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243 · Feb 2020
One day
relahxia Feb 2020
One day I shall see a snowflake
and identify with its purity

One day I shall smell a candle
and let it fully fill my lungs

One day I shall listen to the rain
and feel it pouring down my soul

One day I shall sip my tea
and enjoy every gulp of it

One day I shall watch the stars
and see myself running with them

One day I shall look in the mirror
and recognise a beauty previously covert

One day I shall inhale deeply
and exhale as if for the last time

One day I shall close my eyes
happy with the person I've become

One day I'll love myself
just as much as I deserve to

One day.
190 · Mar 28
Movie scene
relahxia Mar 28
Where is the remote control?
Please, mind, stop this movie
I have watched it many times now
Can we change the station?
   Where is the remote control?

My mind blank and my body on hold
Can we rewind,
         will it unfold?

Shivers down my spine
And you said you were mine

Could you stop it?
No, I´m not ready.
Where is the remote control?
Why should you have it?

My mind blank and my body on hold
My heart, out
   My soul, foul

But.. where is the remote control?
You took away from me what was never supposed to be yours.

— The End —