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Renée Casey Sep 2018
yes, there was tequila, and
yes, the alcohol in my blood is
singing, but
I'm drunk on this weather;
the coolness making
your hands on my skin
that much warmer
the way your
eyes hold mine
as we learn each other
the joy that blooms
in the spot between my eyes
at the touch of your lips
the sound of your laugh
thrumming through
my ribcage,
we lean on each other
giggling because we
couldn't possibly do otherwise
the taste of you
in the morning
the way you call me
and mean it
Renée Casey Aug 2018
fall in love
with a man
who has time for you
and is capable of
loving you
Renée Casey Aug 2018
fall in love with a man with arms like
beacons in the night
that promise safe harbor
with eyes that glint with
mirth and optimism
with hands that cannot
get enough of you
with a voice that soothes
with sturdy roots
and a healthy relationship
with his mother
with a man who understands pain
and understands that it doesn't last forever
and understands that joy is the same
who cherishes the tiny beautiful things
fall in love with a man who is thankful
and makes you laugh
that makes you feel welcome
that has stories to tell
and who listens to yours
©Renée Casey August 2018
Renée Casey Jul 2018
flowed over me
like honey
and slow
and golden
I could feel it in the
tips of your fingers
gliding across my bottom lip
your hands
running through my hair
caressing my thighs
tracing the contours of my palms
your lips
leaving goosebump trails
on my neck and collarbone
kissing the freckles
dusting the tops of my shoulders
your voice
humming in approval
of my skin in the lamplight
in your eyes
smiling at me across the table
I have never felt so
in my life

I must remember what it's like
in case I find it again
When things go sideways sometimes it helps to remember the things you cherish.
Renée Casey Jul 2018
many times;
left freckles scattered across my skin.
The sun has kissed me more times than you have,
but just barely.
Renée Casey Dec 2017
I will not wait
for you to
that I am worth
your friendship.

I will not hang
my hopes
on a text message
that may never come.

I have better things to do.
Renée Casey Nov 2017
I don't want to fall asleep
only to wake
to another day
without you in it
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