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I wonder what all
the greats would
think of this generation

and how their

only goes as far
as the

before it
eats itself.
The sun shines so early
this morning

but your face reads cloudy
with a chance of smiting rain

what do we do where
do we go from here

I've taken this journey
with you before

to the point of no return

whit howland © 2021
After high tide is low tide
After summer’s sun there’s winter’s snow
After being in love, especially with the fantasy,
There’s reality waiting for you to hate it.
He would mean nothing to me
He would no longer be held hostage in my heart.
  He would be prisoner to pen and paper.
       Easily disposable
   Easily replaceable
Dawn will crackle with
madness, and a sad
soul sickness, that
breeds an all too
incomprehensible fear.

It's such hard
work to get that
click, to be okay;
to see the squirrels and
smell the leaves,
to lick the lice off the
sparrows and the grackle.
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