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Rexhep Morina Sep 2019
To the secrets that are kept away
whispers unheard
cloaked by the shadows
these thoughts are engulfing

hearts shiver
i can feel the cold wind
parading with the darkness
these thoughts are overwhelming

take me away
throw me away
set me aside
while my thoughts consume me

behind the wall
they cant hear me
behind the wall
they cant feel me

even my reflection dulls
concealed by gloom
light is dim
Rexhep Morina Sep 2018
eyes clouded,
only in my dreams I can truly see,

see you as you are,
see me,
you see,

my dreams of us
is what we should be,
let the clouds clear
so we can see clearly

open skies,
my eyes
reflect you
as you are,

see you as you are,
see me,
you see,

you are,
without a doubt,
a endless sensation
that resides in me

affection I feel,
love, I harbor,
a part of you in me,
After almost a year and a half, I decided to venture back into writing, I almost had forgotten the relief, the feel of finishing a piece of poetry, pouring my self into something and, what creating something was like.

I will most definitely keep on writing, keep on sharing, keep on pouring whats in me. It is a great way of meditating, speaking to the reader, and releasing any bottled feelings.

Rexhep Morina Apr 2017
extensions to an emotion
grown like branches on a tree,
blooming towards beauty,
further reaching the sky,
touching the blue
with the tip of the flowers.
life, bursting out,
in one way or another.
endurance, the key
a way of living, so to speak
surviving the storm, or adapting to it.
giving the branches strength,
strength to withstand the worst,
only to be given another day
another day to bloom,
another day to grow,
to branch out, thicken and, burst out
into something unexplainable,
rather observable,
reaching out to hights
and depths, simultaneously.
most of the times, filling the notes is way more difficult than writing poems, but oh well, I don't like to leave blank spaces, it's just another opportunity to write something, enjoy.
Rexhep Morina Oct 2016
concealed by the fog,
shaded by the darkness,
dulled emotions
sharpen inbetween the haze.

silenced by the rain drops.
to only hear my own heartbeat,
each second seems longer than the other.

time is my friend,
time is my enemy,
whats is time?
nothing but a human construct;
a creation of the self,
by the self,
for the self.

my vision is blurred,
sight is a luxury
in such nights.
in such nights,
we get devoured
by our own thoughts.

eaten alive
by things unsaid,
screams that no one can hear,
no one can feel,
but our self.
Rexhep Morina Oct 2016
being in the darkness
that I was,
being isolated
inside these four walls,
left with only a mirror.
I kept looking
but saw nothing,
I kept searching,
but found nothing.
until I met you,
until your eyes coruscated,
iluminating my heart
the brightness was imense,
In years of darkness
my eyes werent used
to such light,
such beauty.
In the mirror
for the first time,
I saw my self,
in my self
I saw you,
in you
I saw love,
in your love
I saw my self,
in my self
I saw that love
existed within me,
within me
a part of you existed
and forever will.
dedicated to someone very special, someone very beautiful, someone who rejuvinated my life within me.
Rexhep Morina Sep 2016
it kept raining,
it kept raining and pouring
I could hear the trees,
I could feel the relief,
the city was breathing.

existance kept it's paste,
but somehow,
everything slowed down,
seemed like even time,
time itself, took a break.

a break from reality,
a tiny pause, as a grain of sand,
in the vastness of the beach,
and the ocean,
combined together,
to rejoice,
rejoice the oneness.

it kept raining,
it kept raining and pouring,
washing away,
all the sins
all the memories
all of it.

only leaving behind
that which always was there,
and hopefully will be,
that is us.
inspired by rain
Rexhep Morina Jun 2016
as the winds
gently touch the flowers,
they whisper,
the songs, the melody
the beautiful notes of those forgotten,
inside of the garden
the music plays,
inside of the garden
the raven dances
into the night
into the darkness

shadows cover the garden,
melodies once heard
only leave a feint echo
of that now
what is left
once from the great dance
alone, the Raven gazes upon
the sadness of the garden

reflected by the moonlight
that which
the naked eye cant see
the human hand cant touch
a feel, emotion
beyond the comprehensiveness
of the mind
reaching out,
the raven opens its wings
taking flight
into the great night

once a keeper of the garden
a holder of the secrets
the moon
witnessed the melding
of a great being
with that, which now
only a shadow
of its former self.
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