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rainydaydreams Jul 2019
In the summer of 19’ I fell

Maybe we’re meant to be where there is no being

Under the back door sunset of your red 200

The year of checkered shoes and tequila

Screaming Frank Ocean over your engine so we could inhale our likewise tremors

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll live through our entwining melodies forever

Constellations dappled your cheekbones as such breathtaking accents to your coral reef pools

The pools I was all too familiar with

Ones I had drowned in

Maybe I’ll remember you in Savona

A straw hat complimenting your auburn hair

Your warm skin against mine as we skinny dipped into untold measures of time

Not knowing how fast I would have to let you go, and have slow it would take to recover

Tell me you’ll miss me and I’ll forget

Because time doesn’t stop

And neither does our young hearts.
rainydaydreams Aug 2018
So I think I am in love with you.
Even obsessed with you.
I could drown in the never-ending pool of galaxies contorting around your pupils. I could bask in their warm yet mysterious frequencies that somehow pull me in and swallow me whole. I love it when they do that. It drives me wild. I love when you wrap your arms around my sides criss-cross so that I feel enveloped in you. I love the way you look at me. I love it so much. I love when you tell me your entire life story through endless nights on the phone. I love the idea of waking up to you in the morning, I love the idea of cuddling you in white pressed sheets, while the morning sun shines through window panes, creating a glow no one could refuse to bask in. I love imagining late nights eating pizza and sipping beer as we watch old movies and listen to soul music. I want to dance with you in a kitchen while we make breakfast or brew coffee. I want the most unrealistic, over the top simplicities, and I want to share them with you.
I want you all to myself,
just you and I and
a free moment.
  May 2018 rainydaydreams
levi eden r
i love how ridiculous we are.
i love how when our eyes meet, it's not a staring contest but to see who'll pull away first.
the blush that grows on your cheeks is in clusters.
you let me hold your hand.
i love how ridiculous we are.
wine glasses filled with apple juice,
little sandwiches that i'll be too nervous to eat but i would for you.
i would eat for you.
i love how ridiculous we are.
rainydaydreams May 2018
people are like blackberries
some sour
some bittersweet
some saccharine
sometimes you have to search the entire field to find the perfect one
rainydaydreams May 2018
Your attitude is like rosehips and ***
You looked so beautiful and so harmless
Delicately warm yet you make me numb
Such like sickly sweet tenderheartedness
Like petals of Wolfsbane, you are lethal
If only unreciprocated love
Would grow brimming fields of tulips peaceful
From my lows, desolates, and cries above
No further tasting tears on my two lips
So I could gape at all my heartbreak
attempt to seek beauty in the hardships
And see no glimmer of hope left awake
To rebuild our thistely garden gloom
And realize that thistles do not bloom.
  Apr 2018 rainydaydreams
Dave Legalisa
I love you
and your lips
that taste like strawberry,
your hair that waves
quietly through the colors
of the summer wind,
your voice
that sounds so deep
and drowns every possible
thought I can make
making things less
until nothing is left but you.

I love you
and the way you say
these three sweet words
is like a night with endless fireworks
that I wish will never end.
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