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It was so many months ago,
On the feast of the deceased,
Jack-o-lanterns' gleaming glow,
Soul tormented by savage beast.

Overworked and overstretched,
On cold nights, with howling wolves,
Loneliness had scratched and etched;
Pride been trampled by heavy hooves.

Agony ached through my body,
Poisoning mind and spirit's heart.
Workmanship's been so shoddy,
Every day was a hard start.

And so I thought, 'Why am I here?'
'Nobody cares or even thinks of me,'
'Only torment strikes mine ear,'
'Better to shut up and dare not plea.'

So they checked me out of school,
Bunch of suits forced me to hospital,
Examined by creeps while on the stool;
Why was everyone so hostile?

That night, I tried to fall asleep,
Poison and toxins flying 'round,
Cruel cameras watching me weep,
Whatever happiness had been drowned.
I put off writing this one for a whole week, because this one was very personal to me. For those of you who follow me, this is the explanation of my suicide crisis.
Sure, the Huns may be stronger, faster,
But I’ll tell you first, it’s not disaster.
They may be fearless, vice-less,
And the stakes this day are priceless.

That must weigh heavy on your mind,
And it might away at your spirits grind.
It makes your heart burn, your blood race,
But on this day, they will be erased.

They come, by day, by night,
To conquer us and flex their might.
Tonight, we’ll break their endless siege,
Perhaps we’ll **** their liege!

Let the sun blot with countless arrow,
They fly like the chattering sparrow.
Perhaps most will simply miss,
And you shall brave the wooden blitz.

That one, slash his head from his shoulder!
Watch it fall off like a fleshed-out boulder;
That’s it, keep riding, they’re already breaking!
Your wives will, on your return, be waiting.

Go back to hell from whence you came!
Of the besiegers, we’ve killed and maimed!
Haha, look at them run, back to their mothers;
Keep them running for a hundred summers!
This one's about the Hunnic invasions in about 500 AD.
Tonight I’ll go into the copse of firs
Where I last saw her, and love blossomed
I remember lust, a face plastered on hers
And the love that was then awesome.

But those woods are black and empty
So barren now and without life.
Rocks cut my shoes, once just lumpy.
There’s not a bird that chirps a fife.

The sun sets and frost nips my nose
I still remember the vibrant red rose.
The ice beneath, it chills my toes.
And the little brook, it’s now froze.

Without you, I just can’t exist
I still remember that last kiss.
Without you, I count the hours
And I watch the death of flowers.

Without you, My heart cries out
For sadness to be dispelled--
Without you, Life means nothing
And I ache with lack of loving.

Without you, There’s no catharsis
Why was I then so heartless?
Without you, There’s only blackness
No salvation from this sadness.
This one means a lot to me. I made it in October 2013 when I was going through a suicide crisis...
Three months passed with the clock’s clack;
Let’s take a moment and look straight back.
You’re a great guy and I really do love you;
So, right now, here’s the tale of us two.

It was so long ago, in that crazy game;
That I first saw you, and you I’d claim.
I couldn’t stop staring in those eyes of soil;
Right then and there did my heart boil.

Then we first met in that glittering mall;
I was taken aback - I was naught but thrall.
But then at night’s apex you plant a kiss -
Believe me now; it was nothing but bliss!

Only a few weeks ago, you took my flower;
Then you let it bloom in wondrous power.
Now, look at me - an insatiable lover!
You were the one, the one to discover.

Of course, there were bumps and cracks;
And in my mind they’re still fresh tracks.
But that simply doesn’t matter to me;
Because, it’s still us and we.

In closing, our great love, it still shines;
Still so sweet and pure like fine wines.
Even then, it’s still a brightening dawn;
One that has only just begun.
I made this for a "lady friend" of mine.
Golden sun sets on the concert house;
The hellish day, it’s now been dowsed.
Asphalt night and onyx skies,
Crowds and crowds of endless size.

Yet it rises on the wooden stage;
Burning, scorching, lunar rage.
Curtains of lapis suspended,
For a show that’s highly splendid.

The bands, they take up their instruments,
Checking function with much diligence.
The azure slides, the crowd’s boisterous,
Let’s send them home filled and joyous!

Strum and strike, music sounds and hikes.
Mystically does it flow, no break or pause.
Number after number, avalanche of applause.
Now they’re screaming and whistling! Yikes!

The night wears on, and sapphires glisten,
In skies of turquoise and warm transition.
Marmalade sunrise, it goes on and on!
But nowhere in the hall is there a yawn.

The crowds recede like biped cattle,
An endless, drunken, random rabble.
The next noon, the hall’s still defiled.
Music echoes in their heads, meanwhile.
We’ve been herded by hook and crook,
To obey convention, and read textbook.
The uniformity is maddening,
And the subjects are baffling.

The whole wide world is grand and open;
Why cordon the mind off in a tiny token?
Rules were meant to be broken,
To usher change and issue motion.

Creativity, art, they build up cultures,
Not to be picked at by robotic vultures.
They always nitpick and they scavenge,
Intent on making things a challenge.

Passion is the cornerstone of all,
It survives when things are squall.
It’s the sun that rises within you,
Makes you things you never knew.

Question everything, for your good;
You’ll find more than you ever could.
Explore everything, be curious;
For the world out there is glorious.

Challenge everything, be skeptical;
Your brain is knowledge’s receptacle.
Think outside, and break the rules;
Don’t blindly follow, like the fools.
I close my eyes, only for a moment, and the moment’s gone
All my dreams flash before my eyes, a curiosity
Vivid lands roll beyond into the horizon
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind

Same old song, just a drop of water in an endless sea
Poseidon, his waters will swallow all, eventually
All we do crumbles to the ground, though we refuse to see
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind

Don’t hang on, nothing lasts forever but the earth and sky
Just relax, let the canyons echo your shrillest cry
It slips away, all your money won’t another minute buy
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind

Close your eyes, and let eternal peace overtake you
Stop struggling, ‘cause in your place life will grow anew
Don’t protest, ‘cause this is just too much to make it through
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind

Look around, see the land growing fertile and green
Time will pass, soon enough they will bear the bean
Let it go, there’s no one else on whom you can lean
Dust in the wind, all they are is dust in the wind

Forever, the one time into which nothing will last
In heaven, please don’t relive your crazy past
Carry on, we will, ‘cause the world’s infinitely vast
Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind
It's based off of KANSAS' "Dust in the Wind" song. My school's show choir was singing this song.
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