer a  personal redemption whos value is not for a soul to question yet rather except without need of reflection, for all our windows are indeed filthy, and none innocent nor devoid of blemish, so, who shall toll the bell and declare whom of wealth worthy of an escape in such a wicked and twisted place as the state in which we allow our children and own lost souls to breath? I say, speak up, and be counted you who have this authority, for we are all in dier need to contribute to your fraternity so bold and true as to care to stand too and attempt the horrors of saving a life or two. For none  have a place in mine heart save the bold and faithful few whom withstand the pounding waves of the torments and crimes of anothers shores where their lost homeless souls have been laid to waste. these are the truth of men and for their fortitude it is self evident, none shall be moved from course nor purpose by shadow nor man. Stand true , stand long, stand strong and grace the truth of real right and wrong. forever grateful, i am Nobody, and Nobody Loves Noone and Lo is no one she is now a zero, absent of my blame as I have said, thus clear in my heart and in my heart she shall forever have a home.
no matter where i may roam.   Signed The Man In The Moon.
Flobots - Handlebars

I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars, no handlebars
I can ride my bike with no handlebars
No handlebars, no handlebars

[Verse One]
Look at me, look at me
Hands in the air like it's good to be
Alive, and I'm a famous rapper
Even when the paths are all crooked-y
I can show you how to dosey-doe
I can show you how to scratch a record
I can take apart the remote control
And I can almost put it back together
I can tie a knot in a cherry stem
I can tell you about Leif Ericson
I know all the words to "De Colores"
And I'm proud to be an American
Me and my friends saw a platypus
Me and my friend made a comic book
And guess how long it took
I can do anything that I want, cause look

[Hook One]
I can keep rhythm with no metronome
No metronome, no metronome
And I can see your face on the telephone
On the telephone, on the telephone

[Verse Two]
Look at me, look at me
Just called to say that it's good to be
Alive, in such a small world
I'm all curled up with a book to read
I can make money, open up a thrift store
I can make a living off a magazine
I can design an engine
64 miles to a gallon of gasoline
I can make new antibiotics
I can make computers survive aquatic, conditions
I know how to run the business
And I can make YOU wanna buy a product
Movers shakers and producers
Me and my friends understand the future
I see the strings that control the systems
I can do anything with no assistance, cause

[Hook Two]
I can lead a nation with a microphone
With a microphone, with a microphone
And I can split the atoms of a molecule
Of a molecule, of a molecule

{musical trumpet interlude}

[Verse Three]
Look at me, look at me
Driving and I won't stop!
And it feels so good
To be alive and on top!
My reach, is global, my tower, secure
My cause, is noble, my power, is pure
I can hand out a million vaccinations
Or let 'em all die in exasperation
Have all healed from their lacerations
Or have 'em all killed by assassinations
I can make anybody go to prison
Just because I don't like 'em~!
And I can do anything with no permission
I have it all under my command because

[Hook Three]
I can guide a missile by satellite
By satellite, by satellite
And I can hit a target through a telescope
Through a telescope, through a telescope
And I can end the planet in a holocaust
In a holocaust, in a holocaust
In a holocaust, in a holocaust, in a holocausssssssssssst!
What? is it just me, or does it seem a tad rediculous for anyone to feel that some hillbilly in the boonies of the Ozarks  could have any impact on current events without it being part of some contrived and well funded oiled machine in the works for **** near as i can count, 7 generations? hum, before you knee **** that question and give too much credit to the wisdom of the well educated and wise masses from which this hillbilly also comes, consider the validity of the song lyrics, cause I think they are hilariously dead on target for how i even feel about much of this  whole "walk the line and fool wonderer and the kings falling and devil is down with the jesus plan to rant and rave over the last choice awards and why the devils cape was not mentioned in best rested and dressed in the fussy *** in a pink speedo contest" and all the folks all hanging on my every anything to cause me to either die or except the crown and have my head all rolling around leaking valuable property from my skid lid and brain basket, as these folks  have this undieing push and obsessive compulsive desire to ensure that I do this or that, fall all about and decide to die for something that is not my cup of moonshine in the first place, see, the throne, guillotine, ditch nor the twitchy witchy all  voodoo dolled and heaving pins and past life piles of **** and switches for seeing the simple minded boys stupid *** stitches and un-bulging britches full of jumping jack flash and his farting *** gas gas gas, wiley and wicked in its loony tunes and fantasy plundering of the  kindest yet foolishly  loving but stupid is as slow  was and spelling of course he does not do well while wondering ways of the ***** wonka wobbling hazy glazed  swayze miffed manifested bedazzled jewel of the walking dead infested head is none of my dream nor a way to make nor enjoy a living, see die'in aint a very healthy way of making a living, but of course we all do a lot of things unhealthy and we are all die'iin from this or that. however, still, not anything that bugs my britches to stomp all "hell yeah lets do this shjit!" and them rebel yell the redneck anthem " Hey Ya'll watch this!" um, NO, not my idea of brilliance on display at the barn yard hootenanny for bis-kits and bacon strapped *** rashes and sckoobie snacks, nor do io see it as a fun good time thing to go doing. but then again, what do i know, well, other than riding a bike all no hands ma as i bust my face and chip my teeth, oh yeah that happened, when i was all of , wait for it, wait for it, "6 years old" or some **** like that. lol.
AC DC Ride On
Listed bookmarks of old, and baited non-benifit of the doubters.

A kind rewinded word of advice heard, pattern of choices and actions made a bested resounding thunderous sound,
near then , how come the doubters tested and warned to the trap not come, where graced benefit of the doubt be a stated consideration on that very **** day?

To the impact indicators blinking a sudden turn of the coat or is it the tail wagged the dog in the fog of a psychological electronic war that must be raging in the minds of the internet cheerful happy people as not it has in the walk and mind of mine, for i laid bare so as to share the scare i knew to find , and thus almost lost it all , wit correction, but you cast a guilt-ed hazy trash to one more that willing to best you and test you for the proven faith and trust he already gave, oh wait, or was that simply entertainment for the view of you ?  so, um, sit down, you could have listened to me and gave benefit of the doubt, or did you forget what all this is truly all about? saving those whom have and  are being manipulated into utter turmoil and death by these blood sport  games in these windows... remember there "friend"?  or is it ol craig and his lists are totally as bad off as little ol me, for shurly you see, that even she is free to some degree and will as i have walked all through , forgiven, yet my dear friend, do you think such grace for me? considering,most forget why the hell we have been doing all this and i walked you all through such ******* things... oh, sorry, i am sure you were getting around to that human trafficking thing, right? well, at least there are good people doing that as we speak, and for them we are grateful, are you?
Oh and no i am not mad nor upset, just disappointed, i always tell you what is coming and to choose. and still i harm you not even if it harm me.

The Unforgiven I,II and III - Metallica - (LYRICS)
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