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Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Let prayer my maker,
Would never be set afar.
Crying out kind glory,
Boil this heart ever unbar.

Ye vigorous in power
Has no match contrast where are?
Run drought wide granary,
All that breed need not debar.

I submit solemn myself
Thy feet O great God!
Liberate soul from frenzy sin.
Put earnest breath alter lot.
Prayer to the almighty.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Psyche a thing, mainly planned of divine craze,
Not the product perpetuate by singular technical base;
Or an effective assumption made in artistic race,
Universally accepted creed prove its multi logic trace.

As psyche ever enjoys boon of immortality
Preserve truth magnetism surely not loose symphonic authority:
No bar can move psyche frequent all round voluntarily,
Truth may try in lap possess extreme poverty.

Psyche is somewhat deliberated having a vengeful nature,
Holding power to bruise her foe with ******;
Same bold pace of truth aghast a feigner,
Alteration in many live reveal perhaps specific character.

Hence, I say truth is another form of psyche,
Neither it can obliterate nor meet rejoice.
Comparison between the nature of truth and psyche.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
To run after material fame
Counted not rich sensitive game;
Among wealth, *** and love affairs,
Character is above all arbiter.

As adorn ornament each bridal's limb,
An artist make active clumsy-wart-stone;
Company bear trophy by aggressive troops
Oblige character graceful at distress grown;

The character die seldom minus bloom,
Yet en-lights personalty fade in gloom;
Usually left little paid proper care,
Although always seen inclined sincere;

Certain place customary said temple
Where almighty's statue noted install
Estimated body deserving only when;
Thermal of character never fall;

Effort need to build the character
Honesty and endurance are weapon mere;
By effacement total thought rankle
And block pulse hide egotism perennial;

Good name lost can regain later
But character pleases rare if blot;
A richest jewel survive human tread;
Turn soul ill, fret, spiritless on rot.
Beauty of Character in life.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Vicissitude may pollute
Thy consecrate frame
Yet never be out
Little from propagate aim
With sound endeavor
Healthy optimism
And energetic fruitful labor
Drink joy of resolved whim.
The encouragement tonic for progressive generation.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Mostly, we find people talking,
Devoted zeal at ground of love;
But what's what it absolute landing
Towards a selfish motto rough;
I do hear them joining murmur,
With eyes demonstrate hilarious glitter.

Should not consider *** and enjoyment,
The boon one falls when love,
Not either same is wreath insignificant
Soften ride prompt growth deserve,
Alike fragment of everlasting smell,
Confirm sign that prime glory dwell.

It has power alter the plot
Sweep up straw in heavenly class,
A lover to nation called patriot,
Love for duty pleases every gross -
Best form of love honest be,
About His total creation and He?
Spirituality is glorified under the mask of love to creation.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Blot out the whole emerging gesture
To demonstrate leading astray thy pace;
Don't rebound to toil and wrestle,
Be temperate tilt not at any rate!

Outrun ne'er surpass in celebrity quartan,
Submission ties settle better productive gain;
Prepare to ignite flame of fixed canon
Must evade excruciate feeble in vain;

Riches give delight yet defend not,
Slaking thirst aqua less attract rabies;
Pride of sagacity weak riot crazy spot,
Mere contentment if alive relay miseries;

Deny not troth behave alike recuperation
Spurt what ambition turn amative thee;
Man! thou hold energy to alter cultivation
Please the almighty by culminating blemish free;

Only provident would give certain dexterity
With vigour, venture, assume design marvelous;
Where its sacred light confirm privity:
Personality seems observing rare not fabulous.
The power of providential nature.
Ravindra Kumar Jun 2013
Human is not humane,
Though he is in provision -
To fledge pride the nation;
Yet living with fancy own bloom on.

Others pine shakes not his vein.
What purport even defy thy majesty,
Ever eager find enjoying biting priority.
It is who ****** a gentle brain
Petty deed sweep origin blood in drain.
Improvident nature of modern human being.
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