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Reif Airen Oct 2019
It was from a book I hold
A lot of stories yet to be told
Containing magic and wonders to unfold
Journeys of heroes brave and bold.

It was from a book and all thag it contain
The stories and experiences that will remain
All the knowledge I continuously gain
Will all be kept inside my brain.

It was from a book that I developed my skills
Brought me the things that would remain still
Allowed me to travel through lands and hills
With timeless excitement and thrill.

It was from a book wherein I learned
From where I felt the longingness I yearned
The things in reality that cannot be earned
It was from a book that the world has turned.
Reif Airen Sep 2019
You left me in despair,
A heart beyond repair,
You said that you would care,
You promised that you'll always be there.

You left me with all these lies,
Broken promises that I now despise,
The dreams that I have, now gone in the skies,
And all was left are goodbyes.

You left me in this journey, my love,
You left me whe I gave everything I have,
At first, I thought of you as pure as a dove,
I thought you were a gift from above.

But you left me, now I'm all alone,
Lost and out of the zone,
The happy days we have are now gone,
And you left me, and all of this are done.
Reif Airen Sep 2019
My only job is to make you happy
Even though sometimes I become sloppy
Seeing you smile is a gift for me
My heart flutters, I'm in full glee

Impersonating cartoons
Making animal balloons
Are all the things that I do
Starting from daylight, ending in full moon

Kids and kids at heart
I've been with them from the start
If they are sad, wanting to break apart
They come to me and all will restart

However, there are times that they can't see
What is behind, what is happening to me
All the sadness and pain that I wanted to erase
In my heart, they all started to raise

The circle of thoughts and emotions
All coming out in different motions
Wanting me to break up, leading me destruction
Setting me away to a sadder direction

Although it comes, I won't let it be
Distract me from my thoughts or even hurt me
For their smile, whenever I see
The sadness and pain vanishes from me

For them, I promise to continue
The things that I do
Performing acts in circus show
That all the hearts would shine and glow
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Reif Airen Sep 2019
I am a little scarecrow, standing in the farm all day
Made out of straws,twigs and hay
When the crows come, I made them go away
To protect them farm where I stay.

I am here all along
All day and all night long
Guarding the farm, firm and strong
While listening to the bird's song.

The crows that flies within the farm
Keeps on landing in my arms
Preventing them to do any harm
By using all of my charms.

For my job is a hard one
Always under the sun
But once I get my job done
It feels fulfilling and fun.

This is me
This is what I'm meant to be
Come to the farm and you'll see
Or you can also play with me.
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Reif Airen Sep 2019
At the center you could see
A huge cauldron that shines brightly
Full of colors gleaming playfully
Glistening off, far and free.

Look at it, be amazed
Be enthralled with every gaze
Popping bubbles, in a cauldron ablaze
Letting you wonder, leaving you in daze.

Enchanting colors in primary
Adding of shades, analogously
Selection of colors in complementary
At the base of the cauldron it mixes wildly.

Come and you could tell
A cauldron that would let you dazzle
Gawking in awe as the eyes fell
Together with wonders and its marvel.
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Reif Airen Sep 2019
Having you would take a lot of time
Make me cross different paths and borderlines
Costing plenty, a lot of dime
Just for me to call you mine

One thing I know for sure
You are the man of my dreams
My long awaited future
The co-leader of my team

You are my knight
The one who gives me light
Into the darkness of the night
My direction when things are out of sight

Forever you'll be
Very special to me
Waiting for the time that I'll see
You and I will be together as "we"

— The End —