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Em MacKenzie
30/F/Ottawa    I have a passion for poetry, fiction, music and all things beautiful. I enjoy bright colours and night-time quiet conversation. All writing is intellectual property ...
we all live in a small town world
Brooke Cierra
Rachel Ace
26/F/Valencia/Spain    My biography is like poetry.
Nico Julleza
21/M/Philippines    "Wonderstruck by the Offerings of Nature. Believed anything can be possible. Striving to Right something special. Inspiring for those who felt shallow". (NCJ)POETRYProductions. ©2017
14/F/nowhere - and everywhere    heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy im insescure.
Noah H
20/M    Just a guy with a moderate typing ability
Ohio    It's been awhile but I have a poem coming out soon.
Warren    pray to god i'm the devil
Richie Vincent
21/M/Dayton, OH    c’est la vie

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