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1.6k · Jul 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
He said she was "she"
He said he loves "she"
He said he adores "she"

She says he was "he"
She says she loves "he"
She says she adores "he"

But why does she says
and he said?
Is she really "she"
and he is really "he?"

She and he were bounded by a red string
She and he were fated with lingering
attachments to a "he" and "she"
really, they were meant to be

Bounded by fate and destiny
That...they can see
a knot of friendship
only "them" can unleash

Bounded by fate and destiny
not by love and intimacy
but by morale and respect,
and friendship so unwrecked
1.1k · Jun 2018
Dear BFFs
Rhoni Marjonelle Jun 2018
Fight is light
A sight that’s bright
The reason why we didn’t even try
To freely fly from the jail of lie

Bad is good, good is bad, it’s true, though it can make you mad,
Make you feel down and sad
War is something that’s good yet bad
Sweetness and bitterness, good and bad, are all it had

War and peace, love and hate
Just, reason, critic and fate
It had just started but it seems like it has already begun
With that, our hearts were shoot by an air gun

Spring of love, flakes of blood
Frozen heart, warmth rushing through the flood
I can’t find the words to say goodbye
I tried, and that’s not a lie

Foresee what would happen
If you continue this thing till the end
And now it’s too late
For you to change your fate

I used to possess this strength
With no limitation of length
Waiting, expecting, loving, caring, and forgiving
I’ve done ages ago, but I swear not for a living

Those fruitful days with all of you
I’ve had doubts if some of it is false or true
But I’ve had enough
Patience was replaced by anger that you can’t stop

I’ll say it one more time
My heart was a candy and turned into a lime
Then it has rotten and turned bitter
It rained and our memories was just a litter

Everything was now a trash
My head exploded and my heart crashed
Was broken into pieces
By unfulfilled promises
1.0k · Jul 2018
too poignant to remember
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
too poignant to remember
those revealed moments of felicity
with someone as exceptional as you
with someone as remarkable as your music

from those days of longing
seeking for those flawless keys
that you possess
i see the light,
from that illumination,
i see your smile...
i hear the music,
from that sound,
i hear your voice...

seldom, i think
of what would it be
telling you how i feel
singing a song
with lovable words
with endearing notes
and pleasant hums
860 · Jul 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
Among those people
For me, you're the least lovable
Among the crowd
Your voice tells me you're the most proud

From the first of the days
I listened to your music
I can't find a way
Out of such sound so still

Distant as the ocean,
Bright as the sun,
Eyes of the soil,
A well-versed soul

You're a  flower that blooms in winter
I'm a bee who preyed you last summer

That "first" of the days
It was more than most
It was more than best
It was more than you

Then came another season
There you go, trying to know
That "me" I never wanted
That "me" I never liked
That "me" whom you preffered

But strokes of fate
Unleased its power: hate
Its not yet late
To be each other's soulmates

"He," i preferred so much
Wanting his touch
Seeking for that match
Made in heaven, so please watch

How "she'll" extract
His beauty and love
His songs and poems
His words and notes
561 · Oct 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Oct 2018
she was in front
of him
and he was in front
of her
each holds endearment,
love, and attachment
each sings their affection,
for further clarification
each pair or reciprocated words
were always heard
always sung
and bewildered.

up and above
they seem to soar
but they dropped
they seem to laugh
but they cried
they seem to be happy
but they were lonely

on that night
truth was revealed
truth that he believes
but never "she"
she was troubled
she was worried
but most of all
she was appreciated,
loved or liked,
and befriended.

he was bothered sick
he was targeted
but she won't let it

he became her inspiration,
her motivation,
her clarification,
her beautiful distraction.
560 · Nov 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
on that night
with winter
and miserable
there he sat,
his eyes
from right to left
up and down
all around
corners to corners
a thought
to another
a note
to a song
a word
to a poem.

him with his
and built,
under that
moonlit sky
with starlights,
air filled with
warmth and
i witness his
heard his tears,
felt his fears.

i became
an overthinker
from worrying
about the other.
560 · Jan 2018
You're My Violin
Rhoni Marjonelle Jan 2018
My black and white attitude matches your golden strings
My soft touch lay upon your wooden surface
and harmony in each others' hearts is what it brings

On my shoulder is where you lie
And in my vast body is where I stand
Alongside your relentlessly endearing land
is the turf of joy and sorrow, where i cry

Your wand is so powerful
Enough to destroy my sheet, the one I rule
you broke my barrier and there goes your sound
to my heart's music, well-fated bound

They said you're but a three-stringed creature
But I think you're more than a literature
Beyond your ordinary life is golden glamour
One strike then luxury is your given demeanor

My keys will showcase your strings
Your strings will showcase my keys
You're my love, my one and only
My one true partner that my heart seeks
Through the clouds and reflections of beauty that I've seen,
I'm your piano and you're my Violin...
543 · Jul 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
is this love
or a state of infatuation
that succumbs me
every time i see
a piece of thee

is this love
or a state of infatuation
that drowns me
every time i hear
thee sing

is this love
or a state of infatuation
every time a touch
from you i feel

is this love
or a state of infatuation
every time i get jealous
from seeing thee
with another

is this love
or a state of infatuation
every time i write
a poem about thee
on how you hugged my day
with your endless smiles

is this love
or a state of infatuation
that i feel at this very moment
this moment only i know
this moment that's indeed ephemeral
too quick to conclude
too sudden to say
too early to understand
that i love you
then this is limerance
292 · Sep 2018
last Friday
Rhoni Marjonelle Sep 2018
someone knocked
someone knocked
both were good

i liked the first knock
i really liked it a lot
i fell deeply
it was steep
and risky

he stood tall
under the falling leaves
under those heavenly

someone became sad
and i felt bad
for this someone
seems so succumbed
in a radiant sky
but full of cries
he knocked twice

i wrote him a poem
filled with emotions
and happy potions
it did work
but not much

he started acting differently,
gradually and gently
he moved me
and so i did
he made me laugh
and so i did

something came to mind
i realized i was really blind
he told me, plenty of times
as the sound of wind chimes
disappeared and ended
its last notes
that it was me
and it was him.
September 8th
289 · Nov 2018
i saw him
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
under the warmth
of the sun
under those auburn
there he stood
silently waiting
at his
hearing the
sounds' refraction
savoring every moment
slowly and surely
i saw him
making his way through
the restless crowd
rushing through
that street so narrow,
full of sorrow.
237 · Sep 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Sep 2018
words were too poetic
to critic
notes were too loud
to be heard
actions were too easy
to gesture
but for every leisure
time that
touches our hand
and grabs us
with it's strong
there's a tip:
remember yesterday
see the future
live in that moment.

dreams were never
of those romances
but pure second chances.

happiness is never of others
but of self.

so i say this to you
i will always love you.
210 · Nov 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
she was doleful
but then
and worried.

everything might
reach its end.

he was so near
why does he feel
so distant,
very far away
from me?

tears came down
trying to reach
for his voice
but he never came.
not again.
and then there was
read the title
193 · Nov 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
what do we
have right here?
that is him
of course it's
whom i saw
leaning on
the frozen walls
the incorrect
the imperfection
and pure
untouched truth
still lingers
within her
were all
that matter
191 · Dec 2018
but she was.
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
maybe she was right
or maybe he has left
maybe she was wise
or maybe he is a dolt.
191 · Nov 2018
bottom to top
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
she wrote a poem
about him and her
she was befuddled
she was explicitly
in love with them
she was uncontrollably
being fond of him
of her
of them
she was happy
Read it from bottom to top
186 · Sep 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Sep 2018
last thing i saw
was me trying to
lure you out
from that iglo

last note i heard
were just murmurs

last words i read
were simply "dead"

not that i saw,
i heard,
nor word,
but i felt.

be that as it may
during this
winter holiday
that wraps you
with it's arms of
cold daybreaks
i try to let you
how life
destroys yours
and mine.

it created shimmers
of hope
at least for me
and yes i see
how every piece of me
directly points
to your street
for every piece
of thee
for every word
you say
for every breath
you take
for every love
you give
and for every one
of it
you receive.

just having me
see, hear, feel,
and love you
makes me feel
where all wishes
are simply granted
with all i wanted
which are
life, emotion, and
you, my kindred.
181 · Jan 18
he was my impossible
but he was my
i can do it.
he was so laughable
but he was so
kind and deep.
he was a gentleman
but was insensitive.
he was all that matter
but he was and will never
178 · Jun 15
had nothing
to say.
178 · Aug 2018
first and last
Rhoni Marjonelle Aug 2018
is it you or him?
is it him or you?
or maybe both,
who knows?

he was my first Monday
you were my first Friday

he was my music
you were my words

but i know
deep inside
this dungeon
curiosity has risen
i was never fallen
from where i used to be
from where i was with my music

i know,
it's still him
only that...
it felt like everything ended
last Friday.

everything started
last Monday.
175 · Apr 4
when she wasn't
the dawn was
waving its
morning greetings
at me.

the dusk is
far from sight.

the sunrise was
singing the luna's
song, still.

the morning breeze
had such ambience
with lesser interests.

noontime approaches
and touches
her skin.

the afternoon sunshine
fell to the grounds,
ghastly indeed.

dusk haunted her
down and asked
her to die.

but the evening
moonlight caressed
her softly,

the midnight satellite,
with its relentless
love for the sun,
seem to be too frail,
too feeble, and blind.

but in truth,
he was all
that mattered,
when she wasn't.
175 · Nov 2018
then he
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
i may have been
too dense
to notice
i may have been
too incompetent
to absorb
that it was him
then and the day
sep 26th
161 · Jan 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Jan 2018
the simplicity of those mesmerizing sweetness
the eternal wealth of pure love thus seems lifeless
everything envelopes the joy of living
truly satisfying, truly encouraging

i thrive for joy,
i thrive for life,
i thrive for love.

i seem to know and not to know
i seem to see and not to see
i seem to be and not to be

i will be and i will see
the hidden beauty
of this life deemed to be
the most unwanted creation
it is in dying that i live and clamor for thee
156 · Jan 3
he had
153 · Jan 30
she was breaking
144 · Mar 16
of the unknown
the day was nice,
she read her
usual reads,
she listened to her
usual music,
she spoke with her
usual someone.

she saw the yellow
gradually fading,
slowly reaching
and painting
the skies with
deep blue.

no lights,
no shines,
no glimmers
and shimmers,
no flickering eyes
that lighted her night.

there's an endless,
eternal solstice
of the unknown.
143 · Aug 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Aug 2018
...remarkable day
...nothing's left to say's been done
...i finally see
...what i feel
...we became closer
...more than ever
...then we loved each other...
...we lost our "forever"
...full of regrets
...yet full of sentiments
...forlorn goodbye friend lover rainbow
...and my sorrow...
142 · Dec 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
on that friday
night with showers
or rain
t'was chilly
and windy
and loud
and crowded
lost and
with endless cheers
and yells.

after everything else
there comes
goodbyes and

she then grabbed
him by his arms
neared her face
towards his side
and with one stride
she left a warm
and frosty touch
on his cheeks
and blurred the
whispering, cold
137 · Nov 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
yes, twas
a hundred and sixty
days of pure
happiness and love
of pure insanity
and sadness.

those words
werent really meant
to hurt me
nor to encourage me
twas meant to
tell me
that those
a hundred and sixty
days were all
and then all stars
became blue.

tears wrapped my cheeks
air left my chest
trembles visited my hands
i will never understand
what happened
this night
from felicity
to fondness
to like
to love
to betrayal
to anger
to sadness
and to, again,
137 · Oct 31
from the touch
of velvet from the
side he gave her,
she sat.

then, she was sitting
facing back,
he was sitting
facing front.

the view was
all silent, all nice
and crowded.

the sun facing them,
the noise singing songs
louder than ever.

she glanced,
up and down,
left to right,
and sighed.

the sun kissed his
velvet lips.
tad red she was
and so he is.

they roamed
along the seemingly
empty hallways,
and she closed
her eyes and then
even things out.

there was a flower
that bloomed maybe late
but never.

the flower,
all purple,
all lavender,
hyacinth still.
123 · Oct 2018
my keeper
Rhoni Marjonelle Oct 2018
under the horizon
and the boundary
of pure attachment
and of
there he stood.

between the moon
and sun
there he

along the busy
and crowded
there she
and popped
and dropped.

near the utmost
love and
she offers
everything prospered
everything did.

it means what it
says and she stays
behind his back,
in front of his
and his unheard voice
so dear and so unlived
yet beautifully appreciated
and loved.

i became his listener
and he's my keeper.
123 · Apr 4
the moon sings
with its agonizing
carrying burden
of the light from
the sun,
shining from behind.

the moon cries
with the heavens,
the sun right
from behind.

the moon laughs
every metaphor
it gives the sun,
the sun is right
from behind.

the moon
and its sorrow
foster from
such winter,
frail breeze
which chills
the air
that hits the

and the sun
never saw the
the moon
never saw the

but luna
saw it first.

and the star
was never hers.
121 · Dec 2018
my antonym
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
under such
grayish, rusty
with the howling
sound of violins,
there she witnessed
the mini, gentle
foot steps,
the ligth-weighted,
blush of her dress,
with pure, innocent,
angelic eyes,
dark hair,
and crowned

she was my darling,
my sweet nightingale,
my beloved strings,
seemingly unwanted,
but completely,
a wish granted
by the stars, the galaxies,
oh, my beautiful
anemony, my antonym.
121 · Nov 2018
first stage
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
we are born
to live,
not to die.

we walk
to explore,
not to please.

we sing
to express,
not to keep.

during this
endless Saturday,
she was dying,
she was pleasing,
she was keeping.

she had
120 · May 12
when he did.
in a cold,
dark room
where no one
else knew,
a little infant
made his way
to deep and

the music
played reminded
of last summer,
so hot, humid,
not much to

she faded,
when he did.
116 · Jul 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
People started singing a song
T'was melodic, beautiful yet long
Notes were floating
Amidst the air, no more loathing

The singing ends
then my feeling bends
from me
towards him

Under the pouring rain
i was back to being sane
my heart was in pain
from then it refrains

Water, gushing through the pavement,
penetrates each step
from the beautiful past to the sunset of the present
my soul is at its pep

My smile was best than ever
but my head thinks of an answer
to a question at the back of my mind
i see everything, i'm not "that" blind

i held your hand
you held mine
i touched your heart
you touched mine

the smell of rain
in my body, it remains
the sound which the water makes
takes something away: heartaches
115 · Dec 2018
she remembers
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
this is a continuation
of what took place
that frosty night
with glimmering,
endless bokeh.

he was right there,
parallel from my
and we thought
of nothing
but what we are
in, right at that

as he sweep
my hair from
my cheeks
to my ears,
from my face
towards my back,
he took his hand
placed it on top
of my eyes,
cold they
he then
touched my
left cheek
with his
chapped lips.
115 · Oct 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Oct 2018
all truth, no lies
everything ended
and started
with a sigh

thus, he could be mine
but, that's a crime

starting with how
every word,
every note
he says
and sings,
were too soft,
too subtle,
to be heard
but i did.

wounded arms
can't come across,
but it's not a
great loss
if it prevents me
and deceives me,
from doing
and believing,
and some things

i regressed
but i shall transgress
from liking
to loving
from dying
to living
all for them
all of for Him
all of for "he"
and all for
115 · Jun 15
it was surreal,
absurd to be

he was all
that mattered,
since last

he was
as far as she
could remember.

he was all
that was left,
but he was bereft
from her
by him.

his discoloration
painted her rainbows
110 · Jul 2018
i guess
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
maybe there were butterflies
maybe there weren't
maybe there were skies
maybe there weren't

i was scared
of being glared
at, and am fed
up, with such hurtful stuff

maybe i was too trust worthy
maybe i'm not
maybe i was a fool
maybe i'm not

i seem to be alive
on a count of five
i needed to dive
and die

i weren't trusted
weren't loved
weren't friended
but then i was dead

i thrive for love
for trust
for understanding
and comfort

i thrive for liberty
for time
for consolation
and independence

i thrive for self-peace
but i guess
there's nothing left to see
in this world of deathly reality
103 · Dec 2018
they were
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
the long day
is finally over
far from one
they are.

nearest in
each other's
they are.

apart from
the world
they used to stay.
they made a way
for them to
keep their

yes, t'was nice
him and her
forever and ever?
nope, they were
99 · Nov 2018
a new
90 · Dec 2018
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
on a wintry,
fulfilled night,
he said "stuff"
which left
her some
and trickery.

falling for every
trap, she had
to trip,
all over again,
all over again,
for the usual.

yes, she was?
no, she wasn't
yes, she was?
yes, she was
and is.

some words
aren't meant
to be heard,
but rather
89 · Dec 2018
the latter
Rhoni Marjonelle Dec 2018
how do i live,
a life that i
so seek?

how do i kiss
to companions i
so unloved?

how do i sing
my poems
to people i
so care for?

how do i die
and say goodbye
to this "her"
and offer
some "real"
excuse letter,
rope, venom,
oh, never mind
the latter...
and, i realized, t'was the latter.
88 · Aug 2018
i was wrong
Rhoni Marjonelle Aug 2018
you looking at me
you listening to me
you liking me

everything was but a nightmare
a torment, such scourge
or plague, i tell you
or was it a dream, i think
beyond what words
can sentence
beyond what music
can note
beyond my anger,
my loathe
what distress you have
shower me
from giving me
such false, untrue hope
and i fell, seriously,
to the trap.
86 · Nov 2018
he is
Rhoni Marjonelle Nov 2018
a person of truth
my cure
innocent look
devilish book.

a person of kindness
too soft
too subtle
too hard to
oct 13th
86 · Aug 2018
the First Monday
Rhoni Marjonelle Aug 2018
Once upon a time
As what stories would rhyme
There lived a girl
Living in a faraway town

But then again
There lived "I"
It all began
Last tuesday night

I was under the trees,
Trying to whisper,
Trying to converse
Trying to quench the thirst
Of finding love under
The falling leaves
There he sat
Across the street
With such endless

He waved, i didn't care
He smiled, out of respect
I did too. But i didn't care

Suddenly, he walked
And stood by me
He talked
And so i did, i didn't care

As the trees bring out their calmness
As the stars indulge skies' darkness
As the pavements lose its color
From the shadows of walking passengers
He stood out.

Wednesday's made for
Felicitous demeanor
Where sun's up
Wind's chasin' butterflies
And leaves, again,
Falling from the trees.
We talked.

Thursday? T'was a tiring one
From dusk till dawn
My eyes were hurting
But still, they're searching
For him. We talked.
But i didn't care

Friday then saturday,
Nice days for bouquet
Nice days for a walk
Along the ocean-dyed walls
In front of the pastry shop
Near the cafe
Across the bench
Under the trees.

I waited
And waited
And waited
And we talked
But i did care

There came the first monday
Where i found love in the summer
Under the sunlit trees
There he stood
There i witnessed
What love awaits for me
What hope you gave
From you to me.
86 · Jul 2018
hug me
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
how can the stars
be so cruel
that they'd tie our knots
under a shooting star?

how can i dream of
my own constellation
if you're not a part
of those dazzling arrangements?

how can you be
so oblivion of what's
when my words
and notes
say it all

how can i describe
this phenomenal
thing i feel
if you can't see me,
if you can't hear me,
if you can't read me,
if you can't find me

this enoument i feel
and the memories of the past i seek
seem to wander inside my mind
trying to find its way
to your heart
from mine

how can the gods
bring you to me
when all i did was
bring out my own
metanoia from me
to words and phrases

those four-word phrase
i so much want to
hear from you
aren't the words
"i love you too"
"let me hug you"
85 · Jul 2018
tell me
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018
am i too difficult to love?
and too difficult to understand?

if the stars can't define who you are
and what you are
even i can't
even the gods can't
Rhoni Marjonelle Jul 2018

Youth never fail to exceed my expectation. I’ve been living ever since God has made this world, the world of pure love and life.

Love and life could be made a one true pair, I think… This OTP that’s everlasting. I never had eyes like yours, lips, nose, hands, hair, feet, and teeth? None of them. But I know, I have life. I’m intangible but you can feel me, right after your mom’s gamete united with your dad’s.

I have had so many children and I’m only telling you one of the simplest. Leo Smith has been a popular kid in their school, lots of girls would be tailing him every day just to say hi or confess.

On the other side of the world, here’s the beautiful mysterious one in their school. No one seems to talk to her. She was always alone, holding the same book. She’s been seen wandering all the time.

It’s the 23rd of December, after mustering up his courage he sent a letter to her:

Hi! I'm Leo Smith from the other class, will you come to the campus library tomorrow? I just have to tell you something.

She, kind of startled, smiled.

When you are born you have talents you simply grab by your innocent hands, but I’ve held you long before you reach out to them.

I am Love. I exist, in your heart, in your mind, and in your body.
#inpiredbyMA #love
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