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your soul is eyesore
but it's you that i'd die for
wish i was one of your kind

and i would wage any world war
and sit in the downpour
to kiss the pain in your lines
id on all of your crimes
reef joseph Mar 28
i'm sorry that i missed your calls
i was scrubbing your name off all my walls
and you left my place with tears on your face
because you woke up to the sound of those weeping guns
this ended up being more than fun
but i never thought i would see you run
no i never thought you would see me run

one day we'll make it to the stars
reef joseph Mar 19
and the words swell
at the root of my throat
like blood and sweet sweet bile
they drip down my rippling skin
i want to tell you, dear
i see how your eyes turn grey when it rains
and how you touch your neck
when you are afraid

but i cannot speak
i keep those angry bees caged down
between my vertebrae and muscles and sinews
because you're just a friend
and that's all
you'll ever be
reef joseph Mar 4
i hate to hear
the disjointed chugging
of that hot and gurgling *****
pounding below my throat

with its sanguine deliveries
forcing metalled sludge
around my ballooning veins
it batters my senses

be silent
my heart
of be silenced
reef joseph Mar 4
this morning when i split eggs
and watched the fluids fall into the hot metal pan
to bask in butter and oils and salt
two yolks drew clean of the shell, two smiling suns

and i wondered if this was a thing of luck
or a ghastly mutation
two unborn twins of an avian persuasion
about to go down my gullet

i suppose it is up for interpretation
the proverbial double yolk
two lives lost could nourish
the one i occupy, until i break and bellow
like that eggshell
reef joseph Feb 14
the smell of cigarettes
can be gone with a shower
some of my whitening toothpaste
gone forever

tattoos, they have permanence
that an electric laser
can etch away with ease

how to do I rid myself of you
if the only answer is time
the only resource I need
and im running out
reef joseph Feb 13
sound like nicotine
water etching against the bathtub
blood soap and porcelain
ice in the cavities of my heart
eventualities we left far behind
with the endless supply of could-have
and some songs sound like you

and they taste like honeyed ***
thats been tasted too long
like brain freeze i can’t stop replaying
because this sound
nicotine and you
is more addictive
than a burning cigarette
you light me
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