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Aug 9 · 26
i can/t
raquezha Aug 9
I cannot breathe, the first time you ask me to leave
I cannot sleep, my knees keep trembling and I feel so weak

My stomach is pulling me in and out of my mind
I'm loosing myself in sickness and in fray
All I wanted is to be okay, till death rip me apart

I cannot close my eyes,
I'm melting inside
I kept hearing words, letters, numbers and voices
I needed time, space and the unknown

pull me back up
throw me out
throw me up
let me out
breathe in
and spiral me out
this needs to stop

I cannot breathe, the first time you ask me to leave
I was staring right back at you
staring deep into those eyes
so deep, that I cannot let this happen

How can I let this celestial beauty pass by
I want to dive deep inside those binary eyes
Explose the undiplomatic universe
I'll shoot my self into flare
Wander in every unknown galaxies
Watch the all the stars explode
all the black holes implode
Watch us our soul perform the ablation
I'll ride the Oort Cloud
Navigate every quadrant
Jump from planet to planet
And discover the hidden truth about those eyes
those psychotic and hypnotic eyes

Why would you not let me in? Inside those beautiful head of yours?
Now, I cannot breathe again, and again, and again and again
None of us can leave, Neither of us can escape

My body's starts shaking
My head is all over the place
I cannot breathe, when you ask me to leave

This hands keeps writing about a distant memory from the future

the words were:
"This is not happening,
this is only exist in your head,
those little voices are your worst enemy
and hey guest what?
your best friend.
They exist so you can live,
they creep at night to tell yout to sleep
But you're so afraid of them
that's why you can't sleep"

I got up went to the bathroom sink
splash some water on my face
I look in to the mirror
I stare at it
and for the longest time
I look at my face
and I said:
"You can leave"
draft, spoken word piece
Jul 3 · 93
raquezha Jul 3
Tanda 'ko ku gab-ī,
Ku una ko ikāŋ nabisto
Lalaɣgən moŋ magayon
A nababayad ko
dāwâ nakapirōŋ
naākit na talaga kanimō

Pirāŋ oras nagistoryāhan
sa irarəm ku asul na laŋit
kaibahan su mga sulôŋ
Jul 2 · 81
Wagə̂ ni Usē
raquezha Jul 2
Nagulîŋ laɣəd
Si Usēŋ udâ na matā
Sa kakaduldog ku
Kompyuter niyang
Pirāŋ taon nang kaiba
Uda pundoŋ trabaho
Dāwâ pagál na
Padagos sana baga
Para kuno ku igin niya
Nailang nanaman kaya
ta kapayabâ sa igô
Gigiboɣon dawa uno
para ku igin niyaŋ sultero
dawa dakəlo na
Kapayabâ panaŋgad
na intiro
riŋkonɑːdɑ, rinconada poetry, iriga city
Jul 1 · 88
Su Pagrumróm
raquezha Jul 1
Sādi Riŋkonɑdɑ
akō pinaŋigin
Sādi man akō nagdakələ
Ŋāmin na natərān
sādi natərakān
Ŋuwān na arayô kanimō
migbalik na 'kō
Nalilipuŋəw na akō ki Inay
lalô na ki Itay
Sabi ŋanî kan ku mga guraŋ
"A dirî tattaoŋ maglīlî sa pinaŋgalinan,
dirî makaaābot sa pig-iyānan"
ta migābot a aldəw
na migbalik kitā sa abo
aŋgan sa maliŋawān na
kitā ku ŋāmin na
nakakabisto kanatə
riŋkonɑːdɑ, rinconada poetry, iriga city
Jun 30 · 61
soul ~
raquezha Jun 30
You're the journey
You're the longest path
You're the twin of my life
We'll never sever our ties
This is the last poem
of this collection
A last to start a journey
Don't lose your passion
It's those who persist
who can change the world
and I'll change the world
with you
Jun 29 · 47
live ~
raquezha Jun 29
live a long life
cry a little, cry a lot
tears are like rain
they'll fall unnoticed
trees are like you
started from the bottom
ended up staring at the sky
wondering why
there's a limit to life
forever you'll grow
but one must go
and you'll be remembered
as the warrior of soul
Jun 28 · 50
me ~
raquezha Jun 28
me against
time patrol
guardian of
the future soul
teach me
how to control
the hands
that slipped
through time
go back and
leave a sign
that no matter
what happens
I will not back down
teach me how to fly
I'll learn not to die
teach me to forgive
and I will continue to live
Jun 27 · 38
Everyday with Ann
raquezha Jun 27
I still remember the night
I asked if I can hold you tight
the feeling was light
your smile was so bright
and your hands fits just right

Do you remember the kiss
on the night we'd never miss
under the stars we wish
above the grass to stay like this

We traveled so far
just to find a place
but yours is the safest space

You filled my bucket list
with sunny days
you make the rain go away
warm hugs and soft kisses
is on its way

So today, let's wait
until the end of the day
I'm excited to see you
until I see you everyday
Jun 27 · 236
comeback ~
raquezha Jun 27
that's the only word
I said that day
while we're sitting
inside a cafe
waiting for the rain to stop
I miss you a lot
you used to take me
to our local KFC
I'm always excited
you always make me excited
but I realized
you'll never be coming back
Take care

Jun 26 · 40
tonight ~
raquezha Jun 26
tonight I saw
a falling star
It fell on Earth
the star lost
its shine
that's why It can
never go back
A girl pick it up
brought it home
hung it by the window
and everyday the girl
gives it a pat
cheering for its
glow to comeback
I only need your smile
for my glow to comeback
Jun 25 · 119
goodnight ~
raquezha Jun 25
Goodnight my dear twilight
don't let any bad dreams
come to you tonight
you're the leaves
and I'll be the branches
let's make a world
full of trees and happy places
and put smile on everybody's faces
Goodnight my dear twilight
sweet kisses will travel
the world for you tonight
Jun 24 · 25
fades ~
raquezha Jun 24
fades to black
as rain starts to drop
I'm still waiting here
at the crossroads
will I ever sleep tonight
will you be my sweet dream
will you hold me tight
while I battle
these nightmares
every night
will you be my

Jun 23 · 106
sing ~
raquezha Jun 23
sing for me
when you reach the stars
don't forget who you are
every night I dream
of you singing
behind the stars
it's when I hear you sing
that makes my heart sing
it makes me feel like a king
conqueror of feelings
you are my light
a light that never fades
Jun 22 · 55
you ~
raquezha Jun 22
you are the reason
for my music to exist
humming to a new melody
words are created
with a perfect harmony
you change how I perceive
the world we live in
each word that I write
give birth to another rhythm
you are my meaning
my thoughts and my lyrics
you are the reason why I sing
Jun 21 · 61
goal ~
raquezha Jun 21
goal of a picture
is to capture
a moment in time
that takes you back
to a spiral journey
freezing everything
portraying nothing
just an imagery
of a timeless memory
stuck between
seconds and minutes
hours and days
here and everywhere
it's not just a picture
it's also about you
Jun 20 · 37
baby ~
raquezha Jun 20
Baby, you make music
like a mother's love
you take your listeners
to their childhood memories
you make them miss their moms
your music kills all the cliches in the world
your music heals all sounds
your music captures my soul
so don't ever stop
until you reach your goal
Jun 19 · 25
time ~
raquezha Jun 19
Time covers our fault
Space consumes our thoughts
Words make us talk
Imagination makes us walk
Steps create a waltz
Our feet makes a path
Heart beats so loud
Days make me crazy
I love you even more baby
Not seeing you makes me lonely
I miss you so badly
I cry like a baby
Jun 18 · 93
lead ~
raquezha Jun 18
Lead me
to the place
you always go
Let's watch
ourselves grow
I'll take you
to places I know
Let's watch the sky
until the moon shines
let's stay together
until the end of time
Jun 17 · 180
welcome home ~
raquezha Jun 17
"welcome home"

two words that
bring back
the beat in my heart
I feel alive again
I'll take you
to a field
full of reeds
I'll watch you bloom
under the sun
You're all I need
now that you're here
Please don't ever leave
Take my hand
and follow my lead.
Jun 16 · 117
morning comes ~
raquezha Jun 16
morning comes
and morning goes
and it's all because
of the coffee
you're making me
that gives me another
reason to continue


thinking like that
only makes it fair
for no matter
what happens
I still believe
that everyone
has a happy
place to stay

and that place
is where
you can find me
Staring right back at you

"welcome home"
Jun 15 · 76
us ~
raquezha Jun 15
us—the fallen
created by loneliness
fathomed by dizziness
standing in front of
this great black coffee
we are ready
bring out all you can
we'll never surrender
throw us some bread
don't let us sleep
don't let us starve to death
us—the sleepless
we'll fight until
morning comes
Jun 14 · 243
die ~
raquezha Jun 14
Die with me
let's climb
the highest tree
wrap ourselves
with the clothes of time
Let's jump
in the finest position
take our soul
keep it inside the bottle

Let's wait
for the ground to hit us
for the branch to reach us
for the leaves to save us
for the ones who leaves us
for us
Jun 13 · 62
me ~
raquezha Jun 13
me against
everybody else
It's always the same
every day
of the month
it's always the same
I open my eyes
I draw a line between
morning and  evening
I make a fist
held it high
high enough
for the birds to see
and everyday passes me by
Jun 12 · 42
stars ~
raquezha Jun 12
Stars crashed
in front of me
as I go to private streets
I tend to think
beyond those painful hints
I tend to cry
over simple thought
that you and I
will never work
I tend to walk
until I can
no longer walk
why on earth
would you make me feel
that there can never be
you and me
Jun 11 · 333
today ~
raquezha Jun 11
three people
entered the room
one was asking
about the moon
why does it search
for the stars
run away
and never come back
the other one
was asking
about the sun
why does it follow
the moon
and light it's path
last one was
asking about you
why did you hide the stars?
Jun 10 · 120
live ~
raquezha Jun 10
Live today
survive tomorrow
clear your mind
Look at the world
don't close your eyes
and stay

as clear as the sea
that's what you should see
there's nothing
more like you
in this world
than you could ever be

the world's gonna end someday
but it's not fun to not have you today
Jun 9 · 156
comes ~
raquezha Jun 9
come inside
feel at home
take your time
you're never alone
sit back
rest your back
look at the sky
follow your breathing
look at the sky
now close your eyes
continue breathing
take all the good memories
exhale all your worries
don't ever leave
don't forget to live
Jun 9 · 41
lover ~
raquezha Jun 9
Lover of the sun
You always look young
For centuries
you've been looking up
In the morning you wake up
and  looking down
waiting for the sun
to come down
waiting for the night
to pass by
Asking the moon
what to say
when the morning comes

Good morning again, Mr. Sun
Jun 7 · 69
cat lover ~
raquezha Jun 7
To the one
who loves
cats & drawings
I hope you keep on going
even if your pen
always go missing
because of a
lovely cat that you're petting
It just wants
to play with you
also loves to be
fed by you

So keep on going
you'll never surrender
cause you're a cat lover
Jun 6 · 33
stops ~
raquezha Jun 6
Stops music
Rewind time
Pause for awhile
then play again

Everyday is like this
I want to get out
I look at the sky
when I'm tired
sick of being like this
now I'm wondering
of all the words
that this poem can start
why it has to be stops

I'm stuck

I should rewind my life
Jun 5 · 162
fade ~
raquezha Jun 5
fade until
the music stops

fade until
no one comes

fade away
fade away from me
fade away

fade until
you bend a spoon
then throw it
on the ground
throw away
the fork

run away
run away from me
run away

run until
no one comes

run until
the music stops
Fade photos are like childhood memories you can’t see it but you know it’s there trying tool get away from you.
Jun 4 · 130
wandered ~
raquezha Jun 4
Wandered around the corner
Why is everything so purple
will the rain come?

I wanna feel it

purple rain

I wanna laugh at it

purple rain

wonderin' about
this great **** of
luminant purple feeling
dangling around
my static heart

will this purple ever fade?
Jun 3 · 62
last ~
raquezha Jun 3
Last chance to fall asleep
I closed my eyes
followed my breath
Its path is shallow
The road is narrow
Dark cave is where I stumbled
I became smaller
Those cat eyes
made me weaker

I wondered

Is this a dream
or is this the place
Where the sheep
can't come back home

I wandered
Jun 2 · 83
home ~
raquezha Jun 2
We came home early
I opened the door
Like wild animals
We hunted for love
With eyes wide open
I grabbed her body

She closed the door
Like wild hunter
We slowly killed our home
And started to rebuild our own

And we danced
As if it is our last
Jun 1 · 91
waves ~
raquezha Jun 1
I'll take you to the waves
you can fly above it
or dive into the deep
once you reach the bottom
I'll sling you back up
I'll throw you the moon
you can stick your flag there
or you can conquer it all
After all you've seen
it's your choice

you come back home
May 29 · 49
dream ~
raquezha May 29
Hands soiled by blood
Tears mixed with rain
Smile covered by sin
Life has started to drain

I started to think
is this life worth living
is everything real
or I am just dreaming

I won't wake up from this dream
May 28 · 121
raquezha May 28
You're the moon
Inside this weary heart
Every night I watch you rise
As I set from the tiring day
Everyday is a new beginning
Everything is gonna be fine
You're already mine
As I am also with you
all this time

Let's make every tears
Into memories
And don't worry about
I know this because
when I look at you
I saw the future
I saw us together
I find myself smiling
because I saw us smiling
I saw us being happy

Your smile brings happiness
Your smile is the best
But ours is the greatest
Mar 27 · 37
Death III
raquezha Mar 27
I shall call you unknown
I don't want to do anything
related to you
I hope this is the last
Flames in my hand
Static in my heart
Thorns will break
I will be weak
This is the last
Let this melt
Mar 25 · 105
Death II
raquezha Mar 25
I wave at you
but you never dare
to cast a spell
on my eyes

you turn
your back
you run

You know I needed that smile
You know I needed you
Mar 24 · 148
raquezha Mar 24
It's been a long time
since I saw your face
and last night
we meet again

You we're the strangest thing
life has to offer
I needed you when
you don't need me

As you needed me
When I don't want
to fall in despair

I realized



for me
to rest
Mar 20 · 97
Failing in pale
raquezha Mar 20
I can't walk
so I jump
thinking you'll be there
when I fail
to catch my skin
failing in pale
raquezha Feb 14
You want to travel
You want to walk
You want to feel
and grasp the world
you want to stare at it
be one with it
with your own eyes
with your own body
with your soul
with me

I ask why
It has to be

Are you searching
for something
Or is it because
I'm free

Either way
I want to know
So we both
get an answer
from the unknown

I once read
Sir Laurens van der Post's
Story about 'Hunger'

He said:
"The Bushmen
in the Kalahari Desert
talk about two "hungers"
There is the Great Hunger
and there is the little hunger
The Little Hunger
wants food in the belly
The Greater Hunger
the greatest hunger of all
is the hunger for meaning"

And you said:
Maybe that's why
your feet wants to
dance and run
for meaning

Maybe that's why
my mouth wants
to taste and eat
for meaning

Maybe that's why
you feel that
your heart
has hole in it

You said that you
you long for me
you miss me

I stop from walking
I think about
what your feeling

Maybe that's
what we are
Occupants of Time
Traveller for meaning
Constantly searching
Never ending expedition
In greater lengths of life
We don't wait
for the morning light
we change ourselves
in the afternoon of our life
and in the evening
we'll realize everything
has its own meaning

I was thought
to never forget
where you came from
cause after all the running
and searching for everything
we'll all go back from
the beginning
where everything
means nothing
and nothing means
everything to life

Eventually what we have
will be take away from us
What we are will fade
and return to dust
After nothingness
is a life waiting to be lived

You said that life
without love has no meaning
and said your definition
of love is me
and the world is our
safest place
and beside me
is your favorite space
That's why you want to give
the world a dance it deserves
A dance with me
Music will come rushing
from our spine
our souls intertwine
our feet will take its path
our hearts will bring
happiness to the everything
You said that you need me
and you're pessimistic
you choose to
soak yourself
with pain
with sadness
not fighting back

But don't forget about
what I said to you
that I am here for you

You'll always
have my back
when life
pushes you down
sadness starts
to be pour
to the brim
give it to me
Let's drink it

You're the Yin
and I'm your Yang
and together
we'll not fall down

Life may bring you down
but I am here for you

Life may take you down
but I am here for you

Life may pull you down
but I am here for you

Don't forget I'm here
Don't forget I'm here
I'm here for you

Life may bring your down
Life may take you down
Life may pull you down
but I'm here for you

Life may break you down
but I am here for you
Feb 9 · 464
raquezha Feb 9
Daé mapûngaw,
Daé mapûngot.

Árog kan urán
na makusóg an parós..
Árog kan kitkilat
na makusog an tanóg.
Árog kan bagyó
na tatákoton an kalág mo.

Mapundo man yan.

Núarín ka huríng
naghiling sa salming
asin nahiling an sadíri
na maogmá?

Mapundo man yan
Daé mo na kaipuhan
hanapon an simbag
sa ibang lugar

an kasimbágan na
hinahanap mo yáon na.

Hiling ka sa salming
asin sabihon mo sa sadíri
Nahanap mo na an simbag.

Padángaton an sadíri
Árog kan pagpadángat mo
sa ibá.
raquezha Feb 7
Dae ibig sabihon
na tuninong
dae na maogma.

Dae ibig sabihon
na itom,
demonyo ka na.

Dae ibig sabihon na
habo mo sa tao,
mayo ka ng kwenta.

Kung dae mo siya
respetohan mo
an desisyon niya.

Dae mo pwersahon
an sadiri mo
sa sarong tao.

Ako an tao
na mas gustong
hilingon an kinaban
sa mata kan taong
nasasabatan ko,
arog kan pagabot mo,
yaon ka nanaman
pinapagirumdum sako
na an buhay kan tao
halipot lang.

An duros na hali
sa langit pasiring
sa itom na háwak
asin nagsasakop sa
palibot kan kandila,
An makakan hanggan
sa madiklom
an palibot.

Hanggan sa pagpikit.

Tuninong na boses,
Magian na háwak,
Matagas na boot,
Magayon na numero,
asin kanta na dae
mo mapugolan itao
saimo kan mánlaén-láen
na tao.

Hanggang sa maghinghíng
saimo an kinaban nin:

"Maogmáng Compleaño, Ermano!"
Birthday Poem, Bicol Language, Poetry
Sep 2018 · 167
Kamang sa dalan kan buhay
raquezha Sep 2018
Núarín an huríng pagbaba kan duwáng kamót
pasíring sa mahalnás na háwak na nag gigibo kan búhay.  

Núarín an huríng pagkurahaw mo sa pangaran ko
habang kaulay ko an uniberso tanganing daé ka magpundo.

Sa likod ko ta napiling ipadagos an dálan kan búhay,
an henerasyon na madara kan satuyang pagkabúhay,
kitá an mga ákî na inapon kan panahon asin
kitá man an mga ákî na mapadagos
kan kasuhápon, ngunyán asin sa máabot na panahon.

Kitá an mga ákî, na pinangaki para kógoson
an kasâlan kan panahon. Daé ta man iní hinagad.
Basta naáraman ta nalang poón kan
sinabihan kita kun ano an tama asin salâ.

Ako, an hawak na inaapód mo pagkatapos mo magsigarilyo.
Iní an epekto kan paglaóg mo sa sakuyang uniberso.
apódon mo akong saímo, asin aapódon takang bitóon.
Bitóon na kaibáhan ko pirmí sa banggi.
Kun mawara ka man, aram kong masabog ka asin
igwa naman sarông uniberso an mabubuo
hanggang sa ako naman an masabog kaibáhan
an mga ákî na satuyang mabubuo.
raquezha Sep 2018
Dae ko aram kun tano,
Pero saimo, gusto ko magtubod.
Ano daw yaon saimo -
Ta ika, gusto ko na intindihon?
Pirang aldaw pa sana man.
Pero an ibahan ta, magian.
Dati, dae mo ako mapasurat
Nin piyesa na dae mamundo.
Pero ngunyan, balewala an takot -
Ngunyan, dae na mapadaog.
Kun ano man an nakaagi mo,
Aakuon ko.
Aakuon an kaogmahan mo.
Aakuon an pagkukulang mo.
Naintindihan ko an paghadit mo,
Ta dawa ako, nakulugan man ako.
Dae ako mataram nin patapos,
Pero gusto ko na maaraman mo,
Sa pirang aldaw tang ibahan, naogma ako.
Sa pirang aldaw tang ibahan, pinaogma mo ako.
Gusto takang bistuhon na hararom,
Pero ipapaubaya ko na iyan sa panahon.
Kun ano man an kaluluwasan,
Iyan, satuya nalang maaaraman.
How to love a stranger
Aug 2018 · 709
Movie Scene
raquezha Aug 2018
This is a story of a girl who goes into the shower
but she doesn't want to changed her clothes

And she's ******* infront of me
oh god please I don't wanna see
cause it's tickles down there in me

and then we're
goin' on a free way
we're goin' on a highway
we're goin' to see a movie
we're goin' to see the stars
and watch the milky way
away from the city lights
oh my eyes see everything
even when it's dark

this is gonna be fun
we're gonna run
away from home
we're gonna run
to a place that we we're never ever
to a place that we we're never ever
to a place that we we're never been before

This is a story of a girl who goes into the shower
but she doesn't want to changed her clothes

And she's ******* infront of me
oh god please I don't wanna see
cause it's tickles down there in me

And she's ******* infront of me
oh god please I don't wanna see
cause it's tickles everything inside of me
Aug 2018 · 215
raquezha Aug 2018
An istorya na naisurat ngunyan
asin an istorya na nakrear kasuhapon
asin an istorya manungod
sa kun paano hanapon an sadiri,
kun pano pandangaton
an kada ritmo na kasabay
sa dalan kan buhay.
Iyo an istorya na
dae ko pagsasawaang iistorya.

Ini an istoryang dae kompleto,
sa likod kan mga tula,
kanta na naisurat,
Gabos ito para parahayon an sadiri. Hangga't yaon an kaniguan
dae matatapos an istorya
sa tula na sakuyang pinoonan,
araaldaw akong masurat
para tahuban an mga
piklat sa hawak,
an mga bukas na agihan
sa hawak ko.
Hangga't igwang pagkamoot
padagos an tula na pinoonan ko.
Kun gusto nindong maaraman
an istorya, mahahanap nindo ito
sa mga tula asin kantang naisurat ko.
This is my poem tribute to Kaniguan's 3rd Anniversary
Aug 2018 · 1.6k
Mature Love
raquezha Aug 2018
I am
the kind of love
that's been hurt before.

I am
the kind of love
that surpasses their previous one.

I am
the kind of love that
cares about everything
and not only about romance.

I am
the kind of love
that says "I can do this now".

I am
the kind of love
that takes you to places
but still holds you to the ground.

I am
The kind of love
that kids didn't know about.

You are
The kind of love
that I'm talking about.
Jul 2018 · 835
raquezha Jul 2018
Minsan a kaipuhan ka tawo,
Talinga na migrungog,
Matang nakakabayad ka kulog,
Ngangang diri nag riribok.

Minsan mas maray
na magirongog,
kaysa sa sabayan
a pagsilyak ku pinagaagihan,
kaysa mag ngabil
sa uda man kamalmagan,
sa lugar na uda man iiyanan.

Minsan mas magayon na magtambay
sa lugar na uda pakialamanan,
sa kapehan, usip, surat
Sabay silyak kading mga namamatian.
My poem in Rinconada Dialect.
I'm from Iriga City, Philippines.

Bungog means 'Deaf'.'
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