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it was raining heavily that day.
we met at an old record store.
the sky turned a peaceful grey,
bells tinkled as i opened the door
and i was hit with the smell
of dusty vinyls that were waiting
to be gently touched and held
by dreamers, lovers of messy
thoughts and burning secrets.
our fates were entwined at the start,
and i do not think i had any regrets
when the music took our hearts.
matthew wuz here
there was a boy i loved
that was quite
a bit messy
and kind of lonely.
it was undreamed of because
he was a burning flame---
hot and radiant and bright.
from lunch dates
to first kisses under the rain
i dared to fall for someone
who stole my heart.
he was like the late city crowds---
colorful, bright, and loud.
there was a boy i loved
that was quite
a bit ruined,
but was my undoing.
the concept of regret does not exist to me.
he bears scars and
band-aids on his heart
he does not show them
to the moon or stars
for he is afraid
of what they will think
but he does not know
that he is in fact
walking art
dreaming of you forever and ever.
sunlight from the window
dances around us
my fingers play our song
on your chest
tracing small hearts
across your back
drowning in those
twinkling stars for eyes
wrapped in your embrace
makes me happy
for the lovely silence
that brings us closer
tell me i’m yours
and my soft kisses will
let you know that
you’re also my valentine
your laughter is my favorite song,
a honey sweet tune that i can listen to
and never get tired of, no matter how long.
my favorite place is next to you,
our shy hands clasped and bright eyes locked
as the tender morning turns into a lazy afternoon.
you have become my favorite work of art,
a creation that is too good to be true
if the world is a museum made for my heart.
being around you feels just like a movie,
and i am the entranced spectator
watching as the frames zoom in closely,
my desperate eyes trying to capture
moments where you unknowingly cause butterflies
and gardens to bloom from within me.
each time your fingers tightly grasp mine,
i want to replay that heart-stopping scene
for the feelings of dizzying euphoria
to endlessly run through my veins,
much like what people want more of
once a breathtaking movie comes to an end.
i know that whenever i am with you,
forever does not seem like a long time,
and if this wonderful movie starring only us two
continues into the lovely night, i would not mind.
when i hear that one pretty song play
when i pass by my favorite kind of flowers
when i read books and come across your name
i’m suddenly reminded of your laughter
and that sweet bubblegum smile
you often waltz into my daydreams
and before you leave i wish for more time
just thoughts of you bring me peace
when i look up at the warm golden sky
when i find myself slowly falling asleep
when i can’t help you being on my mind
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