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are just
of fallen Gods.

for these Gods
will never learn
the art of falling,
so they just leave
the falling
to crystal  clear
I decided that every written poem will have it's own translation in both English and Romanian. For how could I forget where I am and where I come from?  

Despre ploaie

este numai
zeilor cazuti.

intrucat zeii
sti-vor niciodata
arta caderii,
asa ca lasa
A pair of once clear blue eyes
And a small mouth in silent desolation,
both shut, but warm and so brave and wise
to fight against painful memory ablation.

A mixture of perfume and dust
Added to this peculiar presence
Or a puzzled piece of the sun at dusk
Mixed in a strong, bottled essence.  

Some bare foot steps on an oaken floor,
wrinkled hands and silk curtains get drawn,
A gentle touch of both old and cold ****
And maybe the armchair contemplating yesterday's dawn.

who was that, passing on the main road?
who knows, but that ponytail looked so familiar!
now and here, when time seems to have slowed,
when no visit is ever auxiliary ...

there are no steps coming through the old door,
and waiting is the only thing left to do,
until all of these hopes will no longer be sore
or maybe memories will fade away too...
kept this from being posted for a few months now.

To my dear grandfather, who passed away in May.
I am dust.
Blown by the wind
And rained down
By evaporated seas,
And flowing
And glowing
And starting
A sneeze.

I am dust.
Just a tiny piece
Of earth,
Just a flying piece
Of rock,
not steady,
But ready
for permanent

I am dust.
Not now,
But always,
And important
Through all days
Like Saturn
Or Plato
Or Gods
On walls.

I am dust.
And as dust flows
And as wind blows
And as my
Soul beats
With ashes,
I will
Forever be
Have a look at a piece of dust floating on a down coming ray of light. And exhale towards i, to have its course changed. That is how we both are, you and I, dear reader. Dust, on the waves of time.
 Aug 2017 Ramin Ara
Making little paper boats
With colourful bright page
Very light as it will float
The waterpool, its stage

Red, green, blue and white
So much fun, floating alike
Glossy paper, glows so bright
Some classy, some with spikes

I named my boat, "Thunder"
As the background was stormy
Some boats flipped under
Pictures taken by my mommy

Reading this, you might think
I am some preschool kid--really!
Don't let your hearts sink
I am an adult, you silly ;-)

Childhood memories.
 Aug 2017 Ramin Ara
Chapping on the roof
Little feets running around
Rat or a gecko
Partying with their mates
Too noisy, to sleep at night

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
 Aug 2017 Ramin Ara
Surrounded by thorns
That ****** her heart
She silently mourns
For they are her part

Life is worth every moment
Be paradise or burning hell
To hear vicious torments
And cry near the deserted well

Village life is so hard
To please everyone
Another trump card
Her soul had no one

Extended families around
All sit and eat in disguise
She sits herself on the ground
And hears their usual lies

She thought she'd study more
But got married off then
Life's just to and fro
Surviving with her illiterate man...

Inspired by a documentary.
 Aug 2017 Ramin Ara
I've already been to those cliffs
Which he mentioned earlier
After all my cries and sniffs
I managed to break through the barrier
     The limits that are bounded within
     My self restrictions of moving onward
     The **** scars and my torn skin
     Has eventually led me forward

     One step at a time, reaching to the peak
     Wild winds pushing me from side to side
     As I search for the answers that I seek
     Where in my head is there a place to hide

     Thinking over my past and present thoughts
     Of my importance in his life for once
     A feeling of regret and self pity caught
     Now I realise why he's gone for months

     My ego and arrogance standing like a wall
     Not letting my love and emotions flow
     A last gasp on the edge, before my fall
     He grabbed me suddenly with a blow...

Ego and arrogance, a silent enemy of many...tame it!
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