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Aug 2014 · 736
Guy Random Aug 2014
In midst of thunderstorms I could see a house
Standing under a tree, eyes wide open
Rain have never poured more
Wind could not shout more

Sweat was blending with water on forehead
Sweat of failure, sweat of rejection
I knew I won’t enter, I knew I won’t knock
But then I saw lights turned on.

Invitation was mocking, possibilities were low
Will get grains only if you sow
Doors won’t remain open forever
Wait someone wants to enter

Inside was dry and warm
Fireplace was on, bar was open
Took what I see, spent what I owned
This is meant for me, I am meant for this

Attraction hypnotized deeply
Should it be a palace, who else could be the king?
Jolly heart then saw an ugly shadow!
The supposedly king was shown a visitors queue.

Eyes see with minds sight
Brain a diseased brain with optimism
Hunting Bear looks like black pet dog
Only when you are near enough to be prey

But when love hits, numbness surrounds
Considered taming a bear
Reconsidered retried insist pushed
But can a tide be turned

Woosh! Waash! Washed away
How long a castle of mud stands?
It waits for its wave to spread where it belongs
For other dreamers to try there skills?

With the fallen castle i still dream
Had i erected it a bit farther..
Had i put more effort..
But what could be a life in sand castle?
Guy Random Aug 2014
Eve of Holi

A spring eve that’s all different from others
Zephyrs blowing away the leaves
Orange sky adding the flavours
Blooming flowers nodding in a rhythm
So Ironical is nature of this evening
That all these beauties act as ornaments of Kali

On a normal evening man would work
They would work appraising weather
They know it will not last long, they enjoy
Today they as if ignore it, of morning celebrations

Morning is gayest morning of the year
Every reason to see every man
Mankind being unanimous
Evening on contrary balancing it to a usual day

An unexplainable soundlessness, vacuum of thoughts
A day depicting environment without men on work
Streets still hold colours on their chest
But this colour no more is a sign of happiness

People meet each other, everyone has a smile
But that doesn’t match with nature suit
There smiles have scope within its sight
Body of people walking on street enjoy zephyr
Their mind stay startled of unusual quietness

Standing on my entrance, I observe
A swinging litchi tree, missing sound of saw mill
Smiling flowers, orange cloudy sky
Empty streets, parked wagons, and utterly silence
Holi in India is a festival of colours, I remember wildness of it since my childhood, what have been a puzzle for me is it's evening. They are most the gloomy evening I can recall.
Apr 2011 · 1.5k
Hard Earned Money
Guy Random Apr 2011
Simple is the story of hard earned money;
Hard to earn hard to spend;

Single penny is worth and respected;
Fight within continues, spend it or save it;

Earn, when u have nothing;
But yes problems accompany;

Giving doesn't mean much, if you have much;
Giving, when u are having little;

Smile covering the helpless forlorn impotency;
Even smile hiding the difficulty of spending;

Parents choose comfort of child over there need;
Sacrifice not because its responsibility;

Finding satisfaction in giving;
It’s known to be utmost;

I witnessed that smile on a worker;
Offering tea when you barely earn to eat

I witnessed that smile on a father;
Those muddy legs told me real cost of college fees;

I witnessed that smile on a customer;
Confirming billion times before paying off;

Increment in bus fare by 20 rs made a huge difference;
How I throw 20 bucks on a soft drink;

I wonder why I don’t think like this;
How can I feel sad for inadequate money?

How man gets satisfy in cheap cloths and food;
Here i think i wear a signature instead of Strauss;

Simple is the story of hard earned money;
Hard to earn hard to spend;

your reactions are highly appreciated

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Feb 2011 · 851
Guy Random Feb 2011
sometimes a crowded place, seems empty;
manytimes thoughts only, make a crowd;
want to talk to someone, but someone seems no one;
one who you can say yours, one who you can say anything;

one or two names bounce in mind;
but evil heart dont agree, "no compromises" he says;
says he "why to disturb, why to overload them";
is there anyone who will never get disturbed??;

no relation fills that emptiness;
its a company with no demand no request;
not expecting anything although everything is available;
Just a string of unsaid understanding;

sitting hours together, feeling the completeness;
talked a lot but still chat never ends;
thinking a lot, dreaming about, feeling the company;
knowing the other will be doing the same;

coming in reality, discovering the truth;
listening the unsaid, dreaming the myth;
conversation i never had, feeling i never felt;
time exits this world of virtuality;

whenever i feel such i enjoy some;
i envy some, feel helpless but not hopeless;
enlightening my hopes i come back in worldly world;
with a smile hiding undefinable expression;
It's all real about me, upcoming i will share some poems , which i wrote for someone who will never read them
Nov 2010 · 834
Guy Random Nov 2010
She’s the end but still not the aim;
All the paths lead to her, may be with different stops;
Though she is unstoppable, will come and is inevitable;
Colours of life draw us away from the truth, diverging our thoughts;

The god of death! Unwelcomed, in spite of being god;
Worshiped! but, prayers are request to delay his arrival!!;
Life and death differ, being known and unknown experience;
As we love life why not to love death?;

Death alone makes person alone, exploring the unknowns;
Death alone ends the curiosity of her being unknown;
Is she the end, and all the worldly secrets would be revealed?;
Or is it an invitation to another world, which then to other?

Spells on her perceivers, realise it her arrival, stopping it on the last stop;
Some worship, some do good, a few remain same 'ignoring it';
Bribing god, trying to avoid painful end, a few 'challenging it';
Other few confident from outside, inside hoping little bad to be overlooked;

People memorising their past, impart their suggestions;
"No point doing this, at this point you will feel all unworthy" says olds;
"We command the whole world, he is commanding us" feel young;
A few analyse correctly and shrink their sack of mistakes;

She treats equally, every living thing, over social discrimination;
Forgetting the end, gathering luxuries, she will apart them!;
Time will make us soil, mortality is thing we will experience;
Our ideas, deeds if useful enough, will be used and remembered;
these are my views about mortal law of nature.
All your views are welcomed, and i will love to discuss about them.
You are also welcomed on blogs.
Take Care
Oct 2010 · 1.2k
Guy Random Oct 2010
Walking a lonely road, stepping over the dry leaves;
Waiting for the sunset, to leave me alone with my thoughts;
Observing the reality is not simple, but feeling it is even harder;
This always follow a change, when u feel theory in real;

For every stand u took, for every right u did;
For every step you took back, for every voice that was suppressed;
A laughing comment may be the reason, or a smile or a ignorance;
Good’s became good joke, deeds became dramas;

Prophets preach love everyone, reality ends in loving ourselves;
No sorry no thanks, rude a person becomes without acknowledgements;
Follow your heart, stop taking free advices, ironical part we do;
Edison said 'value in disaster, start all over again', how hard it is to do;

Ideal is a word that has no practical example;
Even Mahatma Gandhi was only close to ideal;
Resistor to transistor, ideal behaviour has bookish domains;
And what a irony, even great of greatest are running towards this misconception;

Fooling someone is an upcoming talent;
Your last laugh, was it on a ***** act or someone loss??;
Listening advice is a harder job than firing suggestions;
Selfish is a attribute necessary to adopt;

Opening book on a regular day sometimes become crime;
Everyone pretends to be last day hero;
Hardly one dares to take a stand, for someone unknown, for public benefit;
Forgetting, one could be in same place;

Here conscience becomes a vital part;
Doing what it allows, or changing it accordingly;
Does varying conscience have a value? Choice enters in play;
Choice to be what you should be or what you are accepted to be;
I am a student and this is what I feel is happening all around in real world..
Oct 2010 · 1.0k
Rain O Rain
Guy Random Oct 2010
Sometimes a pleasant shower and sometimes show her power;

Up to the expectation of someone or becoming a curse for someone;

Many feelings many reactions for the same drops by the same people;

Ask a trader whose skin pores are dry after a long time, how happy he is?

Ask a farmer who watered his young grains last night, where his smile is?

How can be you so unexpected so partial, to give joy and sorrow;

When the cold breeze blow sprinkling the droplets of water;

Lady of the house standing by the window letting her hair go;

With a dancing heart like a peacock, wishing to get dissolve in air like sugar in water;

But what about those droplets which became bullets for a Fishermans cottage;

Oh! Lord Indra are you unaware from the pain and vain of earth;

Sitting in nirvana are your blessings forgotten to be at right time;

Why there are floods and drought faces of yours;

Why can’t you be always symbol of joy and satisfaction?

Joy that a child feels in facing towards raining sky;

Rain oh! Rain don’t make us wait, is this our fate?

Questions sweated bodies looking towards the sky;

Sun overhead, shining mercilessly, extracting water of earth;

Farmer sitting with bending knees can’t even spot a single cloud;

Lands and roads are as dry as faces of people, asking the same question;

All hells and heavens reside here only;

Goods and bads, joys and sorrows, gifts and penalties;

Nothing is in hand of anyone, none can stand against divine powers;

Good and evil happens because god wanted them to happen;

It’s all written somewhere, by someone, for everyone, "MAKTUB"
This poem is one of my favorite. please do acknowledge with your perfect comments.
Oct 2010 · 950
Love and Sacrifice
Guy Random Oct 2010
How I describe that feeling!!
Feeling of taking the darker side,
Feeling of leaving the brighter side,
Hiding the sacrificial feel,
Feeling the joy of thou.

This is all about heart and love;
They make us do painful thing in joyful manner;
Your mother could have slept a little longer;
Your dad could buy you cheap sandals;
But she woke and worked, he bought you best he could;

This smile too has many behaviours;
Yes behaviours- to show gladness. To hide feelings;
Love makes many sacrifices,  joy of giving becomes larger;
Just imagine what it makes you to do;
Giving someone more priority than you yourself;

You don't plan it, you don’t think much you just do it;
Things seem as if going themselves perfectly;
Getting crazy is as if a compliment;
Crazy for your beloved;
Crossing social limits for your beloved;
this is the most recent poem i have written, and i am open for your comments to improve myself.

— The End —