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Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The gloominess of being
The look of a starring cat

Contemplating the dry flora
Of a fulminated summer

A savana of open windows
With the right solitude

A new place
Lagoon of vanity fireflies
Solar moons

Golden chants
Reflected beings
On mirror nights

Grounded antithesis

Alive uncertenties
Muttering winds
Past deaths

Light matter
Shapes the landscape
of a mother's body

Feline nights
wake up twillingts
transforming the tedious mornings
of the beggining of the soul's statue.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Artists aren't beings who are looking for racional thinking
because if they're looking for it
they already found it.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The farce of
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
If I fail
I'll fail only with you
My side is secure

It's the insecurities that wakes me up
Failliors are my gift
Love them and despise them
Every secound

It doesn't show me who I am
But what I can be

One day I'll be what I never was
because one day I was what I'll never be

Sweet-bitter consciousness
that backed me up from not being
what you wanted me to be
without knowing
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Only the mind
can be right
far away
from the heart
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
the inside
of all

Perfection of quietness
In the illusion of emptiness.

Follow blind
The movement
Without  f~o r_ m.

Lie! Dislie!
Time lives
in your mind.

Felling fear of what
transformes us,
troubles us.

in silence,

The corage
of being

Step by step
I balk and walk
more balanced.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
I feel
the prison

the openess
of my being.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The word Man is translated , not Man itself.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016

Shines                      far
awakes, evokes
in me              vibrant      

It heats my cold soul
in line
with the         cooled

me and you
               (free up the wolves
                 that don't howl
                 in packs)

shine shine
little moon(shine)
give me back the dream
I didn't spred alone
I've darken weaker
                    by myself    
powerful mystery
Following the unnoticeable glow


stoping to want to darken
I'ts not thinking       to live

          but who doesn't follow the light
lost it's spirit
           on the cross

You remind me of what seduces me
fear against light

I see your crown
I follow you on the prow

we are the same
and glow

Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
She's her own landscape                              
No illusions                                        
Spends her time hustling                      
On the emptiness of matresses                                  

She looks for the essence
Mirror's Mystery
Following her own advices

Protects her beauty
Shows her wierdness
Royal and unharmed

She looks for a vibration
The sweet connection
The eyes that will kiss her

Child of imperfections

Innocent without a reason.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Solitude is the closest encounter with my absence.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The artist doesn't have to be socially accepted, a good dealer, a good speaker or a good citizen.
It  as to be art itself.
It's own creation.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The Universe finds itself
in your eternal rebirth.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Pretending is as real as being!

Who owns this realm?

Realms king?

My eye is my king...

My ******* yours.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Quiet child mouth shut
Lives in a lake of solidity

Reborns black in white mantle
Reborns white in black mantle

Sings vague gestures
****** lips
In silence

Hungry clouds
Mysts of fire
Surrounds It's translucent waters

-I'm ash. I'm dust
Two coulored swan
****** lips
Lonely heart.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Words are beautiful demons
Real magic
Sometimes black, every time light
Dark light
Bright light
Light it is
Daemons are as luminous as angels
Sharp knifes
An opera
Sometimes a smile.

— The End —