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The stepping stones of life are not beneath our feet.
But held in our hearts and minds.
I step onto this path of broken glass and broken dreams.
Only to show the way for others.
The crackling cold words of utter failure at my back.
Leaving marks like a slave's disobedient back.
The cracks and pain push my every stride.
The laughter and sounds of defeat are milk to my bones.
This broken world will not cement me to its unchanging ways.
Pressing GO,
will make it move.
Pushing STOP,
will make it pause.
Pressing AT WAR,
will make it swing.
Pushing PEACE,
will make it negotiate.

But make it LOVE,
it will ****.
We want to be seen
We want to be heard
We want the world to see our dreams.

Take a step back
Observe the land
Take a step back
Observe the people

Break away from the world.
Swallow your fear, walk into the fog
As it engulfs you, don't run.
Let the fear settle in, then escape.
I extend my hand toward you.
The first few notes of the song begins.
You repeat the action.
I take hold of your hand,
Spin you towards me and the middle of it all.
Your eyes gleaming.
Your dress sparkling in the moonlight.
Your hair moving with grace through the wind.

Our eyes yet to unlock.
We begin our dance.
We entangle, we untangle.
We twist, we straighten.
We live.

Our legs become blurs in the night.
I, the moon setting the motions.
You, the ocean setting the rhythm and pace.
The music seems to fade all around us.
People stop dancing to watch.

The world was watching this gracefully dance.
Yin and Yang split between us.
Water and fire,
Co-existing together in motions.
The music slowly bled back in.

I pull you towards me one last time.
The moon shining the way
As you come.
Our exhausted bodies,
breathe in rhythm.
Our dance was done.
Life at a stand still,
People gazing through broken eyes.
As the world hasten its pace.

But do not fear,
All that is safe is dear.

Exposing itself with daunting demeaner.
Do not forget the goal.
Do not lose your self control.

We stand together,
Hand in hand.
My first poem in MONTHS
As I sit
To the right, I see a flaming ball continue its journey.
To the left, I see the darkness ready to put us to sleep.
In front, I see humans going about their lives.
From behind, I hear the call.

As I walk.
To the right, I see contraptions with wheels buzz on by.
To the left, I structures of behemoth size.
In front, I see my love with open hands.
From behind, I hear my lover's man.
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