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reposession Sep 2015
Lips slightly parted like two mountains
forever separated by a deep valley
As you bring the cancer stick to your
lips with such grace it almost beautiful
But really what beauty is there in a slow

Deep breaths of air mixed with
tragic suicide enters your lungs,
A breath of escape or relaxation is
what you call it; a breath of death is the reality.

Breathing out, the smoke escapes your
lungs in strings of grey like the clouds in the sky,

Dissipating leaving no trace of the destruction it caused.
reposession Sep 2015
The hospitals monitor keeps beating
reminding me of how I'm alive,
Oh how unfortunate it was that I
forgot to lock the bathroom door.

It slowly beeps amplifying my heartbeat,
piercing the eerie silence with an insanity
inducing melody, singing slowly
with incoherent words.
To be heard only by the one to commit.

Beeping over and over with one
purpose to torture me with the fact
*I failed and am still alive.
reposession Sep 2015
Tears carve waterways on my skin, just like your love on my heart.

— The End —