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Wyatt 2d
I don't wanna die,
I just wish I were never born.
When I look back on everything,
that's the conclusion I reach.
Maybe I lived
a poor life
in a past life
because this time
my existence
has ruined everything
for everyone around me.
To return the happiness
I've stolen from those I love,
I'd certainly return
to the void of nonexistence
without even another thought.
Passing by black cats
and stepping on cracks
in the pavement,
I must have done it all
I don't wanna die,
I just don't want to
think about these things
Haunting my thoughts,
it keeps me up at night.
Sleeping is pretty much
not existing for a little while,
so maybe that's why
I want to do it so much.
Wyatt 6d
Tossing and turning,
my body and my heart.
Restless, I remember
everything I thought I forgot.
I count sheep for hours,
there must be a million of them.
It's past midnight
and I can't get any rest.
Wyatt 6d
Make me, break me
so you can take full credit.
My world is the size of a fishbowl,
here you are just to pour the water in.
I've got no gills but I'm like a fish
'cause neither of us have a will,
to us nothing exists past the window sill.
To you my life is a novelty
like an aquarium in your living room
but to me all you're cultivating
is a grave on display.
Am I hoping or choking?
Loving or loathing?
Your hands were supposed to be gentle,
so why are my lungs now being deprived
of every ounce of life?
What an effect you've put over me.
Wyatt Jun 26
Today is a good day,
the sun is shining bright.
Maybe you'll meet someone fun
and you'll both hit it off quickly.
Today is the day you change,
all it starts with is a moment.
This is the time to shed
your shell you live inside
and finally be happy.
The sun is shining bright
and their smiles are brighter,
maybe you should join them.

You're wrong,
today is the same
as any other day.
Those people you know,
they don't like you at all.
You're annoying them,
stop pretending you're
apart of their group,
apart of their smiles,
apart of their world.
You're only an alien
and you will remain that way.
Get used to it,
there's a reason
that you listen to me.
That shell is where you belong,
showered in these rain clouds.
The sun will never shine here,
you will never fit in with them.
Give up already.
The battle I have with my brain every day. I'm always alone because of this back and forth. Will I ever be able to join them? I don't think so.
Wyatt Jun 25
Her eyes are windows
into a battlefield I'll never know,
I can only glance for a moment.
Do you ever look into someone's eyes for a little longer than you usually would? Sometimes you see things you wouldn't have seen otherwise. I think she's going through her own personal battle.
Wyatt Jun 22
Some of the worst things
that have happened to me,
I selectively block them out.
Life-changing moments,
I shrug them off most days
but a simple insult
or a passive-aggressive tone
inside somebody's voice
can send me on a new spiral
where these band-aids
start coming undone again.
It's always the simple things
that pick away at my fragile ego,
cloud nine lasts only nine seconds
if I had to pin-point an average.
I live with these dry eyes most days
but a moment of disrespect
can make me feel severely depressed
and suddenly the tears flow like a river
from an ocean which resides inside me
that effectively drowns me,
flooding my life.
It's ok to cry, I really mean it
but still it's hard for me to let out these
pent-up feelings of sorrow and shame.
If I could express my feelings
then maybe one day
I could think healthily
and even begin to move on
because band-aids are meaningless
when trying to cover up scars
and dry eyes aren't honest
when you're crying inside your heart.
Wyatt Jun 21
My face is down in the dirt,
I have no will to get up.
This is the best way I can
take you into my world
even though I'd rather you
not enter in my psyche
because the words I write
come from a really bad place.
My face is down in the dirt,
this isn't a pretty visual.
Not uplifting in the slightest,
I only dream of reaching
unheard-of heights,
touching all the clouds
like a utopia in heaven
but I'm just a kid covered in dirt.
Dreams are dreams for a reason.

my stare is blank
every passing day.
is the perfect way
to **** the human spirit.
You get used to
this mind-numbing feeling.
Your doubt of yourself
is no longer a question,
just a statement
you repeat to yourself
in front of the mirror
every day and every night.
You're cynical
because nothing ever changes
and you believe
that nothing ever will.
You're cynical
because you want to grow
but this soil is infertile,
everything you plant dies.
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