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Riany Feb 1
is kind of the day;
to finally convey
that I am turning twenty.

Today is kind of the day;
to boldly say
that I’m gonna stop being a cry little baby,
by start waking up early
or alleviate a constant-state of being lazy?

In your twenty,
you gotta learn to grind harder with yourself to earn money;
evolving as an endless seeker for stability - relentlessly
or is that just for the sake of security?

People opinion just sometimes makes you undeniably dizzy
worse even when you start questioning your overall quality;
Good news is I have no time for self-pity
Learn to know your worth and value authenticity.
though surrounded by mindless cruelty;
like-minded even society, monochromatic-cycle of liberty.
When it’s okay to embrace vulnerability,
especially when you get hit by inner-voice full of insecurity.


Your twenty is not supposed to be easy
But indeed, your twenty
is ought to be your life-time journey,
we live a life in an infinite level of possibility
that’s why I have a strong need for self-discovery
Because it is me and only me, have total control against my life story

— The End —