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 Jan 2013 Rangzeb Hussain
Part 1

I love my Mamma
She is my dear twin sister,
We love each other!

Two little girls
Everyday would play in grass,
Wind blowing their skirts!

Sweet breezes stirring
Would always caress their face,
In the warm sunshine.

Outside in the rain
Raindrops would kiss their fair cheeks,
Two sweet twin sisters.

For my Mamma and dear twin sister, Hilda!
She's on HP too.
 Jan 2013 Rangzeb Hussain
 Jan 2013 Rangzeb Hussain
Gold blends with strawberry hues
deepening into crimson
Kaleidoscope of colours
Shimmering fresh hope.

Translucent petals
go flying silently past  
floating down to
softest petaled grass

If only I were a newborn flower
gliding on such wings
I'd flit and fly in bluest skies
some gentle breezy hour

Then on a silken velvety bed
I'd rest my
flowery head
Under what true blue sky, are hell's shelled missiles fired?
On the other side, no picnic apple pie, summer sunsets

In our firecracker skies we remember to forget

For them, they'll be no strawberry rows ripening on the vine
or swimming pool party slip and slides
Children of war are born to die.

please can humans stop this some day
a song to go with this one:
You were born of oceans,
glacial upheavals melting
a temperate forest of raining seas
I climbed your stair step moss
to see night stars mingle with fir trees
I watched through the night
only sleeping when stars did,
when birds came echoing
through your woods,
at first light, in mists of fog
verily I slept  
in forest song

— The End —