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Aug 2013 · 1.3k
open-ended goodbyes
Reiya Aug 2013
you left.
without a single word
nor a single wave

your smile that should've lingered
much much longer
quickly faded away,

like dust blown,
gone with the wind,
carried on to the vast universe.

"where are you?"
i asked myself
over and over again

i searched for you
went to different corners of the world
just to hear your voice.

alas, i saw you
with another person, another friend
you can cry and laugh on.

i stood there, speechless
wanted to run to you and
say things can be alright again.

but i cannot;
i just left
with tears on my eyes.

you left me.
like a broken toy left by a child
like cold chicken casserole during dinner.

you left me.
but made me believe you'll come back...
come back to make things right again.

you left me.
but you forgot to
say goodbye.
Jun 2013 · 528
ray of light
Reiya Jun 2013
i was all alone
afraid, uncertain
in a blanket of
pitch darkness
everything is black
cannot see anything
my hope depletes

that's when i hear
your voices, they are
like fireflies
they lit up the dark
that made me cold

all this time
being trapped
in sadness
made me miss
the feeling of
being happy
and appreciated

your music
awakened my heart
opened it to warmth
inspired me
to live on

and as i write
this small letter of thanks
for your songs
were a ray of light
to the once-darkness
known as "my life"
This is a poem I write about (and for) AKB0048 :)
Jun 2013 · 394
Reiya Jun 2013
is the absence of

so no one is really
happy all the time
Jun 2013 · 2.5k
Reiya Jun 2013
negative emotions are still
negative emotions
so it's okay to feel them
cry on them
just don't
linger on them
May 2013 · 610
common inspiration
Reiya May 2013
people would sometimes read poems
but there could be times where they
get tired of reading the same
****, every time; every day

"love is so overrated"
yes, yes we all know that; there
are a lot of romance in
the books read, the songs listened

but why is that so? i thought
we love to know about love
makes the heart race, wanting for
more... same feels, diffn't stories

maybe because we always
think of having our very
own prince charmings? princesses?
own happily ever afters?

yes, the heart loves fantasy
the deviance, the frustrations
mind loves reality though:
boring, bland, no sparks, but real

it's okay to write about
the things we want to happen;
yet, there is a precaution
that we all should all remember:

in writing:
fantasy > reality
but in living:
reality > fantasy
May 2013 · 608
(My) Friend
Reiya May 2013
It all started with one small wave
That I have met you, my dear friend
Memories then started to engrave
When you came by; a real godsend.

I've never asked for someone better
My bland life you've put some color
Why would I even wish for a boyfriend,
When I've got you, my one true friend?

You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry
Some nights we even got so high
I try my best, every free weekend I got
We would hang out anywhere and eat a lot.

Your surprises gave me much joy:
The little things I’m grateful for.
When I am down, you pick me up
Gave me the strength I need, my friend.

I may have wronged you in some way
The things I’ve done, the words I’ve said
Yet, you find ways for us to amend
I thank you, (and sorry for those!), my dear friend.

But then one day, something changed
You’ve stopped the laughter and the games
We weren’t the same as before,
Where is the “we” that we used to enjoy?

“Dear I’ve missed you, how are you now?”
Days have passed, waiting the reply
You’ve replied, alas! You said “ciao”,
I thought it’s “hello,” but it was “goodbye”.

No reasons, no closure, still you left
Mad as I am, I didn’t care
Bubbling up inside me, this bowl of hate
I didn’t want this, this bitter fate.

The flames died down, also did my fear
Of losing someone, who’s always been so dear
It took guts, but then I approached you
“I’m sorry”, I said, the tears weren’t few.

You said nothing, expression’s blank
Double-checked if this was a prank
Your lifeless face remained in sight
My dear friend had recently died.

I shouted your name, right out loud
Even said the things that we have vowed
It was too late, you’ve gone to rest
Myself I then began to detest.

I put all the blames on me
For being so weak and a crybaby
For not admitting my past mistakes;
To save our friendship, whatever it takes.

It was hard, but I accepted
A big part of me has already ended.
So, goodbye my dear, I’ll never forget
How I had someone like you, my one true friend.
May 2013 · 1.1k
Reiya May 2013
behind every smiling girl,
are the tears she’s been trying to hide
may there be times she wants to hurl
letting her pride down, she just let them slide.

sticks and stones, breaking bones
yet words seem painless, seem light.
those were the words she believes on;
battling her great weakness with all her might.

people may laugh, people may mock
repeatedly she says, “I’m fine, I’ll be alright”
as she lays in bed all alone, save for a clock,
she cries and cries as long as the night.

at first glance, she looks so strong
it was only to hide away her true self
she’s fragile, won’t stay sturdy for long
her feelings she stack up on her shelf.

so if you see a girl who smiles with glee,
remember that she’s in a battle, fights night and day
for you not to ask in worry:
“hey, are you okay?”

— The End —