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Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Solitude is the closest encounter with my absence.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
I feel
the prison

the openess
of my being.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The farce of
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Only the mind
can be right
far away
from the heart
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The Universe finds itself
in your eternal rebirth.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
The gloominess of being
The look of a starring cat

Contemplating the dry flora
Of a fulminated summer

A savana of open windows
With the right solitude

A new place
Lagoon of vanity fireflies
Solar moons

Golden chants
Reflected beings
On mirror nights

Grounded antithesis

Alive uncertenties
Muttering winds
Past deaths

Light matter
Shapes the landscape
of a mother's body

Feline nights
wake up twillingts
transforming the tedious mornings
of the beggining of the soul's statue.
Raquel Mouro Mar 2016
Quiet child mouth shut
Lives in a lake of solidity

Reborns black in white mantle
Reborns white in black mantle

Sings vague gestures
****** lips
In silence

Hungry clouds
Mysts of fire
Surrounds It's translucent waters

-I'm ash. I'm dust
Two coulored swan
****** lips
Lonely heart.
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