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If I could steal your love for myself
I would just keep it on a shelf
so I could look at it every day
and know that it hadn't faded away

If I could catch a glimpse of you
I don't know what I'd say to do
for when the night is cold and dark
your eyes light within me, a spark.

I'm so sorry that I never said
to those eyes that I wished to be dead
But now everything is so crystal clear
it's too late now to shed a tear

I've lost you to bittersweet pain
it's like I'm dancing in the rain
my favorite weather, my only tune
what's left of my heart, has fallen to ruin.

You've left me here, in this dark place
suffocated by your face
I'm sinking so low, amidst an ocean of black
and I don't know if I'm coming back

So please, hear me scream
please, know my dream
has never involved you
I was to blind to see what I needed to do.

I'm gone now, so don't be afraid
My suffering has been repaid
I didn't mean to leave you in the cold
but this emptiness was where my soul was sold.
 1d Wyatt
these cracks on my phone screen are starting to cause minor dilemmas for a major ill tempered woman.
i smiled to the night sky and let a milky voice ease my nightmares.
i feel my soul pour out of the scabs of my skin and glimmer as if it were its last breath.

keep me warm
with your hands around my neck
or a sweater of yours,
whichever you prefer.
i’ll trace the places we’ve been on your arm and remember a fate,
love, it must be in your pretty veins,
*** is on fire.

flashes of roses fly around my head
in a rushing manner but the world does not see your smile.
and i am lost within two thousand lost souls, including yours,
but i feel your hands and i feel safe.

love tell me a secret.
how long will i sink in an abyss of confusion?
well i guess i’m a bit silly for that question, but that means you are too.
let me rise above the god forbidden clouds and transpire like castles in tiny village.
i sit alone
in a room full of people
i observe the groups
they laugh, they talk
i sit silently trapped
inside a cell i made myself
inside my head
i scream wanting to leave
wanting someone to save me
but lower i fall
i can fake a smile
fake a laugh but
what no one sees is the girl inside
but still i say i'm living
i can say i'm fine
but one day
when im older
i will defeat depression
Stay Humble
Stay Strong
Stay You
Be known for exactly who you are
 3d Wyatt
I kissed my ears to sleep
I can hear the faint fall of rain
somewhere in my head
 3d Wyatt
I like to talk about the moon
he's somewhere behind the thick clouds

If only I was a cloud
somewhere in his sky

can't you see me
I can make it rain down

I can make the wind talk
can't you hear it

I wear the night
swallow the daylight

lead the way
the moon is rising

a billion girls love him
a billion boys stare

the moon keeps to himself
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