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ravyn Jul 4
hands brushing the small of my back; my shoulder
a flinch and a question
hands dragging me down, grasping at my hands and calves and ankles
pulling me down to his level
incarcerated for imagined crimes
drunk but were they? is it fair? should they know?
hands brushing the small of my back; my shoulder
ravyn Jul 4
theres a danger to redheads
twisted legends
their freckles arent souls but beware
if they ask to have your name
red to white to red; life to death to decomposition
theyre of a lost breed, of softly whispered promises, of favors
theres a danger to the wild ones
ravyn May 5
if you are reading this
i am alive
through these words
that may escape your mind
but lingered for just a moment
ravyn May 5
go back back back
timelines corrupted like data
If (i die) Then
    (no one gets hurt)
    (i **** again)
chop chop
no control or is this just me
curse of bandersnatch
wake up again
run through the motions
frosties or sugar puff puff pass
its your choice
but its not
no one will let me choose
ravyn May 5
im inconsequential
i dont understand why im
living every day
a mirror of the last;
traversed on the 8:45
everythings a construct but
really youve only sent me further down
this knowledge hasnt set me free
nothing can
im ******* pacman
ravyn May 5
lovesick fool,
writing prose on
crumpled paper napkins,
never seen but by baristas
and coffee cake crumbs

lovesick fool,
listening to love laments
with ears and hearts open,
laughing at lyrical la-di-dahs
while dancing the do-si-do

lovesick fool,
but is it so foolish to love?
ravyn Jan 9
Under the endless empty sky
Void of any things and all
Lived a little danger boy
Held a knife before his fall

Little danger boy met little danger friends
Encouragement only goes so far
Until they reach their ends
Blades and Falls and Harms that mar
The Outside of the Soul
And a garden grows in the bandaid covered knees and scattered holes

Little danger friends would scream and laugh their happy cries
Scabs and Neosporin go so far in their little eyes
With their blood and tears and laughs they pay the price for fun
But it only lasts so far until little danger boy is done

Little danger boy knew the dreaded time had come
But when the eleventh hour came he instead sung
why do I have to do this? wasn't I a good little boy?
And god answered no and sent him with His ploy

So little danger boy set aslashing and asmashing
Wetting His holy blade with blood and bone
All his little danger friends gone and no more sun to be shone

The sky went dark
The stars blinked out
And little danger boy began to shout
please god why? am I now alone?
And god answered yes and thereabout
Cried little danger boy
the void has even left me
even Nothing has gone out
wrote this at 4 am
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