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Renée Casey Mar 2019
that's the paradox of
submission, isn't it?
how can you take
what's already yours?
Renée Casey Feb 2019
i exposed myself
opened wide the curtains
showed you my body
my desire
and, accidentally
my heart
Renée Casey Jan 2019
Symphony of dreams
Sleep drunk boy whispers to me
Honey sweet moonlight
he woke me up in the wee hours of the morning; i don't know what time it was. he'd had a nightmare (he has them often) and reached out to me for comfort. It's surprising the things that stick with you, and the things you cherish.
Renée Casey Nov 2018
I love you in the future tense
in the crystal ball sense of the word
in that stupid silly daydream kind of way
I love you in the
"let's start something new; we could get it so right"
"come home to Christmas?"
"how could we do anything else when we fit this well?"

maybe this unfurling I feel is the future
or maybe it's my heart
saying maybe it's not too good to be true
maybe this time
but you only have time for now.
Renée Casey Nov 2018
Your eyes hit me
like a bolt of lightning
and the fire we started
burned me to the ground.
Renée Casey Nov 2018
It is not enough
to want to let someone

They must first
on the door
Renée Casey Nov 2018
How do I put into words
How it feels
To let go
And let you love me?
The delicious terror?
The rush of fear/joy/fear
That comes from that feeling
That somehow
This is to good
To be real?
How do I say
How much I want you?
The crush of lust
That leaves me breathless
Every. Single. Time.
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