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Razo Jan 2018
Highway chasin', lotto cashin
Stashin' out the vehicles to the homies
Girl cheating but I still answer the call
I can block her but she can't stand me
I just relapsed, coincidentally my phone tapped.
Take a seat on his lap, making him proud; clap clap
Paper chasin', police statin',
Mom fainting in the living room
we fight, awake she says im loved
She the key to m heart
When the Glass Shatters, It never Matters
'Cept when you need a fix tomorrow
Looking through the blinds of homes,
forgetting the items you 'tole.
Story be told, I'm made of gold.
Uncut, Original
Lucky, Nonfictional
We busted from the frictions
No rubbers, but I stutter when I lie
Razo Nov 2016
You think trying would get you a good outcome,
but **** no my efforts are meaningless.
Fed up with the accusations and verbal abuse.
Just pick and choose if it's me or really you. Tired of the fighting, expired of the lying.
Get a grip, and don't let loose.
You'll come to fall with no feet to land on, you'll hide and clap in applause.  
Stop all the negatory, you just hold me back. Too quick to be the one to attack.
I lost defense, and you're just too senseless.
Make some ****** sense of yourself and I'll make some cents for myself.
You're the back door rug that keeps making me trip,
if I just  stood up maybe I could dip.
Yes I used lie.
Yes I used to make you unhappy.
Kept coming back and wouldn't cut me slack.
Realization and consideration got me to change my act.
Accept the facts of my mistakes.
Don't bring it up but you don't know how to shut the **** up.
You hang onto the past, but I hang onto you. The truth of your father is unspeakable,
I'm sorry he did that, it's unbelievable.
You could leave us alone so I could slit his throat.
That's besides the fact of me trying to show you.
That I care and I always try to show support. Don't you dare put your hands on me or expect a letter from court.
Cut me short when I speak, on the outside your weak.
Inside you're so beautiful, I wouldn't trade you for diamonds.
The truth here is to be told, I'm so serious about our relationship,
don't hesitate and I try to get you to work before your late.
I launder your clothes, and fold all the fabrics.
I stay and wait for you at home
When you could be gone at the casino.
Blow up some bucks, I could careless for these jealous *****.
I'm not your property, but I can say your mine.
I won the lottery, it was everything no one else could give me.
The little things like coming to see me every night, the miles, the highs and the lows.
Not giving up makes me not give up.
I gave up the truth, and I nearly puked speaking of it.
I love you Mon Amour, you're everything I could ask for.
You make me sore for your love, I can't sugarcoat it either.
Razo Nov 2016
Car rides, blowing smoke, ignorance is bliss, so is smoking dope.
Keep watch, tuck below. Take a ****, you said you'd be right back and i'm still holding this **** in since we last spoke.
City lights, plane flights. Breathe some air, keep chill.
Take a chill pill just relax, keep still here's some lax.
This town overdosed, kids missing found dead. Vision blurry, getting red.
Pay attention to the Feds.
Their just fiends, they're not your friends.
This life I know
This life I was drug into
Gotta watch yourself, gotta watch your back.
They do it for the high, they do it for the cash.
Quick to getting your cards stolen for a free stash.
Steady steady, think outside the box.
They will yank you, yes they're called the cops.
Take it easy. Do what they say.
Or you'll be in handcuffs, wishing you were praying.
Prison is where the dogs go. Jail is where the ****** go.
Guns in the Trunk, gloves on my hands.
Leave no evidence, I'm not punk.
Those around you, will impact your reputation,
Those around you may impact your temptation.
Bring my bag, bring a change of clothes.
Put these on, you're tagging along.
The faces and cases of all the **** and it's users.
You might run into one while with your folks.
Or you might be running from your family to find a ****.
Don't poke, edits aren't good.
Easy to catch a case,
hard to come up on a empty parking space
It will remain forever, never let you free
Razo Oct 2016
Lately I have a downy Frown
Letters read have clearly Degraded
Supposed was Angrily written
Hot Hands, here's a Mitten
Stand up Fast, Lookin a tad Dizzy
Stay on your Toes, Keep Bizzy.
you can say it out LOUD.
But I know you still think about it
When you're all Alone.
Thoughts rummage-in
Cool Down, Hurry the Air is getting Thick
Everybody looking Sick.
Follow the Trace, keep Quiet.
If you're not, we will find you silent.
Hide your Face, it's too Late now.
The Wolves Too are on The Prowl
Razo Oct 2016
Have you ever thought that  you would need me ?
You have been  not just for the company,
But for the decency to call me your accessory
You need someone to have a shoulder to cry on
Oor just needed someone to be little to a lower degree
Later they became a **** to ride on
I love your presence when you make me feel pleasure
Especially when we make love to a greater measure.
On the other hand you hid away your emotions
Folded away away and written away angrily.
I expected we found it
You said "I know what you're about."
depending on whether I should be Sappy or proud
Turned the page remained,  you're just a Dope ***.
No way in this world is that true,
I felt my self turn unglued
Razo May 2016
What do you do when the kid wont put his hands up?
After robbing liquor store with some friends, quantity of four.
The police gunned them down,
hesitation, dropped them to the floor.
Parents were notified, so they
So they were aware of the crimes.
Crimes that were committed,
was learned from the peers they surrendered with.
Became the center of media,
hugs from those trying to sweeten it all with stevia.
The town surrounds the family,
knowing they'll be at the same ****.
Everyone paired, slightly scared.
The truth is they never payed no 'ttention or cared.
Your closest friend will push you under a bus,
through thick and thin there was trust.
Soon you'll get under through it all.
   Acting out.
Getting laid and Breaking the Law.
Beginning the new ways of how that life works.
I heard they tend to use spoons,
   instead of forks.
Addicts push away the plates,
  they hate pork.
Ignore what your mom says, cork
What'll you say when she's gone
When your outside mowing the lawn
Razo Dec 2015
Met this ***** when I was eleven,
I'm sure I've told you his name is Devon.
Face to face when he was telling me off,
back when all the teachers told me to stop.
Ever since middle school we've been pals,
leaving school smelling quite foul.
Living right down the road from one another,
both of us watching out younger brothers,
In the morning we met at the bus stop,
with the ***** he's about to pop.
Some fools that never learned to treat me right,
holding his phone, recording his fist fight.
Never left his side, never left his side
We got caught up in some relationships,
each & every mistake, brought upon a guilt trip
Pouring out our issues, all became up in smoke
***** after *****, *** after ***
Dropping him off to sleep with your girl bro,
Check if Devon is on your wife's cell phone,
your sheets might smell like my best friends cologne
My disease, makes my heart skip a beat,
talking to you bring me to my feet.
It is funny to think back at that time,
because now were sharing a crystal line,
We have been through so much together
Imagining our lives in the future
You're special, you're strong, loving and kind,
no matter who's there you'll speak your mind.
Think of all the times you've spent without me,
while i'm staring down at my tattooed feet.
Words could never describe how I feel,
maybe you do, I kept it forever real.
Forever finding the right words to tell,
I was the one who catch you when you fell...
There's no such thing as a sunny moment,
due to all the clouds that we have token.
Plenty of things have gone so wrong,
at least we have been through it all alone.
When you pushed me in the Walmart cart,
certainly nothing could drive us apart.
When you call, I will be at your side
especially for all the times we've cried.
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