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Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
And where our walk is heavy and the silence is impeded by love, I will be strong and you will know God sees the strength I have to carry you home one more night.

This is all.

Want and need together as one spiraling past the depths we've seen
Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
A creased smile eternally present on my image

This arm exists to close guilt

Your tragedy spoke words but left me to question it anyways

Never separating the fine line of the road and the constant blues your face hums still in the night

And you may plant flowers to the ceiling

You might see bodies laying in the ocean

These numbers slip your pride to a slow rot

You can't collect the moon

Your bottle won't sing, anymore

As if my eyes and heart could feel blood once more
Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
A unified force within ourselves, again

Electric pain

Feelings of the past to surge through loneliness

This garden's vines grow too

A guilted mother

Five nights to keep this chain strong

During this storm some perish with force

Ghostly now

Without a remorse to know beyond the next second




My shouts cease along with your throbbing wrist
Rhet Toombs Oct 2016
As life holds itself

I stare

High above

In the safety of my rage

This piece has passed

My agony fallen

And my wound lies dead

Leaving me here

Alone as I was

Beyond you now I feel the whims of freedom

A comic relief

Perfectly captured

In your split wrists

Death will become victorious

In your failing

Choking now

Understanding the cosmic and somber consequences of my selfishness

We are not ready

I admit

A shift finding my concrete absolute comfort
Rhet Toombs Oct 2016
We won't forget you

Here above man

Below our lords

You rest

With grace

Our love held


In your honor

We pray daily

And I search
Rhet Toombs Oct 2016
Purity stripped

This pain left days ago

Without dreams inside


There may be something more


A tree of smoke

A night will come where the stars shine for you

To an end you will know

Promising nothing in return

Her glowing neck

Eyes that calm tempestuous seas

You allow this power to find peace
Rhet Toombs Oct 2016
This reflection of slumber

Unnoticed sirens find us missing

Fulfilling ecstasy softly

A small push to know lasting rapture

Love bridges this lonely nocturne

Listen as corners devour deeper

Stray flocks of lightning illuminate pale crests of your posture sleeping in my bed
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