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Raphi Jan 2015
Jealousy, the biggest ***** of them all.
Looks bad, tastes bad, feels bad.
Pricey and cheap at once,
Stealing your love away from me, scaring you away -
So you won’t even want to stay!
And worth nothing in the end.
Warm me a cup of jealousy and leave me please;
When I indulge it’s over.
I will not be coming out today.
Raphi Aug 2014
Your love is in each snowflake,
your love is in the sun.
In every battle we have lost,
each battle we have won.
I love you in the storminess
that comes with summer rain,
Through every touch of ecstasy
that turns to stabbing pain.
Through every inch of battling
that ends in love again.
I love you when you're over, next to,
under, up above.
I love you like there's nothing else -
I love you, love you, love.

— The End —