wyatt 1d
Are these chains for decoration
or are they apart of punishment?
Isn't an alarm clock just a metaphor for
someone who tries to save the suicidal?
It wakes me up and then I turn it off,
I'm hopeful to fall back asleep soon.
You'll go off again, won't you?
Understand my anger.
wyatt 1d
Particles of who I once was
float all around this room,
reminders of what came to pass.
Who I see no longer is human,
facing my name forever tarnished
through gritted teeth and grimacing eyes.

Countless nights, a million tears,
numbered days, unnerving fears.
A voice that's always misunderstood.

On the television
they promised paradise,
on the sidewalk
I still stay paralyzed.
Inside my room I rip
to shreds and destabilize.
I hold my heart in my hands,
my secrets under my sleeve.
Don't look at me,
the life I've believed was a lie.
wyatt 1d
I think my heart reads
in a different language
so when they break in
and start to read deep
they get confused and assume
I’m up to something bad.
So to save from explaining,
I’ll translate some of it right now
so it all comes out crystal clear.
These words that I write all the time
help me make sense of myself
when I have everything to fear.

I was never here for the money,
I just wanted an ounce of the truth.
My skies never seem to get sunny,
I’m stuck in a lose-lose.

It’s just my nature,
sadly I’m unprepared.
When you speak, I grow weak
can’t help but stop and stare.
Spent most of my life hiding,
dodging all the truth
in exchange for the dare.
What’s your intention?
A noose?
I’m cautious of life
because it’s unfair,
just a **** all the time.
I’ll sacrifice the do for the die,
another chance to role the dice.
It’s never that simple, obviously.
I knew it from the start,
fate was never that nice to me.

I was never here for the money,
I just wanted an ounce of the truth.
My skies never seem to get sunny,
I’m stuck in a lose-lose.

Living with my regrets,
I never sleep well.
Through the night, it’s
getting colder in my cell
so when you wish me well
I wonder what that really means.
I hope happiness isn’t just
another pyramid scheme.
These words, I mean them
but I will never say them
because I hate how they sound
in my mouth, becoming a victim.
Admitting I
never figured myself out,
I was faking poker faces
to hide the bluff, I went south.
Everything I’ve constructed
hid what I was about
with small-talk and cool walks,
I’ll probably die alone in this town.
Anything I ever used to cope
always backfired and my
health dipped even further,
I’m just so tired.
I can’t go a day without
anger coming back around,
true colors surface now
but believe me

I was never here for the money,
I just wanted an ounce of the truth.
My skies never seem to get sunny,
I’m stuck in a lose-lose.

This is going on a little too long
so I’ll say a little more to prolong
the end of our connection
ongoing through the page,
you’ll probably soon move on
to your life’s next stage
while I’m still rustling
through life, lost in a daze.
I’m reading through
old papers in my mind
scanning the same pain,
just lost and left behind.
Here’s one last thing
that rang true inside,
a lie is only
the other side of the truth.
wyatt Nov 8
walking through a busy city,
i don't see any faces on these
cold, dark, empty bodies.
nobody follows me,
i no longer have a shadow.
i am hated, antisocial,
i am excommunicated.

my head still hurts but i use
that pain to my advantage.
my eyes watch these people
as they avoid my existence.
i left on my own accord,
you moved on with your life.
suddenly i have no motivation,
suddenly i have more to think about.
nothing is ever planned. people walk forward. i am still here. alone. no translation needed.
wyatt Nov 8
alone in a room,
by myself this time.
she left early when i
told her how i felt.
i'm not interested in
showing myself to you
from behind my shell.

i'm sorry, i'm sorry,
i held a punch last time.
it was all just a hunch,
now i flipped the lines.
i told her to eat my heart,
not to scratch the surface.
the last girl ate it whole
and she regurgitated it,
the taste of coal was
it ended quick.

we've all got standards
until we all grow up.
wolves won't feed
on rotten meat.
only the opposite
toast to defeat.
used to take it to heart,
now i stood to my feet.
only those who have
something left to keep
still find a reason weep.
i don't cry no more,
i don't keep.

you're not as addictive as you let on.
you're not scary.
no translation needed. coal without a fire is darker than the night. i don't keep.
wyatt Nov 8
My kind of woman doesn't exist,
she wouldn't ever tolerate it.
She'd dig without knowing
my deepest is on sleeve.
She wouldn't know.

This calendar has a bunch of
pointless reminders that are
alike yesterday, I hate them.
Suddenly everything in me
Haunting melodies, finally
bring my hands to a still.

Quit following me already,
I am my own person.
I know if you see this,
you'd hate me deep down.
My head hurts, my eyes burn,
but I don't flinch at the sound.

I was supposed to be a human.
I was supposed to be a son.
I was supposed to be a brother.
I was supposed to be a father.
I wasn't supposed to be a bother,
now I wonder why I even bother.

My thoughts read in morse code,
even I can't decipher this anymore.
Everyday I get further behind,
I'm running out of time.

Sorry I left,
but I will still go.

You can't convert me,
I've been alien for years.
I get more comfortable
with being uncomfortable
in my skin, in the world.

When the party begins
I think I won't be invited.
I can't really blame them,
now I think I like it.

Suddenly I laugh when I cry.
wyatt Nov 7
All alone in a room
with a girl who says she
will eat my heart
from the inside out.
It's so true what they say,
everything always goes
according to the plan
until you're faced with a
pretty face taking off her shirt
as she holds tight onto you.
Don't ever speak in absolutes
because who are you to say no?
All ******* even though I
said this wouldn't ever happen.
I swore that I'd be different
but I guess inside we're all weak.
Maybe she would get me
stuck in a routine of pleasure,
like a habit I cannot quit.

We've all got standards until we don't.
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