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  Oct 2020 RK
My body is weary from the aching times that makes me feel like a burden.
My head feels great weight.

My throat constantly sores from screaming my lungs out just to reach out.
My voice has run dry.

My skin sense a scorching sun from within that it aches my insides.
I could see the pain.

But I know it's not the virus.
Heal one's self.
RK Oct 2020
Nagsisiliparan na yaong mga paniki,
hudyat na magsisimula na ang gabi
‘Di nakatakas ang kiliti ng paru-paro sa aking tiyan,
gayong maggagabi naman
Nakahanda na ang tinola,
para sa mga bisitang nais ay ang kamay kong nangangatog
Ngunit ‘di lang naman ako ang nanginginig,
kundi si Mario rin naman
Oh kay malas!
Tumilaok yaong manok,
nanaginip nanaman pala akong may irog,
na liligawan kagaya noong unang panahon.
RK Apr 2020
Before you leave me,
could you tell me you love me
‘Coz I need it now
I’m inured to hidden love
Please assure my anxious heart
RK Apr 2020
Just like in my life,
struggling so hard and rough
Disheveled woman,
uncombed decisions were made
Frightful head filled messy hair
RK Apr 2020
Sitting on my bed,
harking back my memories
Can’t go play outside,
just want to mend the crisis
Can’t play but pray for healing
RK Apr 2020
People will thank God,
For new chapter of this trek,
We’re not born for bucks
We’ll go back to our labor
For a new own accretion

— The End —