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jl Jun 25
it’s only in your head
until it kills you
and even then it's your fault
for not telling people
who never cared in the first place
jl Jun 11
the art of being relatable

jl Jun 11
alone and captive
by the four walls of my mind
there is no escape
~ j.l.
it's been getting worse lately
jl Jun 1
they're always there
for me.
a constant presence.
I know they
won't leave
when everyone else
I can count
on them
no matter what -
depression and
anxiety are my
best friends
jl May 17
choosing to be a poet,
to spill like this,
bleed like this,
cry like this,
my pain becomes an exhibit.
an exhibit for people,
people to walk through,
to walk and admire,
to admire and then leave
when they are ready,
leave and go about their day.
the thing is, no one
cares if a museum
is okay
jl May 17
what do I do
when i don't want to die
I don't exactly want to live?
when nothing
is loud enough
drown the sound
of my thoughts?
jl May 15
you told me
to tell you
when i'm sad.
i dread the day
that you get
tired of me
being sad
that's why when you ask
"how are you"
9 times out of 10
I reply
"I'm fine :)"
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