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Reagan Brooks Sep 22
Now, welcome to England in Post-Brexit Britain, doesn’t even matter cause the government won’t listen,
But even when I breathe it feels like a new pollution,
Climate change and retribution,
There is no solution,
Even though I thought about it,
Suicide just ain’t the answer,
I ain’t a politician so I ain’t a dancer,
And no one thing we are not forgetting this,
Cause if I ended life here I’d only end up regretting it,
And Boris he just shuts his ears and his eyes,
I’m sick of all these top geezers telling lies,
What is the prize?
An EU generation, at least we’re celebrating pride, we can never hide,
An ocean getting a higher tide,
But we leave our litter in the street,
And tell everyone to eat, just a little less meat,
But get on a plane and go in sane,
Why aren’t we all just hypocrites?
Are we just as bad as the people at the top?
You know we’re all gonna rot,
And I ain’t gotta spot,
Just a bed, just a hospital cot,
From birth to life, in the middle never stop,
And where are these crusades,
You know that we’re all evil,
Everyone is temperamental,
Another bombing, in a different country,
But we run it from the UK, don’t you think that’s funny?
We got Syrians, Sudanese, all these children on our conscience,
Ain’t this a wrong thing,
I’m so sorry that we do this to you,
I wish that I could get this through to you,
But what can I do?
I ain’t go no power,
Just keep green for one hour,
And keep going until I shut my eyes,
But I don’t want to die,
But what else can I do that will help in this life? I guess just apologise?
Reagan Brooks Apr 10
Anarchy in the UK,
A British Monarchy gone wrong,
Too much immigration,
A nine month Brexit delay,
A focus on the US and Russia,
Has blinded us from our own fate

I walk from 1966 when we’re winning on,
Just got rid of the death penalty ten years ago,
Now, I look at all these people,
Entering multiculturalism they’ll never understand,
With guns and knives in each hand,
We’re back at the 11 riots,
With looting and terrorism as our thresholds and business stocks

I’ll trade in my grenade for your blade,
I’ll cut did into the economic trade,
I’ll be a clean MP with stacks in countries outside of the EU and force you to leave,
Or I’ll force you to remain and the country will still bleed,
You can’t fix something when it’s broken from the inside out

Have you even studied our history?
Or colonialism, or is it a mystery to you?
Have you even looked at past tense?
Or is something that you can’t comprehend?
That your beautiful country ***** and savaged all the others before it became the famous island that it has

We are so focused on Russia and America,
That we forget our own countries hysteria,
There are people who are homeless and others who aren’t free,
Rotting in prison when they’re not supposed to be,
Dying in a hospice where a death could be preventative,
Just because what the doctor ordered was another sedative, they didn’t need

Oh goodness will you just stop and listen,
You complain about the other lands,
When really you should be focusing on your motherland,
Cause we are so focused on fixing others with are million grand,
That we forget about the people living in poverty where they’d only need a helping hand

And no one gives us anything;
You get nothing free in life,
And the news is so utterly focused on knife crime,
But it’s used for racism and immigration policies,
How would you feel if you were the minority?
Well that’s how you’re about to feel they’ll say,
But we’ll they couldn’t be more wrong in either way,
Cause it doesn’t matter if you live in the UK,
Multiculturisms staying whether you voted to leave or stay
Reagan Brooks Feb 21
Why should I have to make a tribute?
If time was up I wouldn’t have to,
I wouldn’t have to make a statement,
By the clothes I wear or how I do my make-up or by a pin or a badge,
Which is what they will judge me for in court

Why should I have to make a tribute?
Have you seen the things I’ve seen,
If so you’d do way more than a tribute,
You’d protest your aggressor,
And maybe even try to hurt them like they’ve hurt you,
I’ve seen people do it

Why should I make a tribute?
So that I can be safe from a man,
Or a woman, who is trying to abuse me,
Why can’t I be safe wherever I go?
I should be able to walk naked in the streets without being touched

Why should I make a tribute?
In a fancy gown, on a fancy red carpet,
When everyone here knows what’s happening in Hollywood,
But you only think it’s happening in Hollywood? Cause let me tell you it’s not

Why should I make a tribute?
Because I am small country girl from England and I have a voice,
A voice that I will use,
I have power, I have choice,
I can use it to my advantage,
And I’m not scared of perpetrators,
I’m not scared to be vulnerable,
So come and get me

Why should I make a tribute?
Because so many others can’t,
And I should use my platform,
To fight for what I know is the right thing

Why should I make a tribute?
Why should I make a tribute?
Why should you make a tribute?
Use your power for god sake please,
Because I am just a small country girl,
And I have no voice,
But my voice can be heard from you,
Please make a tribute
Reagan Brooks Jan 16
I wrote about you,
On a rose tinted mirror,
In my lipgloss and I kissed it,
Pretending I was kissing you,
And then I blushed,
And waved myself another one,
It’s sad to think that there will be no more,
Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses,
Little wishes,
That you give me,
On my birthday and maybe Christmas,
That I won’t be making anymore lists

I wrote about you,
In my notebook and my bullepoint journal,
Every page and every entry,
Scribbled your name,
I even drew you,
Me and you together,
Every line had your face,
And how I miss you,
Just wanna be with you,
That’s just teenage love,
And how I miss you,
Just wanna be with you,
You know, that’s just teenage love

I still write about you,
But I write songs now,
Oh, how we’ve both evolved,
I’ve guess I’ve outgrown you,
But I just want to show you,
So you know the truth

And I guess I miss you,
Cause I write about you still,
Though, not in the same way,
Cause now I regret you,
And I want to forget you,
So I write about you,
But this is the last time
The bees are in my head again,
The bees are in my head,
They buzz and buzz and buzz and buzz,
And sting and sting and sting

The black fogs in my head again,
A cloud across my eyes,
It throws me off the tilted edge,
And beckons an ominous sky

The waters crashing waves my friend,
My head has set on fire,
God knows for me I wish the end!

But do I really?
Oh get rid of these bees?
But I want to live?
Just get rid of this buzzing?
But they buzz and they sting,
And they bring these dark clouds;
And throw me off those tilted edges,
To fall into an ominous sky,
Where the waves are crashing,
And my head is on fire,
God knows for me I wish the end!

It’s just a little bee,
It’s just a little buzzing,
It’s just a little sting,
Only on a dark day,
And the water is calm,
And nothing is really on fire,
God knows for me I do not really wish the end.
Reagan Brooks Dec 2018
I remember the pain,
I remember the laughter,
I remember every page,
I remember every chapter,
I remember that face;
When I saw it for the first time,
I remember those tiny feet,
Those hands and those eyes.

I remember you crawling,
I remember you walking,
I remember you crying,
I remember you talking,
I remember your first word,
I remember it all,
I will always remember,
I thought I’d just let you know.

I remember the first day that you went to school,
I remember your friends,
I remember a little you,
And to me you’re still little,
To me you’re still mine,
And you always will be,
I remember your smile.

I remember the great days,
I remember the bad;
I remember the happy days,
I remember the sad,
I remember you were hurt,
But I always hurt more,
I remember consoling you,
And I remember it all.

I remember you’re a teenager,
I remember those years,
In the times you found it easy,
And the times you’ve found it hard,
I remember those days,
I remember it all.

I remember you in school and at university,
I remember when I finally set you free,
I remember you moving into your own house,
I remember you’re wedding day,
And you’re all grown up,
I remember it all,
Please don’t worry,
I will always remember.
Reagan Brooks Dec 2018
I am asleep but feel,
The scratches on my back,
The nails upon my window ledge,
I smell the smell,
Of something rotting,
Below, below, below.

I mix up all of my cauldron,
And fall into a potion,
And cast away these demons,
That fall upon me,
As an omen,
Below, below, below.

I exorcise these spirits,
And swipe sage in the halls,
I read my future cards,
And now my outcome now,
Will be,
Below, below, below.

I serve a higher power,
It crawls beneath my skin,
Like a spider,
In a web,
But it wears away so thin,
Below, below, below.

And the ominous wind howls,
And it blows between the trees,
As I walk up to the forest,
To fulfill my destiny,
Where I will travel,
Below, below, below.
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