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Mar 2019 · 482
Renée Casey Mar 2019
that's the paradox of
submission, isn't it?
how can you take
what's already yours?
Feb 2019 · 872
Renée Casey Feb 2019
i exposed myself
opened wide the curtains
showed you my body
my desire
and, accidentally
my heart
Jan 2019 · 219
Haiku about a boy
Renée Casey Jan 2019
Symphony of dreams
Sleep drunk boy whispers to me
Honey sweet moonlight
he woke me up in the wee hours of the morning; i don't know what time it was. he'd had a nightmare (he has them often) and reached out to me for comfort. It's surprising the things that stick with you, and the things you cherish.
Renée Casey Nov 2018
I love you in the future tense
in the crystal ball sense of the word
in that stupid silly daydream kind of way
I love you in the
"let's start something new; we could get it so right"
"come home to Christmas?"
"how could we do anything else when we fit this well?"

maybe this unfurling I feel is the future
or maybe it's my heart
saying maybe it's not too good to be true
maybe this time
but you only have time for now.
Renée Casey Nov 2018
Your eyes hit me
like a bolt of lightning
and the fire we started
burned me to the ground.
Nov 2018 · 550
Renée Casey Nov 2018
It is not enough
to want to let someone

They must first
on the door
Nov 2018 · 90
Renée Casey Nov 2018
How do I put into words
How it feels
To let go
And let you love me?
The delicious terror?
The rush of fear/joy/fear
That comes from that feeling
That somehow
This is to good
To be real?
How do I say
How much I want you?
The crush of lust
That leaves me breathless
Every. Single. Time.
Sep 2018 · 495
I'm drunk
Renée Casey Sep 2018
yes, there was tequila, and
yes, the alcohol in my blood is
singing, but
I'm drunk on this weather;
the coolness making
your hands on my skin
that much warmer
the way your
eyes hold mine
as we learn each other
the joy that blooms
in the spot between my eyes
at the touch of your lips
the sound of your laugh
thrumming through
my ribcage,
we lean on each other
giggling because we
couldn't possibly do otherwise
the taste of you
in the morning
the way you call me
and mean it
Aug 2018 · 302
Advice for Myself pt. 2
Renée Casey Aug 2018
fall in love
with a man
who has time for you
and is capable of
loving you
Aug 2018 · 368
Advice for Myself
Renée Casey Aug 2018
fall in love with a man with arms like
beacons in the night
that promise safe harbor
with eyes that glint with
mirth and optimism
with hands that cannot
get enough of you
with a voice that soothes
with sturdy roots
and a healthy relationship
with his mother
with a man who understands pain
and understands that it doesn't last forever
and understands that joy is the same
who cherishes the tiny beautiful things
fall in love with a man who is thankful
and makes you laugh
that makes you feel welcome
that has stories to tell
and who listens to yours
©Renée Casey August 2018
Jul 2018 · 376
Your touch
Renée Casey Jul 2018
flowed over me
like honey
and slow
and golden
I could feel it in the
tips of your fingers
gliding across my bottom lip
your hands
running through my hair
caressing my thighs
tracing the contours of my palms
your lips
leaving goosebump trails
on my neck and collarbone
kissing the freckles
dusting the tops of my shoulders
your voice
humming in approval
of my skin in the lamplight
in your eyes
smiling at me across the table
I have never felt so
in my life

I must remember what it's like
in case I find it again
When things go sideways sometimes it helps to remember the things you cherish.
Jul 2018 · 278
The sun has kissed me
Renée Casey Jul 2018
many times;
left freckles scattered across my skin.
The sun has kissed me more times than you have,
but just barely.
Dec 2017 · 357
Renée Casey Dec 2017
I will not wait
for you to
that I am worth
your friendship.

I will not hang
my hopes
on a text message
that may never come.

I have better things to do.
Nov 2017 · 798
Renée Casey Nov 2017
I don't want to fall asleep
only to wake
to another day
without you in it
Nov 2017 · 367
Renée Casey Nov 2017
In my dreams, I'm
under you
I feel your teeth on my skin
and your hand
on my throat
and I wake
with your name on my lips.

you *******.
Nov 2017 · 2.3k
I don't know
Sep 2017 · 392
2pm on a Saturday with You
Renée Casey Sep 2017
I run my hands through
your jewel-bright hair
and close my eyes.

Time slows, condenses,
and hangs suspended;
still and perfect.

I know
I won't forget this moment
This floating
Jul 2017 · 289
My heart
Renée Casey Jul 2017
is in California
on the beach at 3am,
braced by the
freezing ocean wind
and "******* I'm here!"
It's in New York
in bar-top games of scrabble and
walking in the sun
hand in hand.
It's in future plans
and the horizon is
so much bigger
than it used to be.
Jul 2017 · 498
Renée Casey Jul 2017
is opening my front door
and seeing your face
in living, breathing color
finally, finally
I've missed you
get in here

is talking with you
for hours about everything and
laughing at the guy in the
grocery store who was
pushing guacamole like a drug
and inappropriate jokes and
quantum physics

is your hands in my hair
running through it so gently and
cupping my face
your fingertips on my skin
skimming lightly
making goosebumps rise
and fall and
rise again

is the taste of you
your/my hand balled up
a fist in my/your hair
a hand on the throat
nails down the back
bruised lips and
hitched breath
and just who is
holding who, here?

is looking in your eyes and swimming in an ocean of blue
drifting to sleep in your arms
or dancing with you in the car

is falling in love with you
and the surprise of
feeling that headlong
rush once more that
I thought was just a symptom of
first love; fleeting and never
to be felt again
I know this one is a long one. Believe me I could go on and on forever about this. I haven't felt this happy in a very long time.
Jun 2017 · 1.3k
Renée Casey Jun 2017
I feel a pull in my chest;
an ache and a flutter
behind my sternum as if
the bird of my heart is straining
against the prison of my ribs
to be near you.
I don't blame it.
I crave you, too.
Jun 2017 · 334
Renée Casey Jun 2017
I cannot sleep with someone
holding me- I feel
within a lover's embrace
unable to move, twist and toss in my own rhythms.

Hold my hand, fine;
touch my back gently, but please
don't take my freedom in my sleep.  

I cannot sleep with
someone holding me

Why, then, do I crave your touch?
Why do I sink into deep,
still pools of sleep
with such ease
in the shelter of your arms?

And why do I feel its absence when
you're gone?
© Renee Casey June 2017
Jun 2017 · 282
Renée Casey Jun 2017
You kiss
my hand; each fingertip, one by one
slowly, softly
with such deliberate tenderness
that makes my chest
with a feeling I cannot name
that feels a little bit like soaring,
and a little bit like falling,
and a little bit like
coming home.
Jun 2017 · 397
Renée Casey Jun 2017
Our lips are matches
that, struck against each other,
blaze up
brighter than the lights of your city;
brighter than the desert sun, and
I don't want the fire to go out.
So press your lips against mine again.
Strike the match
Let's see how brightly we burn.
©Renée Casey June 2017
May 2017 · 523
Renée Casey May 2017
The wind plays with my hair like a lover. 
I'm left disheveled and laughing.  
I'm drunk on sunlight and that particular shade of blue
of skies that have secrets, and they're not telling.
©Renée Casey May 2017
Mar 2017 · 316
Renée Casey Mar 2017
love is
Mar 2017 · 417
Renée Casey Mar 2017
This feeling yawns
a huge chasm at my feet

Some days I could

right over it.

Some days I'll never
climb up the sides
and I'll sit


here in the dark.
Mar 2017 · 449
ode on a city
Renée Casey Mar 2017
There's a space in my heart shaped
like cloudy skies and rain- spattered glasses.
It's shaped like breathless,
sweeping green and
trees as high as my hopes.

Someday maybe that space will be filled.
Feb 2017 · 442
Renée Casey Feb 2017
I keep fighting
                     shouting at the fog to

                                GO AWAY

but it doesn't hear me.  
and it doesn't care.  

                         So it sits
                                 on my heart
                                           in silence.
Jan 2017 · 488
Renée Casey Jan 2017
Won't this radio go
up any louder?

I can still
hear myself
Jan 2017 · 3.9k
Renée Casey Jan 2017
I used to think I wasn't pretty.
my legs were too big,
my body too tall,
my face too round.  

Then, others started telling me the same.
That I deceived them with my photos
and lied with my camera.
That I told untruths with angles and lighting.

My face is beautiful, and it is mine.
My legs are strong and healthy.
I walk tall with my head high.

My camera. My lighting. Mine.

I choose the angles and the lighting to tell my story.

My hips are wide and ****.
My hands are deft and sure.
My skin is soft and fragrant.
And they're mine.

Not yours.

Go sell your self-loathing to someone else.

I'm not buying.
Dec 2016 · 310
Renée Casey Dec 2016
This feeling is a vise

       that squeezes my heart until it bursts

                                                and pours out my eyes.
Dec 2016 · 333
Renée Casey Dec 2016
I finally realized I don't have to impress anyone.

And, just like that...

                      I was free.
Nov 2016 · 764
Renée Casey Nov 2016
I don't want you to go
I can't stay, either
so here

here's a piece of me.
carry it always.
Aug 2015 · 1.8k
Renée Casey Aug 2015
i listened to an old song today, and it took me back
to breathless august nights
wondering if i'd ever get to kiss you again
or if that one earth-shifting moment was all i'd get
and i'll never forget that.
someday i'll tell you what that song made me feel.
my stormcloud eyes will meet your summer sky eyes
and you'll know how much i loved you.
Aug 2015 · 1.5k
Renée Casey Aug 2015
carbon date me.
trace me back to my beginning.
my inception.

find the catalyst that brought me to this point.
to the me that exists in this moment
on this day

this point in the linear graph titled "MY LIFE"

trace it...
wait. stop.

that's it.
the metamorphosis point.
the moment this me began.

the unfolding of potentials,
the unweaving of my chrysalis.
the opening of avenues of thought and energy.

right... there.

it's you.
Aug 2015 · 560
Renée Casey Aug 2015
Sometimes I want to kiss you
until there's not an inch of you
that hasn't been explored.
I want your collarbone,
your fingertips,
the hollows of your eyes.


I want to kiss you
with my fist.

— The End —